Jodi Benson Recording "Part Of Your World" (Long Version)

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SOUNDsculptures : Oh wow, what treasure I found here! No thingamabobs or whotzitz, but the REAL ARIEL! I wondered if I'd regret watching this, having a person burnt into my memory instead of Ariel, but glad I did. Really interesting to watch the process of trying to get THAT recording out of this session. Jodi Benson was perfect for this film.

Joanna Elenes : ifeel that he wanted Jodi to understand How Much Ariel yearned to be human. he wanted her to understand how terribly Ariel dreamed of this, how solemn and passionate; yet bittersweet it was. Because at this moment I bet it felt to Ariel as if shed NEVER be able to achieve her dream and become human. Ariel even says "bright young women, SICK of swimmin' ready to stand!" i feel that little part should have been more prominent because i felt Ariel was sick of being where she was. swimming instead of walking and the animation shows just how longing Ariel really was, and how sad this sequence really is. because this scene is just a little girl dreaming, and yearning for something to change for her. for something different. and just seeing the sadness in her face because shes starting to feel it wont ever happen. even. to this day do i get chills when I see Ariel ascending deeper up into her grotto and singing the climax of her song because thats when you can feel how she feels about the entire situation. literally i can talk about this sequence for Hours. because its a song im deeply moved by.

Alexander Edward Pytko : This song was almost deleted from the movie. Some of the producers thought that this song should be deleted because they felt that it was slowing the movie down. But Howard Ashman would not allow this song to be deleted. Roy Disney, himself did not want this song deleted, either because he said that sometimes movies have to be slowed down and it expresses why Ariel wants to be a human, not just because she's in love with Eric. Roy even said that if his uncle, Walt was here, he'd want it to stay, too. So it was not deleted and it turned out to be a smart move. I heard that Roy recalled that his uncle wanted to do something like this with Snow White but didn't get the chance.

K : producer: At this section do an impossible note. Jodi: okay.

AnWu : Before autotune existed. Beautiful

sujoymusic : it's like watching magic

Toon Link : "..Beauty and the Beast is dedicated to him: "To our friend Howard, who gave a mermaid her voice and a beast his soul, we will be forever grateful. Howard Ashman 1950–1991."

SEFYH : How rare and special for them to have captured this footage of the man himself giving direction on his vision. - And Jodi Benson, what can I say...AMAZING vocal interpretation!

Natalie Rowe : I think Jodi Benson was so under rated. She's so talented. She auditioned for lady and the tramp 2 but they turned her away thinking that she'd just sound like 'Ariel'. So she auditioned under a false name and got the part as Lady.

BewitchCraft : I love the little giggle after "Oh yeah feet!" hehe

hayley smyth : Hearing her sing this gives me goosebumps but watching her... Breath taking. They could not have cast a better actress for the role!

Rebecca Schaefer : I miss when Disney actually used people like this and not current pop stars. Jodi, Lea, Paige..They were the real stars. I have nothing against Mandy but nothing will ever compare to the originals.

Zorin the Lynx : Ariel wasn't just Jodi. It was Jodi AND Howard. And this video shows why, so well.

Irene Tanya : Howard Ashman did an amazing job here, all the while knowing in secret that he had AIDS. RIP

Jebellish : if you close your eyes you, i can't hear the difference between jodi benson's normal voice and her ariel-voice, she didn't "voice-acted" the little mermaid, she IS the little mermaid

isis woods : I'm so Disney that I can tell which takes they actually used.

Tara Milano : I love that he wanted Ariel to have a deep intensity and he wanted it to be brought out in this song, she isn't a girly character and it's awesome that he brought that out in Jodi's performance. She did such a great job, this song made the movie for me.

Jazz Dawson : Really hope they don't make a real life version of little mermaid. Jodi is the only Ariel.

SilverStrumer : I just found out that she also voiced Barbie on Toy Story 3. Amazing!

JacobT Acosta : Mr. Howard Ashman totally gets "it." Whatever that "it" is, he knows it and understands it. He is so connected with emotion, so connected with people; bringing it out of people and literally creating magic. Much love for that guy.

Briane Kay : Rest in Peace, Howard Ashman.

Emma Downey : The 100 dislikes got their voices stolen by Ursula.

JessyBee1313 : Howard was so wonderful helping Jodi get to where Ariel needed to be...there hasn't been another composer like him for Disney since his death. RIP

Keely Sheridan : I love it when she talks casually between takes because it's like hearing Ariel chatting

Carla de Souza : She just start singing and I saw ariel.......

Jonathan Fleites : Jodi: "Make it more intimate and not standing in front of the Lunt Fontanne Theatre singing to thousands of people. FORESHADOWING: TLM on Broadway performed at the Lunt Fontanne Theatre years later.

BoilingHotCoffee : Is there a way I can go all sea witch on her and steal her voice ya know, without being stabbed in the abdomen and all that stuff?

Ana Lytical : My favourite Disney film and Jodi Benson has such a stunning voice!

Master Mike : Omg how did you get a hold of this SuccessfulPeople? Hope some day you will read my comment because this video means a lot to me. Thank You.

BlinkinFirefly : Can I just say thank you so much Jodi for all the hard work you put into getting this song "just right".  Your performance in the movie is literally perfect, you made this song so wonderful and so memorable. Now I see just how much it took to get it there. Thanks to all of you musicians! You guys really did create magic =)

Heather J. Chin : "Everything registers. It's like you're. . . litmus paper." <--- LOVE that. "It's about all that intensity -- and NOT letting it out." Vocal coaching from the best is so amazing to watch.

Jonelle : R.I.P Howard Ashman..he IS a Disney Legend and his creations will always hold a special place in my heart :')

Robert Lee, Countertenor : Jodie could have really belted the shit out of this but Howard wanted more intensity, less huge brassy sound. I wish Sierra would have taken that note also.

Freddy Richards : a really nice choice to making the room dark to get that feeling of being underwater

BlinkinFirefly : The final product of this song in the movie is nothing short of magical. Jodi's voice, the coaching, lyrics, the musicians, the animation.... All creating this perfection that is Part of Your World. =)

Zhivargo L. : Frikin career goals... Can't believe Im watching the recording of one of the most legendary disney songs ever.

Kraito Krombongus : This is how it feals to go back in time and be a fly on the wall! Amazing!

Ashlee McCann : it's amazing how much effort goes into one song, it makes you think how important the music actually is to Disney movies. My top Disney Songs are 1. I See The Light 2. When Will My Life Begin 4. Let It Go 5. Do You Wanna Build A Snowman 6. When She Loved Me 7.Reflection 8.He Mele Ni Lilo 9. For A Moment 10. I Wont Say Im In Love 11. Chim Chim Cheree 12. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 13. How Far I'll Go 14. Touch The Sky 15. Breaking Free 16. Circle Of Life 17. Love Is An Open Door 18. Part Of Your World 19. Just Around The River Bend 20. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride These song plus so many more I love, mean so much to me and make the story lines of Disney movies so much more special.

Mac : "What would I give, if I could live out of these waters?" "What would I pay? to spend the day having your voice?" 

mauia888 : What I like about this song and the direction the directors gave it was that it wasn't supposed to be just singing, but a middle-ground between speaking and singing, which to me brings out the emotion very well. I love it. I can feel the difference between a song sung just to sing it. It's something that I thought was missing in, for instance, Let It Go from Frozen. That song is supposed to be emotional, and it is a great song, but the vocal ability (the performance of it) is the most focused part. When I first heard it, I thought it should've had more emotion than it had.

ered203 : This is a Master Class in voice and understanding the lyrics and intent of a song. Neat.

Tafami : Alan and his colleagues continually sing his praises but it is really special to watch Howard on film. Anyone else would have let Jodi do her first take on the song and be done with it, but Howard clearly had a specific vision of Ariel's voice in his head. That is the true dedication and passion of an artist. This wasn't a mere cartoon, this was a timeless story that happened to use animation as a medium.

Garrett Vann : Awesome to see how much work went into the making of that song, Jodi is so professional, and has the voice of an angel!

Amber Sok : Watching this video is weird. I hear Ariel the Mermaid, but I see some girl who's blonde and obviously doesn't have a tail.

Krystle : My childhood feels are coming back xD


warrenwolfe : I had to look up Howard Ashman after seeing this video and it nearly brought me to tears - he died at age 40 from AIDS.  Really saddening that such a brilliant talent went too soon

Douglas Roth : The man who you see talking to Jodi at the beginning of the video is Howard Ashman and he was the lyricist for "The Little Mermaid" he wrote the lyrics and a man by the name of Alan Menken wrote the music Howard died of AIDS on March 14, 1991 he also wrote the lyrics for "Beauty and the Beast" but he never got to the see the finished movie "Beauty and the Beast" had it's world premiere on November 13, 1991 just under 8 months after Howard passed he passed away on March 14, 1991.

LoboBrasileiro1 : When it comes to Disney Princesses, I'm a fan of Tiana. BUT the best singing princess award goes to Ariel. :D (Thank you, Jodi Benson!) Sincerely, Nearly 30 year old Black Dude.

mtilford : Her vowel on the word 'burn' is a delicious slice of talent and control, all voiced in one beautiful, well-executed phoneme.