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Comments from Youtube

futbolpunk : Is it a sail sale?

Joel Labahn : Hello ChirsCautious, I am a producer for Daily Blast Live and love this video! Would you mind if DBL shares this video with our audience, with credit of course. Requesting for digital and broadcast. Thanks!

garrett bolton : Quality meme

Sebastiaan Van Der Kock : Quality content.

Wino Guy : Perfect!

Craggle : Genius

Wampor : :D

EpicDonutDude : reminds me of the older memes

Stench Trench : Sup, Reddit.

sally greenbush : SALE!

Jaylin the memer : Sale

SuperIronDan : Das good shit

det Bits : I dig.

Kirill G. : This is hilarious, wtf is it with all the thumbs down?

potato psoas : If I were the owner of a retail store I'd play this song all day if there was a sale on.

John Jeffries : Worst Music Kit in CS:GO

Virdeo : watched the video, thought nice sync with the music then realised it sounded like he was saying SALE and the SALE on the red baloon