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Jesus Christ : I'm a little gay. For the record.

Ruben Mejia : This guy had an AMAZING oppurtunity and he couldn't fully take advantage of it.

Brandon Fuller : To this day he is still struggling to hang up the call.

Tyler Raines : Though it had it's funny moments, I believe this guy ruined a perfect chance to conduct an epic prank.

Justin H. : I'm not struggling just want the know how the phone does

MrAndrewLikes : "Look at you struggling"

David turbo : The guy calling is extremely unfunny..

Big_dro : I, too, worked on a ranch.

Sir Normie Of Lordran : Anybody with a show called in through the out door should be prank called.

FlyingPaladin : I miss the 90's

Chris topher : God wanted this to happen.

Suave Atore : "I'm Still here maddafakka" LOL

John K : He might be a Christian but his phone was created in the depths of HELL!

Max Headroom : Rickety Cricket Churpe Churp lol.

OgGarcioVega : Damn I bet the caller never expected that call to go on for so long thats why he ran out of material. Wasted opportunity. Funny tho. 👍🏼

littleteethkeith : I don’t see how there will ever be another prank call as good as this one. This was so organic.

imsokewl27 : With a skilled troll this would have been gold.

Kaleeb : I thought you were on a beach... YOUR A LIAR!

Kawasaki Fonzi : My face hurts from laughing! For once YouTube recommended something that I feel 1,000,000 times better after watching!😂😂

Broke Nerfing : Host "hey Jim" Prank Caller "What's up?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Steven Rainmaker : Wow, and nobody helped him shut the phone off 😂

caj11 1 : This is hilarious. But why couldn't he just unplug the phone?

Miguel Pidi : ahh that's a sick ass hat.. what's on that hat lmao I can't stop laughing

Miguel Pidi : the caller had to be high I can only imagine this is the greatest live phone call prank I can't stop laughing ..this guy is a legend

Bradley Emmerson : LMAO!!... " Your Struggling Son "

DISCO-INFERNO-70 : The caller really wasn't all that funny. He hit the lottery of phone prank opportunities and the best he could do was yell incoherent and juvenile stuff. Some of it was funny, but he clearly wasn't prepared for this amount of airtime. It was still a pretty good prank call, but that was mostly due to the host's failure to get rid of the caller.

Jeff Fleck : "Yeah Bill this is Jim"

C Mahoney : “Im not really strugglin, im just like know how the phone does”

emesbex : It makes me incredibly happy that Aldo Nova could be a part of this... life is just a fantasy...

Philip Costa : It's been years since I've seen this but its still just as funny

Flash Inthepan : lmao! Seen this many times in years past but it has come across my radar again. They were NOT prepared! Still classic!

Rich Giles : This video brings me so much joy

liamquinn1981 : Yeah bill this is jim! What do you need? 😂

moncorp1 Inc : Hold on I'm talking! You don't talk when I'm talking!

Bela Farkas : - Hey Jim! - Whats up? :D

John Smith : I'm still here. Lmfao.😂

DeathClutch77 : I love how at the end, the guy tries to get the final word in even though he's already been stream rolled haha

Diener Five : "What's on the hat?" Best question ever!


IpenetratedURmom : If this a Christian show, then why didn't god or Jesus help him out?

Baby Buddha : I feel so bad for this guy...he's obviously hurt by this

ipukeatparties : hey you don't talk when I talk!! epic

judopathoftruth : faaaagit

Andrew Stewart : I'd like to go in through your out door.

Carlos Roldan : i think this guy is the best prank caller. Because while he was talking to the guy he couldn't even hang up i love this troll

Rob Figaro : Push the buttons. 1 button. 2 button.

GODLESS101 : Truly god works in mysterious ways.

Justin Scalise : Lives up to the title of the video. Solid gold.

Jack Barrett : Any caller w THAT voice you know is going to be a prank call..

john fearnley : Man, when you put yourself in the public eye, anything can happen ....ANYTHING!