Dreamliner Boeing 787 Combat Short Landing by Top Skilled Pilot

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Topfelya : If you love it then watch her *TAKEOFF* here https://bit.ly/2FIyoNQ

RN Plane Spotting Prague : When i saw the landing, i said wow! When i saw the takeoff I screamed WOOOW! Incredible footage, thanks for sharing with us!

Mr. Boomguy : That pilot could land on a aircraft carrier o.o

Marco H. : A lot of power and an empty plane make a pilot smile 💪🏻😁😎

SharkyPanda : The pilot must’ve enjoyed that empty plane. That takeoff was amazing.

Paul DAVIES : And the brake temp sensors were through the roof. Fantastic landing.

Алексей Чернов : Это на авиашоу.. Самолет пустой в нём нет ни кресел ни даже внутренней обшивки.. топлива минимум.. Он лёгкий как пушинка для своей тяговооруженности.. вот и выделывает финты такие на публику..

СИЛЬВИО БЕРЛУСКОНИ : Красиво смотреть со стороны. А вот когда внутри сидишь, ощущение специфичечкое, приходилось испытать в 85 году, когда на грунт садились под Кандагаром.

Benjamin S : Anyone else smell brakes burning from their computer?

Brandon Binder : There goes the new brakes smell.

mylosairplanefan : Skilled pilots for sure! Awesome video mate :) Enjoyed!

Penka Genova : 0:50 *Butter*

MyAleksey76 : По Афгански это немного другое и больше подходит не про саму посадку, а про снижение и подход. А это в принципе обычный заход для портов со ложным рельефом вокруг.

Shane Crawford : All they need is an arrestor cable and landing hook to make it more interesting!

Rafsunjani Raihan : That airlines "Bangladesh Biman" is national airlines of my country. Thank You very much for that video. Greetings & Warm love from 160 million people of Bangladesh.

IveGotta TightAnus : This plane is so gorgeous

Matt's Aviation Channel : Yes, this is definitely an outstanding video! Great pilot job!

Cadillac Man : Wow, now do it with passengers

James M : Flights will never be late if all pilots flew like this.

Ashiq Rahman : thanks for capturing this beautiful bird from DAC

Josip Vrandecic : Here we can see that designers of Dreamliner 787 have built the best of the aerodynamics of the wing of highly capable gliders,see the wings, and their adaption for final approaching ... We know that gliders are flying the most beautiful and the best.Appreciate TF.

Ace Av8er : This was Short Field Landing in civilian aviation terms and combat landing in Military terms Pilots train for this type of landing in addition to full brakes full thrust reversals full flaps, spoilers are deployed with full back pressure on control colum upon contact or main gear with the ground to relieve pressure and weight off the nose gear. Tha Curved approach or crabbing was very skilful by the pilotl for a large aircraft, this type of approach is used to maintain visual with the runway in a slow low angle of attack approach (diving for the deck) (Pilot looks out from the side cockpit wind screen )

Захер Нахер : Да это же Барри Силл, из медельинского наркокартеля.

Aviation Nut : The 787 is one beautiful aircraft, even though it had some trouble in the beginning with the batteries, it has become a very safe aircraft with excellent dispatch rating. The wings and the nose of this aircraft are so beautiful. The pilot in this video did a beautiful demonstration of the 787.

Jean Hasdenteufel : uuuh that smoky landing gear !!

Cesar Landa Mtz : Biman Bangladesh beautiful plane ✈ Boeing 787 👍👍👍👍👍

Ben Davis : That’s got to be a thrill for even the most experienced pilot.

Incredible : Lol with enough hours on FSX, I'm sure I could do the same

Jason H : FANTASTIC video clip. THANK YOU ! Outstanding aviation braking systems AND reverse thrust from excellent turbine engines = HOLY CRAP, did you see the paint slide off the fuselage !?!?

Shahriar Bin Rouf : This is Biman Bangladesh Airlines. 😊

grabir01 : I see military applications

ljacobs357 : Let's see if it can land at Lukla Airport.

Fernando Galvez : Imagine if all the planes would make landings like that! I'd be the first to get in there!! Stunning video!

Brandon Blair : My 172n doesn't climb like this.

Mark Carrier : Impressive! Very Impressive! Boeing is the best!

Таро Samsungov : Хера се он оттормозил

Jayden Chan : Does tilted gears allow the plane to start its flare at a higher altitude

Jami Khan : That's our 'Biman' our National Airlines, our Pride. 😍🇧🇩✈️

Jonny Cakes : Must be a former C-130 pilot ;-)

Daniel Triantopoulos : Wow that stopped fast!!. Amazing.

Izj Alfredovich : Очень круто...

Miłosz Woźniak : Allright the landing was buttery i agree, but that take off was awesome too

HLG WZM : ))) Это посадка - Ну сбей меня Стингером! Заход с максимально допустимой скоростью снижения СРАЗУ на полосу, без глиссадного выдерживания, уж про дефиле вдоль полосы я молчу. Упал - сел, даже на переднюю стойку, любой ценой и чем быстрей, тем лучше. Вот заход "по афгански". Из мемуаров у меня такое сложилось мнение.

Dolfinchik1 : Ну что за фигню пишите, это обычный заход с круга или Circlе-to-land, как раз допускается с левым кругом. Афганская посадка это заход с круга с большим градиентом

ADAM STEELE : O.K I'm impressed.

Роман : Охренеть!!!

Sergey : Шины с тормозами подпалили конечно )

turbofan ct : That flexed wing ❤️

Metal Head 420 : Awesome!!!...🤙😎🤘

Serhio M : Как на велосипеде