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DoubleDee761 : First 10 seconds sync so perfectly you'd think it was actually moving to the music

futbolpunk : Is it a sail sale?

EpicDonutDude : reminds me of the older memes

garrett bolton : Quality meme

Kirill G. : This is hilarious, wtf is it with all the thumbs down?

Virdeo : watched the video, thought nice sync with the music then realised it sounded like he was saying SALE and the SALE on the red baloon

Stench Trench : Sup, Reddit.

SuperIronDan : Das good shit

Sebastiaan Van Der Kock : Quality content.

potato psoas : If I were the owner of a retail store I'd play this song all day if there was a sale on.

Wino Guy : Perfect!

sally greenbush : SALE!

Craggle : Genius

Jaylin meme specialist : Sale

Wampor : :D

det Bits : I dig.