Barstool Pizza Review - Frankie Boy's with Special Guest Dennis Rodman

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Based Jason : Did you guys get permission to film there?

Andrew W : Truth has it goodfellas is still feeling the wrath of El Presidente

the40yogamer : that pizza is still 4.8 times better than Goodfellas Distillery in Lexington, KY

Casey Jones : 2 mentally unstable guys with coke habits everybody knows the rules

Iuck be a lady : Lmao Dennis hit him with the "what about you"

george iovino : El pres with the Korean gang banger

Eroom Nibroc : Oh god.... one sexual assault everybody knows the rules

UltraInstinctPepe : Eyyy this man, along with Trump, ended the Korean war. Gotta give props when they're due. Befriending dictators is hard bizznizz.

Brennan Bone : Yelp took down all the legitimate negative Goodfellas reviews. Call cousin Mike, we have collusion on our hands.

nyquilnu : 6:34 Pres knows about dem big ol' wimmen in SA.

Tyler Ferreira : Frankie gave this an 8.2 last year, watched them all just sayin

Bobby Biggzz : I bet Dennis Rodman slobbed Kim Jung’s knob.

Jack Shears : This Dennis guy is a real electric factory

David McCaman : One re-education camp, everybody knows the rules.

Ethan Olson : One bite, everybody knows the rules

TattooedJuggalo81 : According to #CNN sources.. Dave Portnoy tossed Dennis Rodman’s salad before this 🍕 review. Not sure how he’d be able to taste or rate pizza after that but he’s a professional I suppose. 🤷🏻‍♂️

SSAngelusx7 : Oh shit that's what he was doing. I saw him on this day this was filmed on october 3rd.

butter myballs : One bite with our next president everyone knows the rules!

Mark Shurtliff : What if Dennis Rodman is responsible for preventing WWIII?

Bluray Frank : He knows the best human sliced pizza in North Korea.

Mrbink01 : Anybody else find it odd they needed subtitles for Rodman?

Everett Ingalls : Make Rodman the next UN Ambassador!

Ethan Olson : MAGA

Brock : Where's the 4K camera??

billistics : See, Dennis shows up, unlike other pros...

Rob : Sucks OneBite is somehow tied into politics. What a shame.

jere419 : One mentally unhinged bull everybody knows the rules

London Taylor : Damn Prez, you just know how to pull them out the bag, don't you lol

Thomas Riley : 2:35 ”Bae your embarrassing me”

Andres Sandoval : Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇲🇽 MAGA putos

bmo17 : No height warning?


Thomas Riley : 4:26 gtfo of the review dude

Matthew Soldano : someone explain what happened at the end. Did a girl from the peanut gallery declare she was his ting from back then from san antonio and Rodman said "Laura used to be my lil girl over there huh"

DJ W : Pres and the worm best friends

Dinomite Gaming : #MAGA

DIDDLE : Anybody else notice the Korean assassin @4:02

Louis Payan : El Pres needs to bang a celebrity, I suggest Ellen degenerate!!!🐇🦃

Matt Censullo : Kim Jong Ill's friend just evaluated pizza on Barstool Sports.... legendary! And so not cool.

DIDDLE : Dave super depressed that Rodman’s numbers are 3000. Imagine that. Holy shit. 3 in a weekend during my prime. That was it.

Justin Day : He missed the star of “double team” with Jean Claude Van Damme

Martin Quin : It's rumored that Dennis has a footlong

Indy Kalia : Pres looking slick with Rodman but who is the bigger freak! One freak, everyone knows the rules!

Live Free : All Dave's parts are thick

RA RA RETARD : Hopefully goodfellas is shut down!!

Mikey Slice : Wanna pizza me? Let’s play some games together!

adalaza : they got good pizza in the DPRK?

Sol FH : Portnoy not liking the worm. Justified. Great suit. Dapper n shit. Mumbles Rodman

jim : I'd love to see you guys review Nuzzaci's in Monessen, PA. I grew up eating there, but haven't been in the area for almost 20 years. It used to be amazing - deep dish style but not a pizza soup like Chicago style.

Reachingout : Damn Rodman seems a lot more intelligent than I thought he was