Bowl cut maintenance 1000

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Mightybison15 : He talks EXACTLY how I expected him to.

Spicy : Owen Wilson on acid

Brooke Ritterpusch : me having a mental breakdown at 3 am deciding to go for a "new look".

Nick Tracy : this man is living in a different plane of existance

syd16packchicken : All hell was raining down on that baby

Genghis Khunt : *Baby introduced* 0:08 *Baby crying because hair falling on his smooth bald head* 0:47

Devon Lowrie : Owen Wilson and Logan Paul's stoner love child

Lingo : “Now see I can’t see anything man I’m like shaggy da right now.” “it’s a no hesitation move, bam” “there are no mistakes in the world of bowl cuts” “eh look at that I got some hair back there man” “I’m lost in the mirror uhoh I’m lost in the mirror” “remember the secret to perfection is in perfection. We got some catch phrases” “man we’re four minutes and twenty seconds into this video huh rip em like you got em” “I think that’s bowl cutty right there” “ow is it a bleeder? Ow that’s a hazard. Remember the hazards! Ah were good no blood” “I’m running with this bowl cut that piece has gotta go” this man is a legend man.

JME : Logan Paul in 20 years

Eight Thoughts : I like this dude.

Central Intelligence Agency : "Yea man" "Yea duuuude" "That's it duuuude" "Theirs no mistakes in a bold cut mann" "Lilllllll tricky" "Yall" "Boom man" "What do you think mannnn" I'm running with it man" "What do you think ya'll" "My old trusty rusty's" "Uh ohhh I'm lost in the mirror" "Shueang"

Female Doggy : Everyone should be this confident and happy with life

Banned for nigger speech : WHERE DID HE FIND THE KID

SamTheHomosapien : God i love this guy. It's like he's enlightened or something.

RobThatPlayer : "My old trusty rusties" LMAO

Ezra Alldredge : Lmao is he just cutting his hair straight onto his kid?

Magnus Modai : You look 14 going on 40


Crazabella Crazy : “Aw I gotta get that beaver tail outta there, that RAT tail!!” Like if you’re feelin his vibe lol

Alan Duffel : The perfect man doesn’t exi.....

Homo Liber : 0:00 Hello Iggy Pop 6:00 Hello He-Man

Max Colley : B O O M it’s a no hesitation move just W H A M

Geeth Kalupahana : Please don’t get lost in the mirror and drop your rusty trusty on his shiny little head! for gods sake!

gNightrow : Is This *Logan PauL ????????*

DBG DELUXE : This guy is going through a midlife crisis

uwu : “ *shwang* “

Seth Belcher : This is who I aim to be in

Vladimir Putin : If a bong had a mouth, it would sound like you...

Bruce Wayne : If California was a man

Sam Fern : the secret to perfection is imperfection

AlexE : This is the most useful tutorial I have ever found

Whizzpoppers : RIP EM IF YOU GOT EM MYAN!!!!!!!

potato headed druggo : i was gonna go to pornhub before need to now

Captain Clutch : This man radiates confidence

SupaDopex3 : Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber

999,998 Views : Walmart brand logan paul

Genghis Khunt : "S E W Z U R S" 0:18

This Is Fallacious : "Rip em if you gottem" lol I'm gunna use that

Stackin fiddies Suckin tittys : 'There are no mistakes in the world of bowl cuts'

FluffyLionxD : Is his kids name OWL

TheKandyCinema : Gnarly cut dude

RoyVonSoySauce : alexa play trapped in the 80's.

Jay Gee : “Soften the corner that’s the goal”

Mr Cheeser : This feels like vintage youtube

Phil Rupp : Oh I got my earlobe. Is that a bleeder?

Jan Muhammad Abro : I thought he was Logan Paul (from thumbnail)

Ciaran : Owen Wilson 2.0

Enrik G.M. : 4:04 DAT NOSE BRUH

Alex T. : when he started to cut and *the baby cried* 0:44

Evan LaGrassa : Duudde that baby needs a bowl cut