"Hey There Delilah" but it's played in an empty Toys R Us at 2:37 pm with moderate traffic outside

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PaperTowelRoll : 1 million views... Y'all are the best I love y'all so much <3

just a guy who likes anime : Toys Were Us

Road to the 2 Comma Club : The song that played out our childhoods...

Anthony A : I’m legitimately crying it’s so sad to think that there was a point where we were so innocent and loved every moment of life

soccer Cal : *Please read* This is possibly the most nostalgic thing I’ve ever seen. We all have Incredible memories attached to this song and store. When I hear this is just reminds me of my childhood and how fast it went by. And it makes me regret wanting to grow up so fast when I was a kid cause now I would do anything to go back to those times 😔 when I wasn’t stressed about school, work, money. The 2000s were a different time, a time with blockbuster and no social media that engulfed our lives. Waking up for school to actual good shows on Disney and Nickelodeon while enjoying a bowl of cereal and singing along to my favorite shows theme song. Where kids still looked like kids and when life was simple. I feel as if this really was the last thing we had and now it’s gone. The start of a new generation. Thanks toys r us, sorry we had to grow up.... (wow thanks for all the likes i didn’t think anyone would relate)

Sierra H. : I remember everytime I went to the doctor to get a shot, my dad would take me to Toys R Us and buy me a new toy for being brave. I'll miss that place...

Miguel Castillo : Saddest video on YouTube

w i l l i a m ! : this is oddly specific r u ok

Eric : RIP Stan Lee

Kiki Subliminals : Who remembers getting a toy catalog when Christmas time came by😢 Thanks for 25 likes!!! 50 likes now! Omg 80 likes!

Nathan : Just crying scrolling through the comments, and they’re making me cry more.

very sad : *turns on phone light and starts waving it*

Cody : Chilling. This is what the inside of my head looks and sounds like.

Bts Wrecked Me : I remember going to toys r us with my parents before they split up. Then I got a phone and I just...threw away all my toys and never really went there again. Hearing this and seeing the comments actually made me cry, I'll never get that time of my life back. I've grown up and felt forced to throw away all my toys because everyone else was and now im a wreck

Leah Wotsit : This is unusually upsetting..... Even my rabbit is crying 😭

JustAYorkshireLass * : Someone put this in a try not to cry compilation, it’ll get everyone

Willy's Toys : Hey there Delilah, what's it like in empty Toys R Us?

Local•Turtle Socks. : I’d have to admit, my parents never really took me to ToysRUs as a kid, but this still hurts...😔

Krispy Boi : I just remember coming here with my dad and my brother. We would go to the legos and I’d beg him to buy me something that cost way too much. Later I stopped going there because I thought it was lame. I miss every moment that I was there

put rai : i live in asia, but reading all of you guys comments just hit me hard:'

Winky Three Beak : 1-800-273-8255. It’s going to be alright guys. 😭

very sad : this is where men cry

A&D life : Does anyone remember when Jeffery would call your house for your birthday ??

Jakey Boy : I’ve just realised this is a photo

vic da fangirl : 8D music channels are *quaking*

Aaron Kiah : Its so specific that I can't help but cry

Rebelle : Empty Toys R Us, and this song. N O S T A L G I A

Geek Girl : I might cry. . .this is my favorite song. . .in my childhood store. . .at the exact time my dad would take me there. . .

The Bawss : I remember when my parents surprised me with a toy I really liked back then (lego buildable pirate ship), and on my birthday my parents gave me their flip phone (this was back in the 2000’s) to answer. It was Jefferey the Giraffe, wishing happy birthday, and I can almost remember word for word what he said because that day was the day I got my favorite toy. I still have it to this day, fully built, no pieces missing, and no dust anywhere, because it meant so much to me back then, so it didn’t make sense to me why I should just throw it away especially if it was a gift from my parents. Age is just a number, I may be 21 but the ship holds many dear memories I can cherish and relive just by looking at it. My parents always knew how to make me smile.

Ok So Basically I’m Rigby : How does one explain the response to this video...

Lovely Lexi : I don’t know how. Don’t know why. But this is a big mood.

just a guy who likes anime : This is what you hear when you go to heaven..

racoonzattack : This is the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen!

John Paul Kakos : Who is cutting an onion god bless

Ximena Bernal : I miss the 2000s where i would wake up n watch Arthur n all those pbs shows with my siblings i miss being LITTLE like ik im not grown yet but i miss being 8 n 9 n im only 13 now but holy crap i feel like i needa start worrying about my future n i can slowly feel myself growing up n im rlly sad n scared about it i didn't realize how toys r u made me so happy just going with my dad i just wish i had cherished it more n it rlly sucks knowing im never ganna get it back

RD : This video is like those “night time nature sound” videos for sleep but hitting the childhood feels.

patpat.mp4 : This song slaps so hard

Adrian Anthos : Just a Canadian comment passing through. the Toys R Us's are ours now, peasants MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I make Edits : Is this just an edit or this real? Either way I’m still crying

Flurr : I was one of those kids that couldn't afford going here... anyone else??

Dat : my toys r us is now just a store for christmas decorations :(

culota : I didnt expect to be hurt when i clicked but now i am

Cauzix :: : I remember my grandma would take me to toys r us when I visited her house and she would let my get any Bakugon I wanted 😢

Laurent Spatola : TOYS R US IS COMING BACK!

Bailey Graham : Why am I sad all the sudden 😂

Lily Lee Tracy : this is *ART*

Stephanie Joobern : I don't even know why this makes me sad, ToysRUs is still open in my country.


courtney deighan : can i add this to my playlist

ron l : I just got the christmas big toy book in the mail today.