How to Buy a Mountain Bike

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dakota 305 : if mountain biking can get you a girl like that i’m going out *tomorrow*

PaiN Cardinal : Hands Down Best Video for MTB ever

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Kjell Van Kampen : This is awesome and painfully accurate. Great job guys Edit: I have watched it like 7 times already 😂 This video has a really feel good vibe

Mickey Lee : So true. Once you buy a mountain bike, maybe began with a cheap one, then you need to buy a helmet, clothes, tools, lock-shoes, maintenance equipment ... then you eager to upgrade your bike to more professional level from a hardtail to a full suspension one and expensive helmet, shoes, tyres, fork, gear, chain and so on, and so on... You fall in a bottomless dark hole.

Roadkill456 : Absolutely love this video. the right amount of truth, humour and inspiration.

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Diego Huber : Ran into Jason on the streets of Portland today.. randomly. That was rad.

Diego Huber : Ran into Jason on the streets of Portland today.. randomly. That was rad.

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CZTachyonsVN : It's not about the bike you ride. It's about the rides you bike

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Diego Huber : Ran into Jason randomly today on the streets of Portland. That was rad!!

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