Smash Mouth - All Star

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ayy lmao : Im disappointed you didnt paint yourself green for this

Marcel Arts : Excellent. Now do Owl City - Fireflies.

tenesajuancruzenyb : Cory, are you from Tenesse? Cause you're the only ten I see here in YouTube. -The therapist guy

Bill McGrane : The bend at 1:24 makes me smile lol, love this cover especially the pre-chorus!

RobotikEmpire : Only Cory could get me to listen to this horrific song and not hate it. Thanks dude.

Not A Good Robot : There's a purity to your voice that makes it stand out. Excellent guitar as well of course. Keep it up bud, I always enjoy the hell out of everything you put out.

OntY-Op : is this the conclusion to the Jon Sudano arc

Allan Aguilar : How can you play that and sing at the same time bro 😯😯

tenesajuancruzenyb : I'm so a fan that I've watched this video before you delete it 💕

Rascal : '' i aint the sharpest tool in the ShAaAaAad''

MARLO! : The Millennial Anthem. Beautiful rendition. How many takes did this one need? Ha. <3

Mithraneere : You turned a meme into a good song

Max Glazer : You're SO talented

Brian Carlton : Easily better than the original

Tristian Bangert : All the heckin talent. Tosin would be proud of the math infusion.

SL : I don't know exactly why your Modest Mouse cover of Dramamine was in my suggested just now, but I watched it and a few of your Math rock covers, glad it was. This was just some icing on the cake, a chuckle after some good tunes.

making music is keeping me alive : Ihope this gets on trending

Person Personworth : second upload squad also nice job, love your music

Kasey J : i love everything you put out here. memes included. i would love to hear your version of any catfish & the bottlemen song. (if it's your cup of tea, of course.)

Cheeser : I guess Robert California plays guitar pretty well

dewinmoonl : what a unique sound . . . best find on youtube all day.

eddy : Do you like built spill? Or pavement? Or even the best yet...WEEN!!!! COVER ALL WEEN SONGS EVER! I love you so much

FiZz KingChaosKilla : you should cover the song Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) by Ween

Chief : You have an amazing voice, keep it up bro

Frank K. : how about some black eyed peas? where is the love or meet me halfway maybe?

On Song International : Real good job Cory thanks, keep on

flameyboi779 : You just ascended from my hero to my god

Gabriel Seiya : I love you, no homo. But seriously, there’s something about this that makes it special, idk but I really like how simple this video is, anyways, new sub here, I hope you keep making simple singing videos like this.

John Marbles : god damn youre an all star

juan montes pla : This appeared on my recommend feed. Glad to see YouTube promoting the best song of all time

Mike Brown : Keep up the excellent work your stuff is the best

wideningeye : It’s like the meme is finally being put to rest. Great work.

Maureen c : You make me prefer your covers more than the real songs!

Nisom : what you won't do for love by Bobby Caldwell

Nicole O. : I’d love to hear more stuff on that pretty mint green guitar

Mauzerino : this is the best all star cover ive heard so far. thank you cory. you allways make my day when you upload.

Julian Chiesa : ive been waiting forever for this

Ace Dragon : I can't not click like on every one of your videos. Especially because I like tappy guitar thingys

Zack Groce : Killer cover as always man. Your interpretations are pretty unique man, keep doing what you're doing!

Aberinkulas : dude you are a beast. My favourite guitar player ever. Please get this audios on spotify or send them to me or something. Found myself wanting to listen to your version of "Everybody wants to rule the world" while driving today. Duuude

Logan Mohler : And they don't stop coming!! You keep making awesome videos. Keep them coming. You're awesome.

fishyboy 1230 : Always amazing. Thx for the pick up.

José Esteban Biskofski : I really enjoy your videos. Do The Clash - Train in Vain or.. Notorious BIG Hypnotize!

That One Bloke : Jaysus. Genuinely considering making this my new ringtone, it's just that perfect- :v Got me hooked from the Send Bobs cover, which was just about as perfect, then this masterpiece shows up. Just.. Perfect, bruv-

Yer Bum : You somehow turned this song from annoying to beautiful and bitter-sweet

MrMoustache27 : That's my boy Tiny Tim

calixe athura : This is the ONLY acceptable version of this song to listen to

Serienjunkie2811 : First time I heard this song without the influence of a meme xD

DaMeatTree : Cory Lott: the one and only reason to listen to Smash Mouth in 2018

Alex : Making magic out of memes. You’re a legend