Gallon Of PCP

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Inkxy : "Uh oh. I see problems."

Fespieded : I feel like the whole time zach was just joking. like the skit is about him just joking about it because the jug said pcp. Could have just been gas and wrote on it as a joke

spongebobbette23 : "you are on your way to pick up children.... with your gallon..thing.."

Garen King : Science.

kayleeQuinnn : i think this may have been the first episode i ever saw of this wonderful show :)

DeathclawFallout : "yeah...yeah..but a gallon?" lmfao

TheMarcthehunter : Erm, what is PCP?

Lark Druid : It's just like running into an old friend from West Virginia.

Alice Bonnet : Legalize angel dust already. If people want to cut off their face and feed it to their dog that is their right.

flyingfisherman97 : senior year at brown and he works at the binko's.

Christine Williams : the face of the guy who plays trevor really just tripped me out

Ac1dG0d Custom DOOM wad mapper : LOL! *"& THAT...happened toady...just uh little while ago...MAN!"*

TheMarcthehunter : @alankennedy1 yeah I saw that but what is the full name of it?

DudeitsGrafton : I love just how perfectly they embodied the awkwardness of meeting someone randomly that you haven't seen in a long time. Spot on. I loved watching this show when it was on Fuse.

Cody Yang : hahahahha, "WOW"

bethexohbeth : favorite :]

MistorAlex : trevor is TREVOR

IceCreamer : @TheSegasaturn2 Umm... wow... logical... ok...

mwcharger : @TheMarcthehunter 1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl)piperidine btw there is this new invention called the world wide web where trivial knowledge such as this can be easily obtained

dodgingaces : See ppl.....he was high in this skit and he was just fine.....drugs arnt bad!

SeasaCleaus : PCP:

simpsonfan13 : zach and mr. popo must go to the same guy.

X. Y. : A gallon is not enough.

Jeff Sine : LOL Brown

vanarcken113 : hahaha this is stupid funny

IceCreamer : @TheSegasaturn2 attention whore....