WTF Japan! INSANE messages in Japanese lobby

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G1 Smokescreen : That's like fortune cookie stuff there. But I'm with you there, WTF? 🤔

Scally Cowell : Doesn’t seem so insane to me, rather sobering if not just challenging. Uncomfortable truths expressed through tongue in check. I dig it.

Adventures by George : Seems like something out of "They Live." There are a couple of good ones: "Push yourself to the limit as often as possible," "Fear is the greatest incapacitator," "Humor is a release," "Keep something in reserve for emergencies." Very weird, I'd be curious to know who came up with those and why...

TV Computer : the writing comes from Jenny Holzer ... i have determined by googling some of the phrases, her writings and tweets it seems. creepy weird stuff in this television's opinion.

PAPPY 40 : It’s for people to think I get your attention when you meat expect it People will smears tell the truth behind s mask Letting go is power

Jacki B : 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 oh okay that's a thing

Noreena Cox : How bloody strange! Lol 😂

TacoBellChell : If I found something like this in the wild I would be terrified. I love it, thanks for sharing.

Shiki Ryougi : Yandere?

sup ninja : jenny holzer

Rebel Red : Wow this is up there with the Georgia Guidestones for creepy random weirdness! Great find Scott & friend

Amanda Kondolojy : That font change got me s h o o k

Sister Discordia : that is awesome. oddly a lot of it made sense.

MoviemaniaNick : Exactly! WTF?! LOL

Ebin Delgado : wisdom + bizzare = japan, and i love it

Amber Pervez : That was the strangest and most ( moderately ) terrifying 8+ min of my Tuesday😱😱

Roger Finney : Also they're in alphabetical order.

Joe : Lobbies are waiting rooms for hell

Nekoback : Whats the name of the building?

Julie Hart : Wow. I bet a lot of people in the building can't even read that, or don't even look at it. I would go to a higher up who works there and fill them in on it.

Salamander Rio : Nice find 🙆‍♀️

king : this is so creepy ....

Roger Finney : Whoever made those texts isn't responsible for them because they're clearly insane.

Chrissy LN : Wow, I have nothing!

Ian V. Raybeck : I need this in my house. It’d be a good way to test the strength of my guests - to see what they can stomach.

coasterzigner : I want to know all the phrases!