Barstool Pizza Review - Frankie Boy's with Special Guest Dennis Rodman

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Casey Jones : 2 mentally unstable guys with coke habits everybody knows the rules

Based Jason : Did you guys get permission to film there?

Andrew W : Truth has it goodfellas is still feeling the wrath of El Presidente

the40yogamer : that pizza is still 4.8 times better than Goodfellas Distillery in Lexington, KY

Iuck be a lady : Lmao Dennis hit him with the "what about you"

george iovino : El pres with the Korean gang banger

Jack Shears : This Dennis guy is a real electric factory

Eroom Nibroc : Oh god.... one sexual assault everybody knows the rules

Brennan Bone : Yelp took down all the legitimate negative Goodfellas reviews. Call cousin Mike, we have collusion on our hands.

Bobby Biggzz : I bet Dennis Rodman slobbed Kim Jung’s knob.

nyquilnu : 6:34 Pres knows about dem big ol' wimmen in SA.

David McCaman : One re-education camp, everybody knows the rules.

Tyler Ferreira : Frankie gave this an 8.2 last year, watched them all just sayin

SSAngelusx7 : Oh shit that's what he was doing. I saw him on this day this was filmed on october 3rd.

butter myballs : One bite with our next president everyone knows the rules!

DIDDLE : Anybody else notice the Korean assassin @4:02

Mark Shurtliff : What if Dennis Rodman is responsible for preventing WWIII?

Brock : Where's the 4K camera??

TattooedJuggalo81 : According to #CNN sources.. Dave Portnoy tossed Dennis Rodman’s salad before this 🍕 review. Not sure how he’d be able to taste or rate pizza after that but he’s a professional I suppose. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Andres Sandoval : Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇲🇽 MAGA putos

Ethan Olson : MAGA

Bluray Frank : He knows the best human sliced pizza in North Korea.

Dinomite Gaming : #MAGA

Anthony Lamoureux : 2:58 gotcha bitch.

Everett Ingalls : Make Rodman the next UN Ambassador!

DJ W : Pres and the worm best friends

Louis Payan : El Pres needs to bang a celebrity, I suggest Ellen degenerate!!!🐇🦃

Thomas Riley : 2:35 ”Bae your embarrassing me”

Rawkstar : I'd like to see Dennis Rodman on hot one's lol

Tony, The Stark : Thanks for the subs. They were actually helpful!


matt sieg : Barstool sports sucks!

Martin Quin : It's rumored that Dennis has a footlong

Thomas Riley : 4:26 gtfo of the review dude

Young Ebitda : 2000 girls? lolol its well know rodman likes guys, i dnt get these in the closet types like let go be free bro

Yosrick Alvarez Avalos : interesting guest, i want you to try rivolis pizza on 7 ave, btw 11th st and perry st. And if you really want quality in pizza go to romas pizza in nj, north bergen.

Ethan Olson : One bite, everybody knows the rules

London Taylor : Damn Prez, you just know how to pull them out the bag, don't you lol

Rob : Sucks OneBite is somehow tied into politics. What a shame.

bmo17 : No height warning?

Justin Day : He missed the star of “double team” with Jean Claude Van Damme

Ogre Shaman : All Dave's parts are thick

Indy Kalia : Pres looking slick with Rodman but who is the bigger freak! One freak, everyone knows the rules!

Mrbink01 : Anybody else find it odd they needed subtitles for Rodman?

jere419 : One mentally unhinged bull everybody knows the rules

billistics : See, Dennis shows up, unlike other pros...

Matthew Soldano : someone explain what happened at the end. Did a girl from the peanut gallery declare she was his ting from back then from san antonio and Rodman said "Laura used to be my lil girl over there huh"

Matt Censullo : Kim Jong Ill's friend just evaluated pizza on Barstool Sports.... legendary! And so not cool.

DIDDLE : Dave super depressed that Rodman’s numbers are 3000. Imagine that. Holy shit. 3 in a weekend during my prime. That was it.

Rawkstar : I wish Rodman would just just the hat and glasses once in awhile, He's always hiding lol