Barstool Pizza Review - Frankie Boy's with Special Guest Dennis Rodman

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Mark Shurtliff : What if Dennis Rodman is responsible for preventing WWIII?

Raven Seibert : legends

Raven Seibert : awesome stuff portnoy!!

Beast As Myself : Biblical

Tony, The Stark : Thanks for the subs. They were actually helpful!

Casey Jones : 2 mentally unstable guys with coke habits everybody knows the rules

ddas adfassaf : One Korea, everybody knows the rules

aaa : Most awkward one yet.

Pete & Pete : I don’t know who I hate more

joemoneytaker1 : Davey is star struck but don't blame the guy 👍

Brennan Bone : Yelp took down all the legitimate negative Goodfellas reviews. Call cousin Mike, we have collusion on our hands.

David Heller : What his hat say?

wetballer24 : Johnson Dildo

Eric Cerminara : The Korean flag in the back .. ICONIC

Juan Torres : So we are just going to ignore that he called the pizza “Chef Boyardee” ☠️☠️😂

Andres Sandoval : Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇲🇽 MAGA putos

Virgochic84 : I will say he's not as horrible as I would have thought

fishgrz125 : Let me tell ya sumthin...Let me tell ya sumthin...Let me tell ya sumthin!!!!

ONE lick Rick : 2-3000 thats all??


DJ W : Pres and the worm best friends

Cojbran : Ayyy

Joseph Pembroke : rodman the goat

Young Ebitda : 2000 girls? lolol its well know rodman likes guys, i dnt get these in the closet types like let go be free bro

tdawg719 : He should have asked if the hottest chick he ever banged was famous or just a nobody

Iuck be a lady : Lmao Dennis hit him with the "what about you"

tRapdontRap : 6'8 built like a line backer

Moshunman : WHERE THE HELL DO I GET THIS SHIRT????????????????????

Ed Wu : I wish Rodman was still in the NBA

Tom Trezza : anyone else notice how excited Dave got when Rodman knew that he was from Boston lmao

the40yogamer : that pizza is still 4.8 times better than Goodfellas Distillery in Lexington, KY

Rawkstar : I'd like to see Dennis Rodman on hot one's lol

Rawkstar : I wish Rodman would just just the hat and glasses once in awhile, He's always hiding lol

Caeden Emerald : Such a creepy pervert

Underwear Taker : This guy is from Boston and he’s a Jew. He should be reviewing potatoes not pizza. Only New Yorkers, New jersians, and people from Italy should be giving reviews on pizza. This guy is a straight up clown

David McCaman : One re-education camp, everybody knows the rules.

adalaza : they got good pizza in the DPRK?

Reachingout : Damn Rodman seems a lot more intelligent than I thought he was

MajorMomentMedia : the owners son Carlo said he is going to cut your brake lines ! careful with your driving.

Scott Martin : What is Rodman doing for a living nowadays?

Bluray Frank : He knows the best human sliced pizza in North Korea.

Chester Puffington : Rodman seems like a dude who is totally cool.


Cam Heikkinen : One nibble everybody knows the laws.

Jose Castillo : This channel should be much bigger. I've been binging the pizza reviews and love the content, but they're pulling only like 30k views per vid with 180k subs. Still bringing all these big names tho. How does he hook up with all these people?

Based Jason : Did you guys get permission to film there?

Spencer Young : Everyone hates on Rodman til they see him in person.

jim : I'd love to see you guys review Nuzzaci's in Monessen, PA. I grew up eating there, but haven't been in the area for almost 20 years. It used to be amazing - deep dish style but not a pizza soup like Chicago style.

CardinalKaos : Lol fuckin dennis.....ridiculous

Englewood Frank21 : Based W O R M