Smash Mouth - All Star

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ayy lmao : Im disappointed you didnt paint yourself green for this

tenesajuancruzenyb : Cory, are you from Tenesse? Cause you're the only ten I see here in YouTube. -The therapist guy

Marcel Arts : Excellent. Now do Owl City - Fireflies.

RobotikEmpire : Only Cory could get me to listen to this horrific song and not hate it. Thanks dude.

OntY-Op : is this the conclusion to the Jon Sudano arc

Not A Good Robot : There's a purity to your voice that makes it stand out. Excellent guitar as well of course. Keep it up bud, I always enjoy the hell out of everything you put out.

Bill McGrane : The bend at 1:24 makes me smile lol, love this cover especially the pre-chorus!

tenesajuancruzenyb : I'm so a fan that I've watched this video before you delete it 💕

Pc Warrior : You turned a meme into a good song

Brian Carlton : Easily better than the original

SL : I don't know exactly why your Modest Mouse cover of Dramamine was in my suggested just now, but I watched it and a few of your Math rock covers, glad it was. This was just some icing on the cake, a chuckle after some good tunes.

Allan Aguilar : How can you play that and sing at the same time bro 😯😯

wideningeye : It’s like the meme is finally being put to rest. Great work.

making music is keeping me alive : Ihope this gets on trending

juan montes pla : This appeared on my recommend feed. Glad to see YouTube promoting the best song of all time

Frank K. : how about some black eyed peas? where is the love or meet me halfway maybe?

Nisom : what you won't do for love by Bobby Caldwell

MARLO! : The Millennial Anthem. Beautiful rendition. How many takes did this one need? Ha. <3

eddy : Do you like built spill? Or pavement? Or even the best yet...WEEN!!!! COVER ALL WEEN SONGS EVER! I love you so much

Max Glazer : You're SO talented

Julian Chiesa : ive been waiting forever for this

Kasey J : i love everything you put out here. memes included. i would love to hear your version of any catfish & the bottlemen song. (if it's your cup of tea, of course.)

Anne, The Polar : Killer cover as always man. Your interpretations are pretty unique man, keep doing what you're doing!

Ace Dragon : I can't not click like on every one of your videos. Especially because I like tappy guitar thingys

katze kratzt : this is the best all star cover ive heard so far. thank you cory. you allways make my day when you upload.

Person Personworth : second upload squad also nice job, love your music

On Song International : Real good job Cory thanks, keep on

Yer Bum : You somehow turned this song from annoying to beautiful and bitter-sweet

calixe athura : This is the ONLY acceptable version of this song to listen to

flameyboi779 : You just ascended from my hero to my god

Jake Xingu : I feel like this video is about to blow up because it was in my recommended and I've never heard of you. Sounds dope though!

FiZz KingChaosKilla : you should cover the song Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) by Ween

Our Lord & Savior Geesus Christ : Just when I thought I was getting pretty good at playing this song

Sam Labbato : omg. I can't believe you actually did it.

Jonathan Ellis : You’re the man, Cory. Keep it up!

Jack Dugan : Omg I love this and you. How did you figure out these tabs? Works really well with your voice

Brief Case Joe : Here before a million views

Nigel Adams : Lovely, just lovely.

Huon Smith : Why are you not using your middle finger?

Serienjunkie2811 : First time I heard this song without the influence of a meme xD

byrne : i love you so much pls gimem hug

izzomctorro : INSTA BELL SUB

Alex : Making magic out of memes. You’re a legend

Maureen c : You make me prefer your covers more than the real songs!

pacadet : Cory is the only person who could make me appreciate such a rubbish song.

That One Bloke : Jaysus. Genuinely considering making this my new ringtone, it's just that perfect- :v Got me hooked from the Send Bobs cover, which was just about as perfect, then this masterpiece shows up. Just.. Perfect, bruv-

Marc L. : The only rendition of this song I'm willing to listen to

Shaco Taco : Just upload all your vids twice for more YouTube cents

Cheeser : I guess Robert California plays guitar pretty well

Joseph Green : Your voice would lend itself nicely to a Judee Sill cover. "Jesus was a cross maker" maybe?