Toto - Africa // Amy Turk, Harp

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RebeccaETripp : This is just incredible.  *Into the favorites with this!* You are one amazing young woman.

Eric Schmidt : Your rhythm and timing are great! I bet you'd make a great drummer, too. But stick with the harp. :) Your videos are really good! Inspiring. Thanks for posting them.

WereBringingItBack : Holy shit, first time Toto has given me chills since that time I got high and watched Wizard of Oz in the bath.

Greg Booth : Wow, chills! So good...speechless. : Wonderful result. Relaxing and emotional. *We can be happy* to have such a good musician on our planet !

G8trjasonb : Came here thinking I'd watch 15 seconds. Watched the whole thing. Well done.

Dianne Wilder : You are simply amazing! I watched a few of your videos and not only your technique is astonishing, but also your presence is so elegant and pleasant!

CarBENbased : Ho...lee... shite... that was incredible! The amount of coordination and concentration it must have taken to keep the percussive part going, mind blowing. And you didn't miss a beat ;).

Heems J : Imgur brought me here, and I am NOT disappointed! awesome!

huse360 : Why on earth this video isn't viral!!!!

Gazpacho : Percussive harp playing. Hell yeah.

Sam Yoelin : I love this so much. I work at Venus Harps in Chicago and the whole factory watched this today and it blew everyone away. Please visit Chicago

kezeeeeeeeeeeee : AMAZING!! Please make a patreon, so we can donate monthly. You deserve it!

Joshua Taylor : Awesome! I love seeing classical instruments used in more contemporary ways. Keep up the amazing work :-)

Dank Williams Jr : Hi Amy, want to become a US citizen by way of marriage?

aryan826 : holy crap that was fantastic

Ben Turk : My microphone is famous!

TheMadameHannah : Could you play "Lights" by Ellie Goulding?

Cheeky Kent : do Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast.

keith lomas : Coming from Africa this music is very healing.

Michael A Lang : Hi Amy… I'm sending this to "Africa"'s composer, David Paich… (in case he hasn't heard this)… It's "spot on" (!). Congratulations - you absolutely captured the essence of this song! 😀

larry neale : Do you have any original music? The quality of your videos are great. You are fantastic! Where are you from? According to your website, you book lots of weddings. That's great, but you should be booking concerts.

Music_360 : WOW ! this must be what heaven sounds like !

Courtney : I love this!! I hope to be half as great as you someday!

DMillion106 : I just binge-watched a few harpists on Youtube and you're the only one who stands out to whom I subscribed. Your rendition of Toccata and Fugue had me affected, but your contemporary, lyrical styling is what piques my interest. Looking forward to future uploads.

DotDecorANDmore : 1:40 <3

JuicyLucyVlog : Every couple of months I come on here to have a little listen! Never gets boring x

Houston IV : Wow! This was really fucking impressive! Bravo!

RegardThis : You would make the old gamer nerd community weep if you somehow found the notes and played the Ultima Online intro music.

deltaray3 : 1:42 Ahhhhhh nice. You can tell she loves playing that part too.

Elise Chivonne : So inspiring. The right hand is so trippy. It would be so awesome to see you live in concert.

Xantec : i have always liked this song, this is a completely new twist to a Toto classic. Now it has become a classical piece - LITERALLY! nice work and you've just found a new subscriber!

Becca Galopogus Berry : Absolutely stunning, like the guy below, definitely first time i got chills from this song!

liam deery : Now Thats a Harp Player.....THANK YOU for Sharing (",)

George Nyamema : love ..that's God given ...your talented to the moon n back

stelley08 : Wow.. brilliant!!

ziogustav : I'm a drummer, and you have such a strong sense of rhythm. Well done!

Joel Talo : I love this song, and this is my favorite instrumental for it.

Polpiv4tifish : WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lena5669 : You make me pine for the harp

Honeybee : wow, this is sublime!

Autism Teaching Strategies : Jeez, you nailed that one. Great arrangement and performance. Are there other harp solos incorporating percussion?

Yafit CO : you are amazing !

ac mantle : One of my favorite tunes. Well done

joaopedrodoGC : when I hear the songs played by it I shudder, very beautiful and plays divinely

John : Amy, you're the Paganini of the harp. I'm serious.

XuBlax : 1485 views are you kidding me!? This is amazing

John Chester : One of my favorite songs EVER! She KILLS a VERY difficult piece of music, for SIX VERY gifted musicians, SOLO, on an instrument I'd would never have imagined!!! AMAZING!!!

WR33S : Beautifully done.

GuitarFan7 : It's like Andy McKee got a harp! 😲