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BBC The Young Ones University Challenge

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the university challange clip from Bambi


Charlie E : RIP Rik. I read where Ade called him a "selfish bastard" for going on & dying like that. Classic.

Brian Lopez : Vegetable Rights and Peace!

OYA : Watching in 2019 because everything sucks and I needed to laugh. This clip never fails me.

Mike Paull : Probably the only fact I can remember from all my time at school is that Toxteth O'Grady shoved 604 marshmallows up his nose. Perhaps I should have paid more attention!

bobthebuilder914 : RIP People's Poet- best comedy from the 80's.

James Hamberger : Haha I've got a Porsche

The Angered Realist : I always thought Neil looked like Nicko Mcbrain from Iron Maiden.

Neale Newton : Great memories of when we were indeed young. We used to laugh ourselves stupid at the antics of the lads. Thanks for the great upload,cheers:)

Λnthony Hughes : RIP RIK.

Muttley : God I was only 20 back then. It's still vivid in my mind.

georgeowain : I can pretty much guess who added the P to Rick’s name.

DIAMONDSFC1 : Amm complety bloody sick of this !.

charming jim : I've got a Porsche !   

Jon Coupal : I haven't watched any Young Ones since Rik Mayall passed.  My heart is still broken.

Inspector29 : Toni Robinson during credits , wow, never noticed it before 🧐😃

Steffan Piper : RIP Rik (silent P)


sirhc Tribe : Vyvyan - Achtung. Keeps me sane :)

ElvislaD : 3.37 to 3.59 is one of the best bits of comedy EVER!!! The boot then "Achtung!"

Dark Defender : I remember this 30 years on now,  this IS comedy!!!!!!!!

CC007 : R.I.P. Rik Mayall

Melissa Crone Carvell : Who said 'Lawks-a-lordy, my bottom's on fire'? Joan of Arc.

dandic2342 : "ACHTUNG!!!!" BOOOOOOMMMM!!!

Chris Booker : RIP Rik Mayall!

E. Ramirez : The young one's used to kill me every time I watched them....

StabbingPrivateMellish : Holy shit! I recognized Hugh Laurie from the posh university.

steve double u : I'd forgotten how brilliantly hilarious this sketch was (is)

Lee Jackson : RIP Rik Mayall :'(

michelformika : I watched an interview. I believe it was Neil who suffered a neck injury when the giant doughnut fell. He said it lasted months. He also said his hair is a wig and he had short hair.

Simon Turpin : answer the phone Neil.

aramanth : 😡 *I'm completely bloody sick of this! Give us some* *easy ones, Bambi! Ya big bottom boil* ! 🦌 Love Bambi's composure!

neuvocastezero 1 : Iv'e got a Porsche! Well that's not exactly what I have on the card... but

Jazz Cat : I love this episode! Motörhead was the music guest🤘🏻

spreadthelove77 : I thought of this as soon as I heard about Rik. RIP Sir x

Ken Costlow : LMAO @ Vyvyan kicking his head down the railway tracks!

Luke Garner : 4:24 YOU BUMBAG! XD

Damian Coyne : R.I.P Rik Mayall :'(

bababooiey : RIP Rik Mayall, always a Young One!

Jordi Trenzano : RIP Rik......ACHTUNG !!!!!

Tracey Mills : RIP Rik Mayall  

John Peter : Rest in peace Rik!

scott anderson : High point of Emma Thompson’s career.

JuliusAndersson : Ohh, Rik and Stephen! My absolute favourite-boys!

stuzaza : That is a golden clip from a wonderful era, how many laughs have that extraordinary troupe collectively amassed and how much influence on future comedy?

Ozan Young : Stephen Fry is so young, it's amazing! XD <3

Nick Majdalani : Classic brig back the young ones aaaoooow

Tracey Mills : Toxteth O'Grady USA !

Richard Motroni : And for an extra five bonus points to put you in the lead...

kaza12345678 : "i got a shotgun"