My roommate's chihuahua wants to kill me

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Angelica Camacho : if these things were bigger they would kill more people than pitbulls

Kuddy 233 : little dogs always think they're tough lol

Matrix : Damn, that dog has whiter teeth than me

CauseThisIsThriller : This is why i like chihuahuas, natural guard dogs, no need for training

Chance Mckenzie : looks like a chupacabra

Phil Eggtree : 50% tremble, 50% anger

Morgan Freeman : I am *astonished* that thumbnail is real.

Γεώργιος Κούλογλου : at 1:01 untill it attacks it sounds like a motorcycle

jung : That dog looks straight up demonic

Kennie Diamond : From what i have seen, the small dogs are almost always the angriest ones.. the huge pitbulls/rottwielers and so forth are usally much more laid back.

Brick by Brick : Omg it's bat dog at 0:40

Dark The Wolf : Yo ain't getting my tacos from Taco Bell, puto!

TacoKicker : I don't know if there's anything funnier than these little Chihuahua's from Hell.

Beve Blanchard : I'm glad that's not my dog. he needs his little ass beat with a newspaper

Migs : That dog needs jesus in his life

Andrea Rivera : she's on her period

matt cullen : I'd smack his snout.then tie him up. To anyone who thinks this behaviour is acceptable think again. This is the sign of a little dog that has been let get away with far to much. Much like children, dog Need to know the pecking order. The dog is dangerous and if it attacks a small child, it will have to be put down. My Rottweiler would never behave like that . She'll growl at strangers but loves my friends. Allowing this sort of behavior is not only irresponsible but it's endangering a dog. It seriously needs retraining.

Shazen : He should go back to hell where he came from

Adria Fricker : Chihuahuas are the literal devil, I swear.

Sergio Beltran : I looked into the eyes and my mom said she saw my soul go into the screen

Another NPC : Cute rat. It would make a nice sausage.

Jasmyn Rivera : Freakin evil rats, *summoned to earth by satan.*

eric cantona : Your chicken needs a cage

Tori B. : You need to show that dog that YOU'RE that alpha male! When he growls at you, YOU BARK AT HIM. And if he charges at you, YOU FLIP A TABLE!!

Rosé : "oh, people treat chihuahuas horribly and that's why they are so agressive" what a load of shit, this is an example of the chihuahua's character and has not much to do with the owner. They growl as their way of *telling* you they do not want to be bothered. Biting, however, is on another level. At least when a dog bites you have an actual reason to scold it.

Aiden Phoenix YT : The devil is in that dog 😈

Leon Parker : 1:07

Tim Slee : They're like the insecure 12 year olds of my school who always try to act tough.

Snitter : Don't feed it after midnight.

PickleTennisWierner : just me or does anyone here really like dogs , but just really hate chihuahuas with a passion

jacklo56 : You can see death in his eyes


IHateBimbos : Throw that little shit in a pit of fire then it won't have anything to growl at

Its Ya Gurl Brandy : aweeee he needs a huuggggg

Lilo Futurama : He has murder in his eyes

SUGAR XYLER ! : Haven't seen that many teeth since Jaws

rhyth_m : There is something wrong with the dog


SackOfSkill : My dog died like that... it tried to defend its food its food from a adult pitbull and she started barking and growling then i heard her yip and i saw the pitbull shakin her my dog died the next day...

Mangle The Suicidal Fox : 0:12 Omg if that dog attacked me I would run away!

Ed Gadgets : if the chihuahua is mine , i will kick him in the street

Jstall7543 : He looks like a killer!

Philip Thomas : HE DID WINK.... OMFG

ŋıƈƙყ ƙąɬ : Damn I see it staring into my soul.......

Xena1080 : I would be mad too if I had an underbite like that.

Leon Parker : Now do a Pitbull version :D

Samardzic sara : Thet is a risen whie i dont like chivavas

Alaina Landon : That dog needs a snickers bar

Sojourner Shrink : hahahahaha!!!! EXACTLY like my Chihuahua.

Shawn P : always the little ones