Barstool Pizza Review - Frankie Boy's with Special Guest Dennis Rodman
Barstool Pizza Review Frankie Boys with Special Guest Dennis Rodman

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The Winner of Championships, The Breaker of Dicks, The Worm, Dennis Rodman joins Dave for a review of Frankie Boy's Pizzeria.


Based Jason : Did you guys get permission to film there?

Andrew W : Truth has it goodfellas is still feeling the wrath of El Presidente

the40yogamer : that pizza is still 4.8 times better than Goodfellas Distillery in Lexington, KY

Leah Turpin : Lmao Dennis hit him with the "what about you"

Jack Shears : This Dennis guy is a real electric factory

george iovino : El pres with the Korean gang banger

David McCaman : One re-education camp, everybody knows the rules.

Tyler Ferreira : Frankie gave this an 8.2 last year, watched them all just sayin

nyquilnu : 6:34 Pres knows about dem big ol' wimmen in SA.

Brennan Bone : Yelp took down all the legitimate negative Goodfellas reviews. Call cousin Mike, we have collusion on our hands.

SSAngelusx7 : Oh shit that's what he was doing. I saw him on this day this was filmed on october 3rd.

Tony, The Stark : Thanks for the subs. They were actually helpful!

Christopher McHale : One American requiring subtitles, everyone knows its Rodman.

bhips ahoy : one dictators friend everyone knows the traitor

Tom Trezza : anyone else notice how excited Dave got when Rodman knew that he was from Boston lmao

Everett Ingalls : Make Rodman the next UN Ambassador!

Yosrick Alvarez Avalos : interesting guest, i want you to try rivolis pizza on 7 ave, btw 11th st and perry st. And if you really want quality in pizza go to romas pizza in nj, north bergen.

Ashwin Moorthy : employees right behind him lol

Eric Cerminara : The Korean flag in the back .. ICONIC

Justin Day : He missed the star of “double team” with Jean Claude Van Damme

DJ W : Pres and the worm best friends

Indy Kalia : Pres looking slick with Rodman but who is the bigger freak! One freak, everyone knows the rules!

Nicholas : Never clicked on a video so fast

joemoneytaker1 : Davey is star struck but don't blame the guy 👍

Juan Torres : So we are just going to ignore that he called the pizza “Chef Boyardee” ☠️☠️😂

Brock : Where's the 4K camera??

Mrbink01 : Anybody else find it odd they needed subtitles for Rodman?

Cam Heikkinen : One nibble everybody knows the laws.

Sarah E : One bite of pizza brings world peace, everyone knows the rules ✌🏽🍕✌🏽

Joe Kobus : Top 10 for sure

billistics : See, Dennis shows up, unlike other pros...

WISDOM vs knowledge : Davey P is like a schoolgirl in luv!

Anthony Lamoureux : 2:58 gotcha bitch.

SuperStormking : One sexually infected guest everyone knows the worm

Mr. Nicholas Leporno : Doing big time pizza reviews everyone knows the rules

Bluray Frank : He knows the best human sliced pizza in North Korea.

Spencer Young : Everyone hates on Rodman til they see him in person.

Eroom Nibroc : Oh god.... one sexual assault everybody knows the rules

tRapdontRap : 6'8 built like a line backer

Ethan Olson : One bite, everybody knows the rules

Ed Wu : I wish Rodman was still in the NBA

jere419 : One mentally unhinged bull everybody knows the rules

Bobby Belle : I was hoping the camera would pan to the crowd! Next time!

Scott Martin : What is Rodman doing for a living nowadays?


echardcore : There is no disguise for rodman

Ogre Shaman : All Dave's parts are thick

Vanessa XO : didn’t Frankie do Frankie boys a while back in a review