Bowl cut maintenance 1000

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Comments from Youtube

Lmac : Wow, Logan Paul seems kinda different lately... I like it

K&J Survival : Owen Wilson is having a weird midlife crisis

L.O.R. : "the secret to perfection is imperfection" this man has A S C E N D E D

PyRz Rager : Nobody: Bowlcut man: *cuts hair all over his son*

Krait : This is not a real person. I refuse to believe it.

James m : 0:43 he starts cutting the hair into his baby face lmao

Jay The First : Yo idk why I clicked on a video of a guy doing a bowl cut tutorial, but I enjoyed every second of it

Andy So Retro : Okay but the fact that this was actually passable? I'm not even mad at it.

Vladimir Putin : If a bong had a mouth, it would sound like you...

No Username : “4 minutes and 20 seconds, rip em if u got em” 😂😂u a g for that

Arstorias Layern : 20 Bucks says he owns a surf board and a bong

Gatcha Goober : Finally youtube reccomadations having some good quality

JamesVids : _I really don’t know why, but he’s voice sounds raD..._

Mightybison15 : He talks EXACTLY how I expected him to.

Ethandude : This dude deinately skateboards and says "bro, let's shred the nar!" when they snowboard

Sweet James Jones II : 4:20 in "rip em if you got em" 🤣🤣🤣

Ducks R Fun : The amount of times i feared for this man's ears... and then he got his ear lol

Lola Moon : *His sons reaction to his haircut is my same reaction* Like why?

syd16packchicken : All hell was raining down on that baby

Ronaldo Is Father : “Trusty carburator mirror” 5 Seconds Later “Forget that”

Blicce : 4:20 “were 4 minutes and 20 seconds into this video huhhh, rip em if you got em!” This duded 100% from northern Cali 😂💨

Elijah Butterfield : Wow. Thankyou for this educational video Meth-Owen-Wilson.

Cj Handlon : I support anyone who is authentically themselves on this platform

Bruce Wayne : If California was a man

The Fool : " We just go right on down the deal dude, SCHWING"

Brian Lee : Every often this guy pops up in my recommended and I gotta watch it every time

T - Y : This is a perfect example of chaotic good

RespectMyDrip : I'm bout to shred this wave brahh 🏄🏼

JME : Logan Paul in 20 years

angelina Chavez : “Alright were good no blood” When the only deal breaker when cutting your hair is blood

retroxlove : This guy sounds like the turtle from Finding Nemo.

CJ White : You sound exactly how you look it’s amazing

Colton Weeks : As if he named his kid Owl look in the description

22K Storming : Idk what’s worse, the fact that this is in my recommended or the fact that i watched the whole video

Master Vergas : "lets see what's going so you can see what's going on...waa"

Sam Parish : nobody: 5:24 him: oww ooo i got my earlobe is it a bleeder??

Flikt : “There are no mistakes in the world of bowl cuts” 😂😂

Get his stupid Ass : “4:20 seconds into the video. Rip em if ya got em”😂

Landon Crouse : This dude sounds like the sea turtle from finding nemo

Prince Ali : I swear to you I’ve only ever heard his voice in cartoons this is crazy

Justin Bertrand, Jr. : I don't know how I got here or why this was suggested to me but I'm not going to complain.

flimz : i will never be as free as this man right here

KOOL-AID MIKE : ^Owen Wilson's brother: How's my bowlcut bro? Owen Wilson: Wow.

Jimmy G : This video has some type of energy I have never experienced...

Asiya Yusuf : He sounds like an overly exited PE coach

Chris Lobo : What’s your goal in life? 3:12

Godspeed : If he dyed his hair black he would look and sound like Naruto’s “Guy Sensei”

Chris Lobo : Why does a SOLID 30 percent of me wish I could naturally talk like him🤣🤣

sub and go to heaven : Instructions not clear Im bald rn