Retarded Policeman #1: Hi

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Jayden Winter : This brings back great memories of days when youtube was just for uploading hilarious videos... and cat videos

kudjo24 : ah the good old days of youtube. SJWs of today can't handle.


bloodlucky : i always thought the intro said "he is a cop and hes learning to care" i just realized its "learning impaired" and now i am laughing a shitload

Joe m : ah 2007 was a simpler time

Willhasnofriends : Imagine how triggered people would be if they made this in 2016

Sarah Eades : I remember i used to watch this as a kid

CDubbs99 : before PC was out of hand it was okay to make stuff like this and laugh at it. I miss the old youtube.

neocanuck : "I had a puppy named Adolf. He had kittens!" I laughed way harder at that than I should have.

BamItzJam : I got to this from searching "hi"

Growlo : God I remember watching this when I was 7... the memories...

Silent Gaming : First watched this when I was 7 now I'm 16 wow nostalgia

Iambic Pentameter : Many people nowadays would be offended by this... ...that makes this twice as funny.

Trace Riddle : Back when everyone wasn't so sensitive

G Ks : That's the smartest cop I've seen

Ryan Demboski : sigh i miss the early 2000s

Aryanna De Maria : i had a puppy and it had kittens

Kim DeBoer : I was 8 when this came out and now I'm almost 17 oh my god

Vicol Andrei : The policeman looks like it has down syndrome. Man, shit's going down!

mallarysangel : When this first aired I was a drug interdiction officer seeking primarily meth and coke out of Mexico through Texas. I hated writing tickets and was reprimanded often for not doing so. Sometimes traffic was too light for drug mules, so I stopped people for equipment violations just to let them know about it so they wouldn't get a ticket from another officer. I started asking them "can I go now" at the end of the stop because of this video. It made so many people laugh. Other times I would ask for a good cop joke. I would tell people that were being friendly if they could tell a good one and make me laugh that I'd let them go. They knew I was going to anyway. My favorite was a girl that asked the difference between a cop car and and elephant? On the cop car the trunk is on the back and the asshole is in the front. I really enjoyed meeting good people.

smokeysfc : ah the best days of youtube when content was funny and people got paid even if it was adult content instead of this lets cotton wrap everyone world we live in today

Russian Bastard : he looks like mentally disabled person

David S : perfect example of how police abuse their authority smh... they're lucky they weren't black

FragFag : who here typed hi

TheOriginalUtube : This is a part of my child hood, back when YouTube was actually good. Now it's full of shitty famous ass people doing mainstream things. There a new good you tubers, but it will never be the same. A user since '05 and a member since '08. Great memories.

TopHatCobra : Not PC Bro! This is so insensitive to the world!! This is what's wrong with America! So un PC Bro!!! UN PC to the MAX bro!!!!

SDKilltacular : Wow, this takes me back xD

Ben Lash : seems...rather offensive, really... yeah this is wrong

Echo gummy - : WHOS WATCHING IN 2017

Joshua Brint : Wait a second, this is from 2007?? This was made two years after I was born😂

matty boy : hes acting


Damnit Chewy : How did i not know about this way before?

VC 23 : 2018 anyone?


J W : God the nostalgia

Fenton Simon : Lol I got hear from typing hi

Zak Bagans : bless his heart

bob saget : They could have made these so much funnier considering he's actually a re-re but they decided to keep it PG and make it so it's almost impossible to laugh at because of how un-funny it is.

Weasley's Got Himself a Howler : I’ve been looking for this everywhere.

Kack Jelly : Oh man I remember this!

Dylan Ray Stone : I watched this with a straight face the whole time.. Does that mean I have a case of being an adult??? 😫😭 I used to bust up at this as a kid!

Jerry Hanrahan : If this was uploaded today it would be attacked by SJWs

Ultra Instinct Boneless : Am I really this old?

Jack Belz : October 2017??

SingerNation Studios : When YouTube was young and not shit so many memories

Michael Dude : ahhh classic. I miss this kind of humor sooo much...

Wendy Mohr : Officer Barbrady in live action

Conner McNeil : 10 years old, I used to watch these when I was little

Private Account : He seems smarter than all cops in 2017. In 2017 cops are useless.