Goku vs korin! Dragon ball

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Dragon ball

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stemple11100 : lol considering nowadays goku is fighting on an even playing field with gods and beings who could destroy the whole universe in one blast, about 20 years ago he was getting his ass kicked by a cat

Jaisean Forever : β€œI read minds but don’t worry kid, there weren’t many chapters” πŸ˜‚ damn Korin

WETBVCK JASPER : Back when korin was relevant

Touchii : To be honest dragon Ball was the best work of Akira toriyama

KyFive 1 : So this is where Master Shifu got his genius idea of tormenting Po with the dumplings

Andrew Allen : The one other cat person besides Beerus that made Goku look like a fool

8th Chaos Emerald : 3:36 - 3:44 Korin's advice reflects certain important aspects of Ultra Instinct

Jason Smith : It's easy to forget that Korin is actually a very good fighter. Wish we could have seen him with the Z fighters and help produce senzu beans as well as fight off the bad guys.

Topaz 13 : I want a cat like korin

Ganesh Venkatachalam : So this is where the kung fu panda scene was taken from..

dynamix_ 956 : That's right the universe strongest person got his ass beat by a cat

Zukka 88 : "Learn to anticipate your opponents actions" in other words..... DODGE!!! It's a real shame Goku couldn't pass this knowledge down to Gohan.

Jason Starr : I swear the first series will always be my favorite. I love the others but I loved the sense of adventure and crazy comedy and friendship the first series had.

Katy XOXO : Lol Korin is such a troll

I Cant Walk : Kid gokus most intense battle according to the music

Eric Davis : now he can blink and destroy half the country at an atomic level

Quantum Network v1 : Maybe goku should of brought some catnip

Elaine Garcia : Puar beerus and Korin should be best friends πŸ˜‡

jetsu3yahoo : I like this kid goku. So innocent and pure

stay strong always : Korin the new Turkish ice cream

My Name Is Retrix : Korin vs ui goku who would get the water

Raspy : Japanese Garfield

Peaceful view Background : Kung fu panda in a nutshell.

Andy Joseph : It just hit me that this is basically the same training he ended up doing at king kai’s with bubbles. πŸ˜‚

andy vo : NANI

Tyler James : *Best training Goku has ever had*

MugenDBZGTS : Korin is the strongest character in DBZ . Korin can 1 shot beerus

Goofen : That's like when Shifu told Po he can eat

Zovera Wizo : love these old anime... still looks good

I am AWESOME : Goku is so cute 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Tom Bryant : His advice at the end was basically the basis of Ultra Instinct

RogerWilco : I .. Read .. Minds .. ! But don't worry kid, there weren't that many chapters. Pure minds are like looking through glass.

Kobil Shakur : Damn goku didn’t even realize how hard he got roasted

Brian Segura : I wanna see Korin on north Kai planet with Bubbles and gregry just too see what would happen oh an Yajarobi must be Blessed up there Drinking Divine water an Sensu beans lml no wonder hes always cranky when he leaves the tower

Kevin Gutierrez : I still want to see Korin meet Beerus.

Wengie's Biggest Fan : Korin is teasing Goku

Dark : Honestly, I’m more a fan of the DragonBall series (The original) Instead of Z, Kai, or Super. DragonBall is probably my favorite, Manga/Anime ever too. (I have most of the manga)

Anouk de Vries : 3:10 Musician: DRAMATIC MUSIC. Me: Calm down dud. It's a kid chasing a cat.

Srinivas Manikanta : Cat vs monkey

Connor Clemmons : β€œI. Read. Minds! But don’t worry kid, there weren’t that many chapters.” Well clearly someone hasn’t read β€œThe Road”.

Qwerty : Korin would be great at customer service.

Tcheco Lee : Nab him Jab him Tab him Grab him Stop that korin now.

buff broly : I was doing a kid trunks impression and my friend said i sounded like korin lol

cheeselover04 : in soviet dragonball... the cat plays you

billbord billbard : You know when DB uses cat as strong being . Even beerus a cat.

Mordekeys : remember when korin was relevant

moviemaker2011z : Dragonball conceived ultra instinct many years before it was even a thing, seems legit.

Sal Scalici : One of the funniest moments in Dragon Ball. Korin is AWESOME!

Haider Khan Baba : Looking forward to see you start uploading DBZ and DBGT