5 Camera Tricks for Cheapskates

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EpicDonutDude : that magnifying glass is actually such a genius idea

Tyler Cheeseman : Eat your heart out, Peter McKinnon!

HULIO : *buys cart full of butter at store*

Zachary Alicandro : Watch out, Casey Neistat. You're about to have a bunch of competition coming from down under.

loek vossen : my god the third tip cracked me up

MiSta BlackJack : After the pond thing and this... You seem to have a lot of cameras to spare...

chipmonk434 : Fact. If you butter your surfaces entirely before filming, you can lay the camera right on the surface for a lower angle shot.

Пётр Еблан : my nuts deflated when you spilled that beer

EpicChubs05 : excellent and funny video mate

pete.m : You, sir, are a genius. Don't ever stop being you.

Uchw : I will learn from you brother

anime girl : thanks will share with my fish

Brady Broderick : Lol you a funny dude. Thx

Zephyr Armstrong : These are incredible :)

Cinecom.net : LOVE THIS! And that drum part!! 😂

Speedbrake : 1:06 you forgot something

박정현 : what a great idea lol😁😂😂😂

sector9films : Luv seeing strayans do good but

GadMas : Love Tip 4 ^^

yentlcloud : Needs music

Kaylee Reindeer : 3:04

Najmie Films : When you showed the kid being pushed on the floor I burst out laughing lol

alexbezdicek : that was very funny

Techno Babble : You're still biting your nails....

Richard Payne : Didn't they use the butter slider trick in Last Tango in Paris?

sarcasmo57 : Once you buy your first balaclava all of you other balaclavas are free.

Cook, You Bastards! : Just imagine the shots you could get with a buttered rat!

GumiBear : Tried to use the magnifying-glass trick on myself to get drunk. Gained short-sight. 10/10

S_I_M_O_N S_A_Y_S : That Coopers stout got me thirsty.

Daniel Pinkney : Is that a slackline in the garden at the end?

Raquel Garcia : this is the best channel on youtube.

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