How to Buy a Mountain Bike

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Seth's Bike Hacks : Flawless!

StarWarsFanatic : bro that girl is my dream girl

Oscar Frederick Maita : *It's not about the bikes you ride, It's about the rides your bike takes you on*

James Ambrocio : That girl just made me 35% stiffer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Isaacqntn : I love Jason’s character progression as his beard grows and his life changes

BCpov : Totally inspired to buy a mountain bike now! 😍

SpryJam02 : 3:34 did you see the car???

happiepickles99 : go to 4:29 IY SAYS THE BIKE IS RED BUT I SEE ORANGE ;)

Benjamin Helm : Who else has watched this ten times!

Nick Barrett : This could be made into a movie

BikeRadar : This is incredibly accurate. Nicely done!

Oskari Vesterinen : And then comes the winter season.

Colin Watt : @IFHT Films — I would love to see a version of this from Jess’s perspective. It would be be an opportunity to have a female protagonist’s perspective as well as an opportunity to feature Trek’s women’s range of bikes. Moreover, it would be an opportunity to tell a different story.

Trevor Bolena : My life in 5 minutes and 24 seconds

Robert Schaefer : I’ve watched this an unhealthy number of times in a row

Alvaro Molinos : One of the best videos you made... 🔥🚵

Rubzy’s Fan club : What’s the song at 1:12?

GeeGeeBois : I think i have memorised this full video no joke...

The Travel Vlogger : Hahahaha! Buy tools, buy parts, then buy more tools to install the true! Excellent video.

MAINTITLE : I'd ride Jess.

German Garcia Jr : More truth could not be spoken.

Luis Hernandez : Do a video of how to be a bmx rider

BaconDoesStuffz : "Take care and upgrade your bike" **sees a car that is dirty**

Nati Oviedo : Ok. Same thing happened to me EXCEPT that I have not met a cool guy who shares this passion. Should I move to Vancouver? 😆🤔

Jack McCluskey : Who’s that girl? Asking for a friend

HnL-TV : Post more often. Love your videos

Arne McPuckerButt : First you buy the frame... then the rest.


sevastian soto : What model is the green bike???

Go Muscu : I watched it twice

Mtb Enduro Chile : Worth every second!

Stunt girl 88 : I just started biking lot of more.

Pe Peroni : Is it normal that ive watched this like 12 times by now? Im starting to second guess myself..

Daily Infinite Flight : Holy crap my bike - 0:47 My helmet - 1:16

Rizky Permana : When the first time i see the video thumbnail , i just like " meh " . Second , third and forth time just the same as the first . But when the fifth time isee it , i finally watch the video and ... Heck Yeah ! Keep watching it over and over again XD

Sounds like a plan : Hang on, hang on! I've never seen my life explained in a little over 5 minutes!!!

666 content 2 : This is one good ass video

Jamie Shores : What is the name of his dream bike at the end

William Vlogs and Gaming : I've watched this video 10 times now!

Andrew Staff : Please do a snowboarding version of this

CZTachyonsVN : It's not about the bike you ride. It's about the rides you bike

Callum MTB : Congrats on 500k!!!

piano ben : 3:36 Rap?

Lure : The flat tire symbolizes a new beginning

XxMR_ COOLxX : I got a dirth jump bike And i collected the money for it 1year and now im so proud of my self :)

Kjell Van Kampen : This is awesome and painfully accurate. Great job guys Edit: I have watched it like 7 times already 😂 This video has a really feel good vibe

GOPRO Mountain bike : I love mountain bike so much who with me also I use a full face helmet much better

RNDM Storm : You should do how to be a snowboarder

Sug Madic : 0:38 first trick he ever did in his life was an x-up

chipcheese studios : I have watched this like 15 times its soooooooo good