Joe Lycett - Buying a House in London

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Official Regina George : Looooove Joe 😂 I want him to be my friend, funny guy and love his delivery

Sam Pagett : At the start, I thought he said that he had a waitress and an Audi :P

Silver0Tree : The problem with Joe Lycett on YT is once you've seen one you just keep watching more and more, he's as bad as kittens lol

iamdb1990 : I live near Lewisham lol

Ropsana Khanom : I’m so glad this came up on my recommended 🤣

Lui : Reminds me of James Vietch’s work 😂

Kathleen Ambrose : My cat Sam Clark asked if you could say hello to Samantha Peterson. He says she's a bit of a fox.

JohnPaul Dixon : Yeah I'm sure Joe could afford a house in London.

Looped Fruit : Comic genius!

TheTaterTotP80 : Nowt wrong with a squirrel enjoying his dinner.

Gemma : This was hilarious!!!!

Charlotte Goldcaution : Love Lycett

SahanTheMighty : He is so wonderful. One my favourites!

Brydon Sinclair : I love Joe's email tirades!

Izzy 666 : Big up lewisham

vicki scaglione : So talented.

Azmyth Kaminski : Interesting, did Joe come first or James Veitch...? Joe is much lower tech

Sloan A : james veitch got taller and camper

Akshay Vasant : Have the Nigerians outsourced their email frauds to India now, in favour of cheap labour and better English? Have we become that popular and cheap that we have undercut the Nigerians at their own fraud schemes. So chuffed about that one. xx

El Gefé : Am i the only one who spotted that Cock-ring necklace Joe was wearing?


TotallyAwwwesome : Brilliant

Bastien Merindol : Glorious

Donna Sumner : Sounds too much like Julian Clary

alex hancock : Brings on constipation. Ghastly gags.

kernell32bcn : Hilarious! It reminded me of one James Vitch routine.

chf gbp : Lewisham s a dump. :). No joke though.


Tancred de Beaumanoir : I had a few london colleagues up to our birmingham office for the day. I drove them to a local pub for lunch in Edgbaston and they were shocked at all the big houses, parkland, trees etc. How I laughed....

Natalie Humphries : That’s not even that bad In the place I live, if you buy a house for £1’000’000 (a million), it’s normally for like a 2 bedroom house.

Ben Gamer : Brilliant, but kind of stole James Veitch’s gag there...

TheGodParticle : Lmao! Love it

Dax Hallman : 5:09 Brother and Sister. Look at the eyes (eyebags). Look at the teeth. Prove me wrong.

J : I wouldn't WANT to buy a house in Londonistan.

Alyssa Caver : But did he get the money

IZ0JUB : He is so funny...................

robert bertie : i guess the scam is making everyone think his email stories are 100% real

Crazy Life : Freakin waster scammers!!!

mrcwinky : Awesome

Mignonne Busser : This guy is so funny!

Prestiged Pig : I didn’t get the accent. I was born better.

Eli Cohen : What’s funny?

IWillYouLove : Jesus I would marry this man

Cody Hobbs : Observe population musician trleii rule flip scared mountain.

Mrs Highly Antisocial Smith : I can do one better. I _now_ live in Birmingham. Believe it or not, it's an upgrade. I was raised in-- I say raised, (as if there was any parenting involved whatsoever). Let me try that again, after having the misfortune of flopping out my alcoholic mothers, VD infesting flap hole, I miraculously didnt die of stupidity and co-existed within the cesspool better known as "Redditch".