My roommate's chihuahua wants to kill me
Evil Chihuahua

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I am nothing but nice to this dog and it wants to bite my head off. I recently posted some "lost footage" of Snowy (the chihuahua) which has Snowy playing in the backyard with his buddy Tito. You can see it here: Read more below: I own a music video production company called Frontman Video Productions. When I first started the business 7 years ago, I purchased my first professional camera. The day I brought it home, I wanted to go shoot something simply to see what it would look like on Youtube. This chihuahua video is that video I shot out in the backyard of the place I lived at at the time. My roommate had two dogs named Snowy and Tito. Tito loved me but Snowy hated me. Snowy didn't really like anybody else other than my roommate. Please subscribe and follow me on Instagram and Facebook! website: instagram: @frontmanvideo facebook:


Kuddy 233 : little dogs always think they're tough lol

Matrix : Damn, that dog has whiter teeth than me

Chance Mckenzie : looks like a chupacabra

Morgan Freeman : I am *astonished* that thumbnail is real.

Phil Eggtree : 50% tremble, 50% anger

CauseThisIsThriller : This is why i like chihuahuas, natural guard dogs, no need for training

SUGAR XYLER ! : Haven't seen that many teeth since Jaws

Dark The Wolf : Yo ain't getting my tacos from Taco Bell, puto!

Γεώργιος Κούλογλου : at 1:01 untill it attacks it sounds like a motorcycle

jung : That dog looks straight up demonic

Tim Slee : They're like the insecure 12 year olds of my school who always try to act tough.

Andrea Rivera : she's on her period

Adria Fricker : Chihuahuas are the literal devil, I swear.

Migs : That dog needs jesus in his life

Lilo Futurama : He has murder in his eyes

Lord Artis : stop at 0:50 XD

Mikalah Gonzalez : That scared me the jump scare

ŋıƈƙყ ƙąɬ : Damn I see it staring into my soul.......

TacoKicker : I don't know if there's anything funnier than these little Chihuahua's from Hell.

meiesha is irrelevant : the whole time, I couldn't freaking help but laugh

Brick by Brick : Omg it's bat dog at 0:40

Kennie Diamond : From what i have seen, the small dogs are almost always the angriest ones.. the huge pitbulls/rottwielers and so forth are usally much more laid back.

Brian Hayes : This is the greatest video on youtube.

John Sparks : Laugh if you want but then imagine a Chihuahua the size of a Great Dane. I'm sure Animal Control wouldn't be laughing, the fight would be ON!

Mangle The Cute And Beautiful Fox : 0:12 Omg if that dog attacked me I would run away!

Sergio : I looked into the eyes and my mom said she saw my soul go into the screen

Snitter : Don't feed it after midnight.

Iroquois Pliskin : 1:07

Mafe : hello..

Duh Itz Rose : My the power of Christ compels him

Philip Thomas : HE DID WINK.... OMFG

ulbricht73 : He looks exactly like a winking skeever

Zochiel : Gremlins

Jstall7543 : He looks like a killer!

Mario Plater : Dude I think you better let your roommate deal with his dog. He clearly don't like you.

Its Ya Gurl Brandy : aweeee he needs a huuggggg

Xena1080 : I would be mad too if I had an underbite like that.


Alaina Landon : That dog needs a snickers bar

Tori B. : You need to show that dog that YOU'RE that alpha male! When he growls at you, YOU BARK AT HIM. And if he charges at you, YOU FLIP A TABLE!!

Dylan Purdy : And everybody thinks that pit bulls are always attacking people LOOK AT THESE LITTLE DEVILS!

blanca⛄️ : when someone is trying to eat my food

Eddie R : 1:02 this dog literally sounds just like my harley davidson

Shawn P : always the little ones

crushbeast29 : 1:01 he sounds like a damn motorbike engine

rhyth_m : There is something wrong with the dog

Samardzic sara : Thet is a risen whie i dont like chivavas

Luis Pedraza : Actually people, it's really 99.99% hate, .1% love😩

SOOZEE PALAMINOV : You need to give the doggie a "treat" ... he will be your best friend after that LOLOL ... it's always worked for mee