Johnny Carson Eats a Prized Potato Chip on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show

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Max Power : Johnny sneaking in a chip was priceless!

Quentin Kaasa : I just discovered this from a WhatCulture Simpsons video. This moment will be 30 years old this October.

npviking : i wonder what she sees when she looks at pringles :|

jedijones : I saw it "live" on the air at the time and everyone knew they had just seen a classic moment. The joke hasn't aged a bit! One of the few times Carson did a "mean" Letterman-esque trick to a guest.

Ellen Jefferies : Myrtle Young lived the American dream and worked at Seyfert's Potato Chip factory in Ft. Wayne, In.  Rest in Peace, Myrtle, and Thanks for the Memories.

kalloused : Carson is like "Did we seriously have nobody else available for the show??"

Todd Davis : One of my favorites... It's things like this that made Johnny the greatest of all time...

CrazyWedz : Very shrewdly done by Carson on purpose. Perfect timing.

Sue Pete : I've watched this so many times and it never gets old!

Scarlet B. : Great stuff; NOTHING and NO ONE today compares...

Ben Vincent : Now a days they sort out and throw away irregular and burnt chips. Taking all the fun about of snack food. One of the best things about the Tonight Show was when Johnny would have regular people on.

Frank Monteleone : One of the best all time gags in TV history.

Anthony Longobardo : what a great bit so perfectly timed hahahaha

MrRonny411 : what a sweet lady

Tuskor : You must have literally nothing going on in your life to collect CHIPS.

Buzzramjet : I remember watching that episode when it happened and laughed out loud. Johnny was and is still the best.

Tom Williams Productions : lazer times talking simpsons brought me here

bmo : Carson often had oddball guests like this just to troll them. I think he got it from Letterman.

Gale Compton : this is one of my favorites

WA5CVI : What a comedic genius...

Daniel Montespierre : Saw this live in Burbank. He did it so smoothly, and we're distracted by Ed, everybody thought he had eaten her chip. When we saw he was kidding everybody relaxed and began laughing. Haven't seen this in 30 years. Still incredibly hilarious.

Dorothy Whalen : If you can locate the taping of the show where Johnny and guests all inhaled helium, to hear how their voices would change, it would be the laugh of the year! Was so very funny, and all such good sports. I know that Engelbert Humperdinck was one of the guests, if that helps any in your search! They all are classics, as Johnny, with his dry humor was the best MC. I remember him from his show Who Do You Trust? which was also the funniest!

ecsrvjh : legend...

Jay Leslie : Now that's funny

Debaera Bisceglia : Sooooooooooooooooooo funny. I watch it every day for laughter and good energy. God bless Johnny and this precious lady.

Ritrez Sleezy : Ifunny got me here

Woody615 : Myrtle Young, The Potato Chip Lady: April 1, 1924 – August 9, 2014

faithdaily1959 : I remember this. Carson knew what he was doing. It was set up that way. Funny still.

AllPureSkill : HAHAHAHA that was hilarious. Way before my time

Sarahnessoyeah : Who else came from ifunny?

Heather Saragusa : Anyone else watching in 2016?

Derek Messimer : 0:59 Genius. Pure genius.

Timothy Garrett : What a great, classic comedy moment for something that was unintentional!

Gobbersmack : What if she had a heart attack?

doug avila : I wonder whatever happened to her chip collection. Another priceless Carson funny moment.

peterpiper0002 : haha what a legend :)

Fin Kaiser : Man slow week

Matvall : Oh man... He was good.

Deborah Compton : I watched it as a kid in Indiana.  It's still funny.

Vissova : What an adorable lady! She's so passionate about those chips. 

KittyPouncer : Think how much money she could make today by selling them on eBay! (Or has that fad now faded out?)

Don’tell Gucci : I actually saw this when it aired

Derik De Baun : To be in the audience for that taping.....PRIVELAGED!

I Play One On T.V. : This was a funny Carson clip. But, the title of the clip is a total con job on what happened in the clip.

NPC #104516 : When late night shows were good

Joey Condellie : Tssss

geezusispan : yeah, this gag took all of the genius of an 8 year old...

CanadaMMA : For his next trick, Johnny will lift this 1987 Buick Skylark over his head

Kris B : You can see at 0:48 he's setting up the chip gag with Ed.

Derik De Baun : Legend!