Rescue of a Scared Homeless Dog with a Broken Heart

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Howl Of A Dog : Please consider making a small donation here: . It’s winter and freezing outside, without help many homeless dogs living on the streets will not survive the cold winter. Please help us save them. Thank you so much!

Tristen Orcullo : Dogs are one of the greatest animals ever

Fast Lane Gaming : *_Okey really cute video but this music..._*

Rowlet 576 : Every like is a kick on the balls of Bobi's Ex owner. Edit: Lol 1.7K kicks, we will leave this guy sterile XD


Anton Erbe : You should monetarize this videos, you got some million views on this one, thats lots of ad revenue money for you. That way people can help the dogs even if they cant afford to donate a lot, just by sharing and watching your videos. Great video btw and keep up the good work!

I’m Dad : Finna watch one puppy video and now im in a cycle i cant escape

Pramod Yadav : A closet human friend may also betray you but a dog will never.....

Mr_ awesomebeast : To all the poeple who disliked this video SHAME ON YOU

Syed Abdul Talib SRB : Guys hats off to you ... Lots of Love from India

Lonzo GOAT : I swear I just wanna talk with the previous owners...

Divo Galindra : Bless them for helping him

Friday : We don't deserve dogs

AffeDoom : The peaple who disliked this video read dis-i-like

Sxrge : People who disliked had there phone upside down and tryed to like

thoko skene : It brakes my heart to see what some cruel people can do to a lovable animal 😥

zebra 12325 : Aww the dog is so cute

Caden Douglass : People in this world are idiots and have no heart. This owner bought this dog agreeing to take care of it and just lets him get lost on his own during the winter time. Whoever has done this deserves to go to hell

Parker Hero : Dear owner who didn't want his dog back. I sincerely hope you get terminal cancer and die in the most painful way imaginable. Signed: Humanity

elias rodriguez : Just thank you, this video is very moving

Jena Giant : That poor dog if I was there I would help it and feed it until it was better again because I would do anything for a dog like that one 😭😭😭😭

Its_Burning Fire : That thumbnail is just so sad. Why do animals have to be hurt? Especially dogs. Dogs are practically man’s best friend. Animal abusers should go to Hell.

Firal Alvi : So sad... but atleast he's living a happy life now and yes I did like my own comment

Wizardly Light6 : What you guys are doing is really heartwarming and kind, no dogs should deserve that...

K.G.B : We truly don’t deserve dogs

Productive MrDuck-mobile : Thank you... it makes my heart shine when peaple do this 😭😭😭😭

Grey PooP 13 : You guys are such good people❤️

Andrew Young : Bobi hit the Jackpot. God bless you for your kindness.

ClutchDenied : Anyone else wanna gang up on Bobi’s old owner?

Julian Shipp J.R. : This just broke my heart 😪🙏🏽

Nicole 9volt : If you are reading this and you disliked the video, can you please tell me why you did? I'm not trolling, I genuinely want to know why someone would dislike this

Howl Of A Dog : We have some great news: Bobi was adopted !!! His forever home is in Delaware, United States. After a journey of over 4600 miles from Romania to the US, our brave Bobi arrived at his new home and is now finally living the happy life he so much deserves. Thank you very much everyone for watching and sharing Bobi’s rescue video and for sending him so many good thoughts and wishes! Here is a short video of Bobi's first week at his forever home: . More updates will also be posted on our website after Bobi gets settled in. Thank you!

Hotdog : The dislikes are cat lovers

Thanos love Infinity gauntlet : *May dog be the cutest any living on Earth*

Zeepip : He looks great for a 9 year old!

Balasubramanyam Nandhini : The owner is cruel to Bobi.Why is he being cruel to such a cute dog?!.How can someone not want a dog?!!!

Just a random dude on the internet : His face just broke my heart 😥😥

MrGriffin : Isn't it just sad? That this wonderful dog maybe had lived with his old owner for all those years, just to be eventually thrown out and forgotten? I hope he's still doing fine, such a cute doggo.

Robert fgfgfgfgfg : I 2 years later found nearly die dog but this is now beatiful Husky. This dog has 2 bones broken and i rescue dog and now everyday sleep with him😂

Ragnar Lothbrock : Come to India you'll find lots of them.

Murtaza Ali : Guys hats off to you for the most loving thing.....💕💕

MachineGun Joe : Bad owner

Chinegg XD : You are such a great person! Thank u for rescue him!!!

Fyr Heart : I would love go adopt him however, I already have my lovely snuggly puggle at home.

Angel Jonghyun : Oh my god I’m crying 😭 I can’t stop. It’s so sweet of them. I’m happy that there are people like this out there

10.000 inscritos sem video : i just wish i could save every single homeless dog...


Wonder Gaming : Who the heck does not want their dog back?! 😭

Jako : Dogs always think the best of people. Even when they’re abused or hurt. We don’t deserve dogs

VANCE Kek : If I saw a dog like that I would do the same..