The Untold Truth Of Jay And Silent Bob

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Looper : Which Kevin Smith movies would you like to see us do a feature on next?

Falo : Now i feel like watching Dogma.

SOLIDSNAKES35 : Gotta respect Smith, he stuck by his boy every step of the way.

peterwm234 : I love Seth Green, but him replacing Jay would have been a national tragedy.

Necroglobule : I am so happy Jason Mewes was able to get clean and stay clean.

TheZelda360 : 15 bucks little man put that shit in my hand

Winston Bush : and the best friend ever award goes to Kevin Smith.

Kim BlaQue : Kevin Smith is a great friend

J Lee : Saddest part is that someone out there thinks Seth Green is "bankable".

Procrastination Productions : The "untold truth" that was basically all already told before by Kevin smith and Jason not really untold more like summarized.

Prisoner Zero : They look an awful lot like Blunt Man and Chronic. It's uncanny!

John B : I am the clit commander

Justin Thorn : It just wouldn't have been right if Seth Green was playing J thank God that never happened

Joe Masters : 15 bucks, little man Put that shit in my hand

OrgyAtMyPlaceNOW : do " The Real Reason we don't hear from Paul Walker anymore"

Mr Ahhsum : Best way to stop smoking cigarettes? Pot. That's a valid message haha

Cass Ann : Never really cared for Kevin smith but after hearing how her never gave up on his buddy he's earned my respect. That shows a mans real character.

handicapitation : Crazy, I have a story that's almost exactly the same. I have a friend that looks like Jason Mewes, he was addicted to heroin and I did everything for him trying to get his life straight. Even more weird, my name in Kenneth Smith. Only difference is I'm not a movie director and my friend is in prison for a really long time. Probably the best thing for him, cuz I couldn't help that dude.

Bickety Bam : What sort of tracer doesn't love Kevin Smith's movies?

Martin J Cooney : Couldn't imagine Mallrats without Jay Mewes; He and Jason Lee really made that film. One of the best in the 90's

GGomar007 : Seth Green over Jay, wtf were they smoking?

Dan Burke : "Dogma" was not the next Jay & Silent Bob movie after "Mallrats". "Chasing Amy" came after "Mallrats", but before "Dogma". Even though they appeared in just one scene, it's still part of the Askewniverse, and Silent Bob literally said more words in that scene than all the other Jay & Silent Bob movies combined.

Deuz197 : 4:30 he married a child? that's sick

Patrick Williamson : Kevin is a great friend and most likely he loves him as if he was his own brother.

Gus Scott : First two facts are wrong They werent best friends growing up. (4 years difference in age) Kevin met Jay when he was 15/16 and jay talked like he does in the movies. On meeting jay a year or two later he had calmed down the banter. Kevin had to encourage the revival of Jays patter. (interview with kevin smith)

Pizza : Am I just stoned or did this video not even mention Jay and Silent bob strikes back?

KimDahl77 : How old was the child that Jay married?

noge : As much as I dislike Kevin Smith's personality in non-acting appearances, and his elitist neckbeard rabid fanbase, it's commendable that he stuck by and tried to actively help Mewes throughout his addiction. That's a friend right there.

TheSpanishzombie : Imagine that douche seth green as jay, ugh

ozzyintexas : Kevin Smith. What good friend, never gave up trying to help Jason. Addiction is a disease, not always a choice.

Woolly : Snoogens

trc2rockon : I've actually met both these actors. Terrific guys the both of them, especially Kevin.

brianmed521 : I actually met jay. He's actually very approachable and friendly!

MrSimpson400 : So when you say 'untold story' you mean, a mix of already told stories

David KORESH : If they would've had Seth green instead of Jason playing Jay.I would've completely killed Jay and silent Bob

DD Podcast Network : How is this the untold truth Kevin Smith talks about this stuff all the time

Chesterette : The Told-To-Death Story of Jay & Silent Bob!

Just A Guy : Chasing Amy was the next movie after Mallrats. THEN came Dogma.

Phil T : All of these facts are in the series "an evening with Kevin smith" and all its sequels. Kevin smith essentially does stand up and tells cool stories. Good job regurgitating someone's story and putting your name on it, looper.

troy barnhouse : so glad they didn't use Seth green. that dude isn't funny at all.

Marie Sally : Kevin Smith is the definition of a true friend 😌😌😌

Reggaetonaldo : Can't wait for Clerks 3

endorbr : Untold? Kevin Smith and Jason Mews have both told these stories about a million times over the years.

Mach1ne Gunnar : Kevin Smith is my dad and Mark Hamill is my step dad

N0T0FTHIS EARTH : "The fat one is watching the skinny one"


SHAME : There's no untold truth left about these two funny f***ers. Kevin will tell you everything you will ever wanna know. Lol

HaSTe_CM : love jay and silent bob! hats off to Smith for not giving up on his friend because most of us would have turned our back on Jay if we were put on that situation.. well maybe not all of us but lets be honest

SuperTyrannical1 : We could all do with a friend like Smith in our lives :)

speez71rm : that degrassi next generation thing happened cuz KS had a huge crush on an actress, and agreed to do it if he got to kiss her, which he did, of course. Can't argue with him, cuz she's hot.