Squishing an entire loaf of bread and trying to eat it

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After posing a question in the No Stupid Questions subreddit, I was compelled to try to squish an entire loaf of bread and eat it. This is the video. Reddit Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/aou8r6/what_would_happen_if_i_squished_an_entire_loaf_of/


burnzy3210 : "oh wow i'm really excited to get my new vice.... but what should i do with it first"

Stone Fritz : who let this mans pop off like this???

Spiral The Quantum Slime : b r e a d

Sashapxx 521 : I thoroughly enjoyed watching this thank you

colorbones : Someone had to do this thank you for doing this for science

Slenderbot : i saw this on reddit, pretty cool

Windows 7 : MadLad

Jakasaurus : velcome to ze hydrolic press channel, and to dey we are gonna clush dis loaf of bread. until next time fanks for watching and hav a nice dey.

Accidentally Fasting : Bagels next?

Gnautical Gnome : Oh yeah yeah

Traevyn : First