Johnny Carson Eats a Prized Potato Chip on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show
Johnny corson the ultimate troll

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Watch Carson episodes every night on Antenna TV at 10:00PM ET / 7:00PM PT and 4:00PM ET / 1:00AM PT! Johnny Carson gives potato chip collector Myrtle Young the shock of her life on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1987. For more Johnny: download from ITUNES YOU TUBE: "Subscribe" to the Johnny Carson YouTube Channel here FACEBOOK: "Like" Johnny at DVD:


Max Power : Johnny sneaking in a chip was priceless!

Quentin Kaasa : I just discovered this from a WhatCulture Simpsons video. This moment will be 30 years old this October.

Todd Davis : One of my favorites... It's things like this that made Johnny the greatest of all time...

CrazyWedz : Very shrewdly done by Carson on purpose. Perfect timing.

Sue Pete : I've watched this so many times and it never gets old!

kalloused : Carson is like "Did we seriously have nobody else available for the show??"

npviking : i wonder what she sees when she looks at pringles :|

Ellen Jefferies : Myrtle Young lived the American dream and worked at Seyfert's Potato Chip factory in Ft. Wayne, In.  Rest in Peace, Myrtle, and Thanks for the Memories.

Ben Vincent : Now a days they sort out and throw away irregular and burnt chips. Taking all the fun about of snack food. One of the best things about the Tonight Show was when Johnny would have regular people on.

Anthony Longobardo : what a great bit so perfectly timed hahahaha

Frank Monteleone : One of the best all time gags in TV history.

Tom Williams Productions : lazer times talking simpsons brought me here

Vissova : What an adorable lady! She's so passionate about those chips. 

Scarlet B. : Great stuff; NOTHING and NO ONE today compares...

Gale Compton : this is one of my favorites

MrRonny411 : what a sweet lady

Debaera Bisceglia : Sooooooooooooooooooo funny. I watch it every day for laughter and good energy. God bless Johnny and this precious lady.

Deborah Compton : I watched it as a kid in Indiana.  It's still funny.

Buzzramjet : I remember watching that episode when it happened and laughed out loud. Johnny was and is still the best.

WA5CVI : What a comedic genius...

YouTubeName : I like her nail polish, like a very sheer frost. That would still look good today.

Matvall : Oh man... He was good.

AllPureSkill : HAHAHAHA that was hilarious. Way before my time

Daniel Montespierre : Saw this live in Burbank. He did it so smoothly, and we're distracted by Ed, everybody thought he had eaten her chip. When we saw he was kidding everybody relaxed and began laughing. Haven't seen this in 30 years. Still incredibly hilarious.

faithdaily1959 : I remember this. Carson knew what he was doing. It was set up that way. Funny still.

ecsrvjh : legend...

INTROVERTOMEGA : Carson is a legend because he could make a shitty guest interesting.

Derek Messimer : 0:59 Genius. Pure genius.

terminate with extreme prejudice : kinda risky - if the old lady passed out we would've never seen the tape

Fin Kaiser : Man slow week


puddin3434 : I remember watching this when it first aired. I loved it. Searched for it for a long time. Thanks for sharing!

Tyrone Shoelaces : J.C. the best ever

RoninSin : Ifunny

Gemeral dis : Potato chip companies can go to hell

Rave 323 : Absolutely brilliant!

yeezyhendrix : forget ifunny....tumblr

blondwiththewind : meh

עלמוןיִגְאָל : Potato Rorshach test

PietreADI : LMFAO thats cruel

Ivan : this woman and the woman of requiem for a dream...

Gabby : 9gaaag me too

CiNO : ok now back to 9gag

skydragon4ever : 9gag

Thalles Theodoro : 9gag

nananina982 : I just want to say that you are both fucking stupid

022171 : one of the things that made johnny such a beloved figure can be seen in his response when she thinks he ate a part of her collection. his genuine concern for her momentary fear is so very sweet. other hosts might've played up the bit & let her continue thinking he'd actually done it. he showed just as much energy & personal interest in talking to someone like this as he did talking to a Hollywood legend. RIP, mr carson.

Prince_Vegeta : 0:56 to 1:10 Her face is priceless LOL!!

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