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Samir Zaheer : The Drummer is king !!!

Doug K : I don’t think a lot of people understand something crucial and that’s the fact foo fighters has 3 guitarists and the warning has 1 so it’s gonna be hard to get the full sound and in my opinion they still rock keep it up

Timothy Goodman : No guitar. The stripped down sound is free. No clutter. No lazy. What they play is it! She is handling both lead and rhythm very well. Forces bass to play up the neck and melodically...I could go on and on. Why can’t people just sit back and enjoy instead of trying to find some shortcoming. I hope these young women stick together for a long while. All good stuff just as it is.

Daniel Maldonado : Damn, is the drummer Dave Grohl's daughter!?!? she plays as intensely as he does!!

Neuza Dhungana : Drummer is insane she is the most important part of this band

Juan Ignacio Marderwald : . Bien por unas pibas que se tiran a hacer rock y no escuchan el Fucking quemador de cerebros reggaeton!!! Excelente cover, genias :)

Héctor Herrera Camacho : Qué forma de ponerle sentimiento lml

Walter Ferres : I don't know what it is about this song but it's my all time favorite Foo Fighters song and something about it's rawness just give me chills. These girls are freaking awesome.

Ramon Reis : Problally, the dislikes, are from the girls who spected you would to play something like lady gaga... Perfect! I am in love for guitarrist. Fan #1 Kisses perfect girls!

Alejandro Garcia : Que poder tiene ese niña en la batería *-*

Angel I. Martinez : The drummer is insanely badass!!!

Andrew Burns : how the F*** I am I just now descovering this band. You girls can shred.

James Hartsing : These girls are awesome. Just purchased the CD. Hope that you do too to support them. I watched the Foo fighter's video of this song. I like The Warning version better!!!

Italo Menezes : the bass player is better than the original LOL !!! this is Rock N Roll

Samuel C : They need a rhythm guitarist. And their sound would be complete.

ElmosWelt101 : Two and a half years later they are going to release the 2 album (plus the EP). Those covers are great, but their own songs are even better! Bright future for Rock!

Sergio Cortes : tienen talento y actitud es todo lo que se necesita

eOeS : Watch the TEDx Talks they did, I will link it below. Not only was their performance amazing but their stage presence was extremely professional. Each member addressed the audience, shared their history and feelings on music. They are so humble and dedicated to who they are and what they want to accomplish as artists. Some people are referred to musicians, those people that can play an instrument. Artists are those who breathe music and express it however they can. Not only do they play the instruments you see in this video but they all can play the piano and the guitarist Daniela also plays the saxophone and they all sing. You could probably put them in a room with three random instruments and it wouldn't take long for each to choose one and begin to learn to play it. Extremely excited to watch them not only grow as a band but as a family as well.

RISE BEFORE ENDING : Congrats your lucky band cause foo fighter has been cover your song

Raining Insanity : I think the drummer stands out the most

BgJak073 : "And so came the revival of the voice of Rock-n-Roll." Not from record companies, and corporations, but from the mouths of babes. On a mountain, in a land far, far away........ \m/ - - \m/ was reborn. So let it be written. let it be told. ~~~~Angels wings~~~~

countrysamurai : OMG...I absolutely loved this! As a die hard Rocker for many many years...the girls ROCK! Well done... And the best part? No shitty music in sight or rap. I can see that Rock is alive and well. Thank you...there is truly hope for humanity. You have restored my faith in music. They are all very good but that drummer just kills it. And they are all way cute. (And that is a good thing)

BRSVTZK : *Just discovered their music today, watching every video I can find. It's just amazing to see the evolution of their skills*

Joaquin Esteban Contreras : mi sobrina Abigail las ama ella tiene 7 años pero adora a Alejandra ella es su inspiración sueña con ser como ella.

luzanime_edits : The drummer killed it

Paolo Maldonado : Si este es su empiezo la musica esta en buenas manos... Me encanta como rompe la bateria!!

jwcinc12 : fantastico. I check in every day and listen. WOW. I have loved this song for years, and this version is so great!

Robson Trindade : Like like like like like like

pedro chacon : All three are great!!! How they are, are the perfect mix. They are a great group with a bright future. Don’t stop keep rocking and rolling. 👍🏼👍🏼

Ben J : It's cute how the bass is way too big for her


B Real : So I'm like...OK another girl band....yeah....not so much....these ladies are killing it. DON'T EVER STOP

Michelle Stump : any news on Foo Fighters watching this? I know they had Cherry Bomb on tour with them, bit, to be honest, these three girls blow Cherry Bomb out of the water.

Julieta Candelaria Carrizo Gallo : Unas genias


Edgard Ferrer : Please, people, they don't need a second guitar...just shut up and enjoy the music. BTW, ask Led Zeppelin, Cream, Hendrix, and/or other great bands to add another guitar.....

Dj Wolfville : mad mad mad props. that drummer killed it!!!:) (she was amazing)

Martin Vítek : Hey Girls, send it to Dave. I think, he will send congratulation back to you. And if not, I do. Thank you, Marťas (Czech Republic)

delvert : you need a second guitarrist for this kind of songs :)

Paul Mergel : Hey if you think they do covers good , then check out their new record and videos from it , they absolutely kill it !!! My favorite band from here out. P.s check out at atlas rise , a metallic cover which is better than the original!!

Chris Jones : That Drummer has got serious skills

Mileva013Tv : This is for me the best cover for You Tube's Foo Fighters. Compliments. :)

al mantonya : Those girls killed it. The drummer stole the show. The lead singer reminds me of Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. Does anybody else get that?

BitsyTheNinja : I love their vocals. They remind me of Cristina Scabbia a bit and these girls are still growing into their voices so they could sound even better one day.

carson poop11 : to those 2k who disliked, you have no sole. these girls and the Foo fighters are awesome

Solartec Seguridad Industrial Jose Teran : YO QUIERO UNAS HIJAS ASI :´(

DAG : And so it all began... inspiration to us all #TheWarning

Steve mcDonnell : I have watched this video at least 50 times and I just noticed that Pau has the Drum Works label on her bass but that drum kit is her old Yamaha's

D. Roth : One of the best covers i've ever seen! Awesome girls!

Edu Ardo : my new band, i love girls...