Bowl cut maintenance 1000

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syd16packchicken : All hell was raining down on that baby

RobThatPlayer : "My old trusty rusties" LMAO

Eight Thoughts : I like this dude.

TheTrophyMunchers : Oh my god I love you

Anna Jenkins : rip em if you got emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

gNightrow : Is This *Logan PauL ????????*

Bruce Wayne : If California was a man

Spicy : Owen Wilson on acid

ᛈᛟᚱkᛉ : farmed the whole thing pretty radically

KILLERFEEDZ : This is ASMR to me

iGotTheJuice3 : Dude I still drop that secret to perfection line every now and then

Tom Sapwell : 5 years but it's completely worth it.

Stackin fiddies Suckin tittys : 'There are no mistakes in the world of bowl cuts'

RoYl CODGFREAK3 : "Is it a bleeder? Oh that's a hazard"

Captain Clutch : This man radiates confidence

Ella Anderson : SHWING

SeattlePaddler : Owl is totally bummed he's bald right now.

PringlesFTW : absolutely righteous bowl cut

Brewer Fan : When owl started crying i remembered he was sitting right under him probably catching all the hair :D

Alexander Schutze : The babies bowl cut got too tight man... he farmed it all the way down to the scalp. That's pretty radical

funkjoker : 2036 - still bowlcuttin'

Michael Angelo : Pure masculinity in 6 minutes

time to deliver a pizza ball : it was meant to be with old rusty or you'd have lost a lobe 😉

CHREATH : Soften the corner. Soften the corner.

TheAutumnEmpire : Please be my dad

ThemcoversMB bardo : when only the bangs were cut u looked straight outa the 70s

Key 6 : I need a tetanus shot watching you do that with rusty scissors.

sorasorasora0 : i've been waiting for this for so long

K Mac's Kitchen : "rusty scissors kinda suck, but whatever"

scovell7 : Out of all the great videos you've made over the past few years, cutting your hair as you revert to a caricature will probably get the most views. Not passing judgement. I just find it strange.

Mr Cheeser : This feels like vintage youtube

KydenFoxHD : Look at that nose. Thats a radical nose

Tim Reisinger : best laugh I've had for awhile. Is your work a bowl friendly enviroment??

LaggyMoo : Its the same scissors!

OKmax : ripped it. cus i got it

msanm5 : You have a small nose

smiel dick : 0:56 He-Man!

SATAN : 4:20

RDJim : Why not use a bowl?

milkman's wife : *schwing*

Timpani : I just picture the child...completely covered in hair...

SuperMaDBrothers : holy crap this guy actually exists

F. Baran : owen wilsons crackhead twin

SOUL CHEESE : I hope your son grows up to be as majestic as you are

Hannah C : 3:54 yeah I'm impressed with what daddy's doin

IRL ADVENTURES : You kinda farmed it bro

Owenkeys : Sweet bowl cut man, kinda farmed the sides tho man. Definitely loved it. I've been growing out my bowl cut since the first bowl cut maintenance video and now I finally can cut it again.

UrbanGuerilla66mm : Hamish ! You kill me maaaan ! The secret to perfection is imperfection . Props for bowl cut resurrection . How about The Hologram doing it too 💇🏼

Raddues : Hamish you're the dude

2012spacetraveler : awesome update,,,,,, "In the land of the bowl cut" " Remember sharp scissors do help but they re not required" two great shirt sayings....