Bodyboarding WEDGE - August 17 - RAW FOOTAGE (Tanner McDaniel, Craig Whetter)

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Jesus Christ : sick bruh

Josh Haslam : 1:56 Hooooly shit

Mungadungalis : Thanks for not putting lame music over this. It’s perfect with sounds of the waves and you and others reacting. Very nice.

dan tsy : I love how you are the only one with raw cuts and no shitty music in the background

Glywnnis Wells : That guy with no wetsuit or rash vest was the best

Fiston Fêlé : 7:14 That's the best part lmao

bryant ruiz : I might be out of the loop, but do people even use leashes anymore? Cool video btw!

Vanilla gorilla : I think a few people might’ve just got the best ride of their lives this day. Good job capturing it bro

phapnui : Great and loved the simple, natural narration, made me wish I was there.

rAvensBBr : 10:28 Best ride

Jay Northrup : We used to do " barrel rolls" on these same, every year, Wedge waves. There may be old footage, let me look....

green Shasta bean : 7:15 this dude took out Jamie O'Brien lmao

Jay Northrup : Zero body surfers once again...

Bart Tare : It's such an intense place. 1:57. Holy crap. That's how you get paralyzed.

wilson lelisi : barrel dodger !!!!!

Iosua Iosua : @4:24 that shit was epic! #LOL Thanks man i never seen that before all my years of body boarding haha... If someone drops in on me i might just pearl dive in front of them so we both can eat shit!

Brian.Eddy.808 : some of the best wedge footage I've ever seen. Mahalo!!!!!


Ana & Costa : 🤙🤙🤙

Paranormal Blanket : This was a great vid bro, epic rides

Can we get 1000 subs With videos : 1:57 to be continued...

Jon John : 1:58 listen to this, lemme know how it makes you feel

Ho Stevie! : *Pro status*

Jack Harmeling : I'm 13 years old and live right near the Wedge. I go there whenever it gets 8 ft or above, and it really helps when practicing for tourneys

Christian chavez cardozo : Hola que playa es donde se localiza. .saludos

Ohope More : #cool

Pedro Felipe : The best video eveer!!!

joel gaul : 1:56

Jimmy Brobeck : As usual JacuzziSurfer presents wonderful videos of some awesome bodyboard surfing. I wonder if surfmaps would work on these waves. They sure are easier on the ribs!

Perpetual Student : heavy!!!!!!! love the edit, solid.

Bailey's Fishing : Awesome videos man!!

Kyle Hackett : Dislike because guy who narrates is a tool

Katy Griffith : jamie obrien was there

tonewall jaxon : welcome to the wedge , your ambulance we be here soon.....

Sean O'Brieon : I absolutely love the mayhem of this wave. It would surely be such a fun place to surf, bodyboard, and/or bodysurf at, yeah....(!!)....

Alexis Alvarez : Es uno de los mejores videos de bodyboard que he visto...

sonic games pro 0071 : Br pra quem ama bodybording

Maurício Barbosa : Muito maneiro o vídeo parabéns

PureDIGITALMaui : big n clean #goodwatch #mahalo

João Marcos : Que país e qual o nome dessa praia ?

Jackson Randall : How do u even get out there

Peyt Talks Daily : nice video

Raphael Costa : Muito gay isso kkkkk

Azdin Benlhaj : Hada odhil jidan

Kurtis Corcoran : Is this wedge wa

Blivys :D : People didn’t use leashes because it would get in their way and also their only like 50 feet out because waves form closish to shore

Jay Boogie POV : Man this video has blown up!!! So sick man!!

Kye Ward : Beefs TV?

KP : Best ride @ 1:50

NERVEDOWN Entertainment Design Studio : ''traffic'' lol