Lyndon Poskitt Racing: Races to Places - Dakar Rally 2018 - Episode 11 - Rest Day

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Max Maker : Thanks for the details! Thats what you don’t get on TV.

David Porter : You are doing a great job and bringing the race to us in a way I haven't seen before. Top Notch! Awesome story! GOOD LUCK BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben C Flat : Credit to the editor. this is super well cut, and very informative. Super enjoyable to watch, as someone that is just getting into motorbiking. All of the narration of maintenance with the bike combined with the video makes it really easy to follow.

Rick G : Best Dakar coverage I have seen and I have been watching for many years. I wish you luck and he safe.

Fernando Fariña : Quad of minute 02:20, which you work next to, is from Carlos Verza. I know him, is from my city and really makes a great effort to be there. I love your videos man, Regards.

Stephen Eldridge : The best 'as it really is ' story of the Dakar ever....brilliant stuff! Steve

Gishey : Great coverage, love the insight into the Dakar. You need to auction off parts of the road book (if possible) that would be a pretty cool souvenir to have and raise some money for next years race!

antzontoast : Lyndon the chocolate milk king rides again!! If I ever bump into you in a pub here in the UK, I know what I'd buy you!

Thomas FPV : Can someone tell me what that intro song is? I want it :D

Maximiliano Salazar : Grande Lyndon a darle gas!!!! Saludos desde La Rioja, Argentina!!!!

don ladds : That Bacon n tomms look nice. best food I've seen on a rally yet good luck for the rest of the race m8 stay safe

Reg Thompson : You're a pretty handy mechanic Lyndon...watched your pre 2018 Dakar work and the 'rest day'...good job. As others have said, you are giving fellow Dakar fans a real insight to the race and, you are holding onto 3rd place, Malle Moto class...all round excellent effort! Best of luck for the next 6,000 K.

ViV Frenette : I was wondering when you will post your new videos? Looking online for news of you, I'm hoping everything is allright!

Mike Slack : Following your progress from New Zealand and LOVING these updates... Go hard and best of luck for the 2nd week! Malle moto = fricken LEGENDS!!

Hector Adolfo : No sé nada de inglés pero pucha que heres simpático 🤗

Jennifer Campbell : Quick question ... how do you get laundry done whilst racing?

Nick Wood : Great insights!

podge0786 : Loving these videos. Really great work from the whole team. Feel like we get to be part of the action. Keep it up!

Stu Ryan : Just remembered Lyndon had issues with importing his forks. Did he ever get them or is he on the stock ones still?

Angry Pete : Enjoying the series very much, fantastic job all the production crew as well as Lyndon. Could you show some bivouac footage of some of the other Malle Moto competitors as a comparison, say a bit Oliver Pain and a first time rider like Scott Britnal? Keep up the good work, Angry Pete

DavideC : Bellissimo diario di viaggio, grazie! veramente emozionante. In bocca al lupo per i prossimi giorni!!!

Galavanta : Lyndon, you made the "Hero Of The Dakar" section on the Canadian broadcast of the Dakar for stage 4 👍🏼

peter hammonds : BACON :)

Geoff Kerss : Best Dakar coverage on YouTube :-)

Roadstar 1963 : After watching this for years on TV I'm suprised at how well the organizers feed you guys

Franco_55 : 7:00 What's the name of that song

voip kam : Just to let you know you have a fan from Virginia, USA.  Probably all over the world now.  Good luck to you , Rex, and support crew !  Awesome riding, video coverage, and editing.

Micum MacIntyre : does anyone know why he runs a low front fender instead of a high fender?

Erated78 : Amazing video. I have watched the Dakar footage for years and never have seen such great behind the scenes footage as this. Its great to see and hear about the mechanical side of things, the prep work for the next day is incredible. Thank you and best of luck Lyndon!

Ridha MED : thx for making us live the adventure of dakar

930redline : Is there an episode 12 yet?

cyclhed : Wheres the latest update? Two days with out, I’m jonesing!

Sukoco Imam : Next episode please?

Vincent Tagle : Oh man when is episode 12 coming out?!!!!

Wayne Dawson : Really in joying the ride along with you mate

930redline : Gr8 Coverage. Stopped looking @ Dakar years ago. But watching Lyndon has inspired me again to get out off road on the Bike!!

Jacek K : 9 thumbs down? bmw or honda or what?

Leslie Austin : Hope everything is ok. No YT film today, but I know there is a stage cancelled, so perhaps that’s the reason. Waiting for news! Stay safe you chaps!! Les

Santiago Bernal Cortázar : This series made me want to ride a bike, what type of bike do you believe is appropiate for a beginner ?

nico boul : following it everyday,amazing job by u guys..editing in the car i suppose?

iamandreja : Can't wait to see Episode 12!

Fabio Sartor : Lyndon is off-line today...all is fine???? Regards

Nick Turnbull : Another great and informative vid. Good luck on the marathon!

GS Mad : Incredible footage an insight. Seriously love this stuff. Where do the dislikes come from? Are they for real!!

Gigio Conio : Much better than the official coverage .....

stephen davis : Much more enjoyable than i thought , the whole process of bike ,logistics,raceing is brought home when you show it this way !Throughout the series i have'nt heard mention of budget ,costs etc ? Good luck lyndon stay safe out there NO showing off this year ..

Davide Duma : Hi Lyndon, what type of fork socket are you using? thank you in advice! Gassss

MrBuffSA : Brilliant behind the scenes coverage. Thank you so much for the effort put into these videos, they show a part of Dakar rarely seen in the normal 30mins of tv coverage that we get in South Africa. All the best for the remaining stages, keep the rubber side down Lyndon.

G G : I'm unclear as to how the money works here. I found information saying a bike is upwards of $50,000 usd and cost to race is $25,000 usd. How much would you make for a stage win and class win without sponsors pay? Any insight would be appreciated.

Wilmer Anchundia73 : Chocolate delicioso jjj