[Full] Pumpkin growth time-lapse: from the seed to the mature fruit in 108 days and nights
Time lapse of a pumpkin growing from a seed

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The time-lapse was shot with a GoPro hero 4 in southern Sweden.


Davone Moses : Slug almost ended the video before it began lol

Daniel H. : I don't know why YouTube recommended this to me but I'm glad it did

Jasmin : Thats a big grape

Maineiac fishing : I was waiting for an orange pumkin

Wolf Army : Plant-Grows for a month Snail-*I'm gonna end this man's whole career*

Engineer. : Why am i rooting for a plant

John Rambo : Do you have this in real time? I'm kinda bored tonight.

Taralicious : A part of me was screaming "ZOOM OUT!!!" The whole time

m m : I remember when he was just a little seed...

SorrowCat : 0:22 jeez thanks asshole

Infi12345 : Plot twist: *the slug is a paid actor*

Mythic Pineapple : who else was actually screaming when the slug showed up

Sivitzie : Who else had this in their recommended

No You : Pumpkin is paid actor

Strazman : I had no idea pumpkins grew quarters on their side midway through their growth cycle. The more you know...

Aritra Chatterjee : Our life on this planet is similar; brief. Before we know it, its over. This video is powerful and it tells us that how fragile we are in this cosmos, yet we are so big and important in ourselve. Thank you for such wonderful upload...

danikadoesntsuck : This showed up on my recommended on october 1st, youtube knows what's up

Ethnic Empress : This is facinating.. it's crazy how if we speed up time plants will look like they do work like we do😭.

rhyss Hafmanftorper : Thug life of the badass slug. Lol

Elzė Gee : 0:22 WAT ARE U DOIN?!

Iustinel 69 : 0:20 top anime deaths

Will Applebury : Honey Miss Slug? She better EAT those pumpkin leaves mama. Those have vitamins and nutrients girl! Honestly she amazes me.

Sergio Meraz : 2:51 You got games on yo phone

Sailfish : Nobody: Slug: consumes leaf

Jason Grady : I love seeing the shadows revealing the Earth's rotation. It's like a merry-go-round. (Weeee!)

Sieb Kelder Art : 🎶You're a child in the garden You’re growing up I’ll watch you bloom And your dreams are not forgotten You’ll be a pumpkin soon🎶 Now that's stuck in my head... 😂🤘

MrJJK2013 : *I only saw it rain once during the end. How does it grow with no water?* 😀😀😀

SimplyFreshdew : when that slug ate the leaf ... a little part of me wanted to cry — how did I even get to this part of YouTube

Phet Pham : Why’d you eat me, Mr. Slug? **squishes slug** Is it funny know, Mr. Slug? *vine reference peeps.*

Jyoti Tak : Son: what's that mom....is it getting filled with air like balloon. Mother: no son it's a pumpkin!

Gold : How is the battery of the camera have enough life to film all this?

lifelongday : Why am i watching this at 3 a.m.

Kail Habib : Its cool to see how the leaves relax when the get sun but then reach up when the sun is blocked. It makes u realize how alive plants can be

Nic Chungus : 0:44 it's licking the screen

skylark fly's : I thought it was a watermelon at first🤣

Mickey Mouse : It is really pretty and calming to just observe this

Van Tran : Why does the pumpkin look like an oversized zucchini?

Abelhawk : Just think... all of us were living our daily lives during this time. Each day and night cycle had significance. We laughed, we cried, we worried, we ate and slept. And all the while, unbeknownst to us, a pumpkin was growing in front of a camera—one we would all watch grow together that we never knew had existed.

Peachy Lover : That’s beautiful! growing into a flower then a pumpkin!

Game Lover : Wait... you guys planted the seed on my dads birthday

CAJ : Slug living that thug life, or should i say THLUG life

NR : Nature is beautiful (and humans destroy it)

The Cantaloupe c: : That process is beautiful Now that pumpkin might be carved into a beautiful jack o lantern

Ricardo Charriez : I got emotional. This makes you think about life. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing!

Veljko Lukovic : Why is this my recomended in 2018?

DaCutest Unicorn : You: Planted Trees To Save Earth Nobody: Literally Nobody: Slug: Ayyy Have So Many Food

Benlikeswave ! : Noticed that the days got shorter at the end

Alex T : She planted the seed on my birthday

Providence83 : Well, there's a hundred and four days of summer vacation and [something something don't remember the song it's 3 A.M.] And we're finding the best way to spend it! LIKE MAYBE... *Growing a squash.*