Friendly Costa Ricans Give Advice for Travelling to Costa Rica | Day 6

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The New Travel : *Hey friends, I have an IMPORTANT REQUEST!* Mallid and his father Cirilo invited me to go in the morning to see how they pick their fruit. I'd like to take this opportunity to learn more about Costa Rica. Do you have any question you would like answered? Leave a comment :)

Remy LASSET : Hola Dan! And thanks for sharing this enjoyable meeting! Maybe when you meet them again, you can ask them how they would define the meaning of "Pura vida" and how come that in Costa Rica it's the most common way to say either hello and goodbye. I think it really shows something of that country and these people.

Livin That Life : Indeed these are the gems moments of travel. Bc of seeing this I'm gunna make an extra effort to get more locals on camera, and speak more slowly and concisely, in my upcoming China vlogs 😎🙏🤙

Jamesyboy Experiment : Hey...just found your channel, read your bio and LOVE it. Really said something to us. Getting into the nitty gritty of the country you are in - nothing better.....and the people you meet...restores your faith in humanity and the world. We started our vlogging journey this year, we love travel and adventure. One of our favourite moments in Thailand was meeting local people on a less touristy beach in Ao Nang fishing for their tea....the whole family were out there getting involved. They could not speak a word of English but were happy to show us what they were doing and convey it wothout words - it was amazing. It would be amazing for you to spend the time with the family to see how they pick the lychees.....your favourite part of travel is what travel is all about. Good work. Check out our Ao Nang vlogs - they may interest you 🙂

DiscoverWithDima : Awesome Dan, love these kinds of interactions amongst the locals. Hope to see more--It's very educational and enlightening! Btw that fruit looked delish, I just have never heard of it lol

Mitchell Barnow : I have a big smile on my face now! Thank you, Dan

Simone M Porter : You totally drew that experience to yourself! Imagine if you didn't turn around to engage with them again. What a loss that would have been. Pretty soon you'll have yet another unforgetable experience. Once again, great video!

Nick brooks : Hi I I’m Costa Rican living in Vancouver Canada now! But I wanted to thank you for being so positive and spread happiness to all your viewers! U made my Saturday :)! U had to be Canadian!!!

Rebeca Villalobos : what a sweet men

Bruna Costa : Hi! I started to follow you because I and my husband we are going to move to Vancouver next year! What a big surprise you are in Costa Rica, like us! We are brazillians but we are living here for almost two years! If you need something, we will be glad to help you! Also, I need to practice my English! hahaha My email is ! Pura Vida!

Tommy Cotten : Dan, Can you tell me what town/city this was in? The gentleman with the maroon cap is obviously a big MSU Bulldog fan. It may not be possible, but I would like to make contact with him.

Luna Azul : Que agradable peesonas

Mike Klar : Hi hard to become full citizen of Costa  from Vancouver too btw

Mitchell Barnow : How was your time at the farm, picking lychee fruit?