"Hey There Delilah" but it's played in an empty Toys R Us at 2:37 pm with moderate traffic outside

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PaperTowelRoll : Ok the video is now at 2 million views now and I don't have words to describe how much I love y'all <3

very sad : this is where men cry

Lily & Ian : Wow this is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. This was my favorite song 10 years ago when I was 14.

Max Gould : the year is 2012, you get home from school and both your parents greet you happy birthday. since you don’t have a phone you walk down your street and knock on your friends door, asking him if he, “wants to play.” he wishes you happy birthday and you walk in. your mom and dad then pick you up and drive you to toys r us. you are ecstatic as all can be and when you get there you sprint to the door and see every aisle filled with toys. you run to your favorite aisle and pick out the toy you been wanting for months. all is good.

Oof Oof : I can just remember running through the store with my sisters, asking our parents if we could buy this or that, we really enjoyed it when we got to go there, because we lived far away from most of them and our parents were on a budget most of the time. I loved playing the “my little pony” toys when I was growing up, and I would always run straight towards where they had shelved them. I just wish I could go back for just one day, when life was simple, and carefree.

Multi fandom Fan Editor : Please tell me I'm not the only one crying

just a guy who likes anime : Toys Were Us

G2 NELSON : I just miss the kids crying over toys and making a scene with their moms yelling at them saying let’s go :(

Forenzyx : "Wish we could turn back time. To the good old days. When our mama's sang us to sleep, but now we're stressed out..."

The Last Meme Bender : I used to play this song ironically for a laugh with friends. But... The more I play it alone, the more the echo in the shop hits me. It hits me because it reminds me of how I feel. Alone and empty. "so delila, this one's for you." I may be drunk while writing this, but I fucking hope nobody feels the way I do. Not even Hitler. I wish this on nobody. And incase anyone asks, yes I'm okay. I'm not suicidal or anything. Just bored and alone with my thoughts. Just a rough patch that I'll get through. Love ya YouTube (and peeps) Oh its also my birthday 😂

bella : Remember that feeling when you’d walk into this store,full of toys and excited kids? Now it’s all blank and lonely.Remember finding the EXACT toy you were looking for and now you can go home and show your friends? Good times..

Maddie Carney : *_just a normal video in my recommended..._*

Forenzyx : But who's the real OG that remembers this song on iCarly?

TheDark Force : R.I.P. Toys R Us Now, our future kids will never be able to truly experience the joy of visiting a toy store like this one. We can only share our stories of the wonderful times we have had here. I remember the last time I've been to a Toys R Us. It felt like it was only yesterday. You will be missed terribly. Maybe now, a Toys R Us has just been built in heaven that's filled with angels.

lilimoreno4 : I remember grabbing whatever bike or scooter I could, and just riding it all around the store without a care in the world. I wish I could go back.

Creatively crazy : Toys R Us is gone , and Giraffes are becoming extinct. It's sad.

very sad : *turns on phone light and starts waving it*

Alaska Animates : They need to bring Toys R Us back. Even if it’s a reboot, we NEED it back. This place was too special to just take away. They can’t just do that. It’s.....not fair....

anonymous player : Who else remembers walking with ur dad or mom at toys r us looking for toys.

EliseM1224 : I was only there a few times in my 14 years of life, and I still can't believe it's closed

Holly Frad : Is sad to see toys r us go. I remember every time I would beg my parents to take me when they picked my sister up from work and get a toy or two (shopkins) and I have memories in there. No kids will remember the joy of seeing a store full of toys. It’s sad how kids are given electronics and wasting their lives away and not given toys.

just a guy who likes anime : This is what you hear when you go to heaven..

Brick Alivesea : *Press like to cry*

Wes Narwhal : Ughh ;_; I remember when I went there on my birthday and it was announced on the intercom. Everyone was like "happy birthday!" And smiled as I walked over to the toy section. I was embarrassed at the time but I think that was one of the best moments in toys r us for me The last time I went there I got animal crossing amiibo. They were the best place to get all that stuff This is so saddo

allisøn paige : oh my god why i’m doing math homework and listening to this and one of the problems says “ *tires* r us is having a 30%-off sale. find the savings on a tire that usually costs $45.” whyyyy

Cat ! : I come back to this video to see 7 year old me, running in between the isles telling my mom that I want this and that for my birthday.

culota : I didnt expect to be hurt when i clicked but now i am

Princess Bouchard : Imagine this : _This is a Google image.._ *..and this is echoed music...*

Dawnxtr : It used to be toys that made kids happy now we all depend on electronics 😕

Anjali Jacob : I didn’t start this video with a heavy heart but reading the comments section made me cri😢

Caleb Di Varoli : It's sad, I loved that store, it always reminded me of Toy Story as a kid, I would always be looking for my friends Woody and Buzz :(

津波xtcchan : Hi future kids.. This is a place I used to come as a kid. Every month I would walk in here and run around. My mom was chasing me everywhere. I’m sorry you never got to see this place. -Tsu 2018

Lil 57 : I still have a $30 toys R us gift card I've never used. Now I'll never get to use it.

Soapy Cactus2758 : I still want a damn Dragon Ball Vegeta action figure from the local Toys r Us

Patickuss : I remember going to toys R us with my mom just to buy paper mario the thousand year door for gamecube

Sjsk Beiddh : I remember for my birthday my mom said she would take me to toys R us to get some expensive toys. We spent the day doing other stuff so we couldn’t go till really late when the store was about to close at night. We got there and I remember how empty the store was and the loud lady Gaga music playing. We left and for the rest of my birthday I played with toys from toys r us. Also I’m crying. K bye

Cam L : :( Our generation in a nutshell, every kid grows up too fast..but then regrets it in the future smh.. Edit: Do you not understand, to do with the video or not, what I’m saying is that some kids want to be an adult and always has a phone or watching tv...I’m 13 but I really miss playing with dolls and coming home to watch a little bit of ‘Zoey 101 or H20 just add water’...the excitement....that’s gone now...I’m really at a stage now that’s hard to decide on what do I like or don’t like...it’s harder now since I just started secondary....I’ve read an inspirational poem about this topic..really sad..just see some young celebrities today, throwing away being a child for cameras...really sad...wasn’t like that for me...used to love getting second hand barbie dolls and dress them up or the “Sylvanian families” were my favourite...being allowed stay up on weekends to watch iCarly with hot chocolate.....every girl younger than me are into crop tops, make-up, discos, boys etc and I am not like that at ALL...just a little thought of mine...trust me I definitely believe loads of people, by the time they’re 70, will look back and want their flawless skin or young beautiful face back...their healthy hair...you get what I’m saying...soon it’ll be newborns having phones 😂..

Poppy : I've never had my children in time to take them 😫🤦🏼‍♀️

anonymous player : Why did people have to buy so much from Amazon now toys r us is closed.

KaibaCorp HQ : Guys, it looks like toys r us's story isn't quite over yet, it seems like they decided not to sell the brand and they're looking to do something with it, with the exception of Canadian stores (and I think Asian stores also); links down below. "In addition to continuing to service these markets, the new owners are actively working with potential partners to develop ideas for new Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us stores in the United States and abroad that could bring back these iconic brands in a new and re-imagined way. Geoffrey LLC will provide additional detail on this front as it becomes available." https://www.toysrus.com/press-release/100618/index.html That was back in October of 2018. Following the threads from here, apparently since they kept the rights to Geoffrey and the toy r us brand, they tried reviving it with "pop ups." in stores like Kroger, and branded them "Geoffreys toy box.". https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/toys-r-us-brand-appears-in-kroger-stores-2018-11 All the threads kinda die from here, but that was in November, so it's pretty recent. We will have to wait and see what happens from here, but we may see new stores (small ones probably) open if this succeeds, but that is yet to be seen and will take time.

Samantha Reyna : Oh this hurts...it hurts real bad.

Miguel Castillo : Saddest video on YouTube

LiquidThought : 9 year olds across America wondered why all their Christmas presents were in Amazon boxes after toys r us closed 🧐🧐🧐

DespacitoBurrito : There wasn’t a toys r us in my city so we had to drive 40 minutes in order to get toys. I always loved the Cars movie toys that I got on the occasion I went there as a child. I actually never imagined this place shutting down. I got older and forgot about this place and I think others did too. Once those clearance ads came on tv it sparked that memory of those times and I almost cried. The lost memory of this store is what caused it’s ending. We need not to mourn the closing of this store but to remember it’s legacy as what fulfilled our imagination before cellphones. As technology advances toys will just be a distant memory. Unfortunately it’s time to move on. Rip toys r us June 1957-June 2018.

ZenToxic : *use me as RIP Toys-R-Us

Dathi de Nogal Is de best : I’m Canadian I still have toys r us

Road to the 2 Comma Club : The song that played out our childhoods...

High Frame Rate : Is it just me or is this creepy?

Fatimah Nadeem : Lol guys just come to Saudi Arabia...it’s not closed here 😂

Kayla CAKE : *Why am I crying?*