Thor Vs Hulk but with Ed, Edd n Eddy sound effects

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downward spiral : Eddy dies in infinity war

PBChoc : "That's my horse!"

Navesblue : 0:12 HAHAHAHAHA! XD You genius! That got me good!

Daniel Anderson : I about died when hulk sounded like an elephant

RPGerBlue13 : You dare mock the son of the All Father?!

Alex : "GET IT ON!"

ThunderSpeakVA : I am surprised how fitting this is and lol XD love it

F.A. B. : "what are ya, some kinda troll or somethin'?" accurate description of the hulk

Daysn Lucas : These videos with the Ed Ed N Eddy sound effects are a saving grace we needed. :)

WillDoesStuff : *h o l y m a c k r e l*

Wolfy Furry : The Real Loser and Always Will Be Kevin

Eduardo Flores : Thor: How dare you mock the son of an asgardain

MegaDon : SUALAWA!!


Pooty Poot : Hulk was born to be wild but the cage was too small

Sillyman Gaming : 0:31🤣

MegaMr46 : Thor portrayed by Eddy Hulk portrayed by Ed Loki portrayed by Kevin Grand Master portrayed by Rolf

Gold Prime : Suwlbala!

Poland Ball : 0:13 XD LOL

Catherine Diaz : I think this is it. My favorite video on the internet

Josuke Higashikata : ZUBITY WA

alexdowneaster 72 : Hahahaha brilliant

NewKingofControversy P Kelley. : One of the best

Venom Senpai : Can't hold in my laugh! (whistles) Ed, Edd n Eddy!

Furry Fox : “Ello!”

Hedgy Spiker : 0:43 DED

Default TM : 0:11 that whistle always gets me

Tyrick Maxwell : when I heard that sound on 0:44 I Collapse on the floor😂😂😂

menslady125 : Sweet!

Meela Wheatley : XDD

Michelle Lopez : Everyone must witness the beauty of this video 😂

The Ed Fanfic : _I was born to be wild_

Gold Prime : The yodeling killed me. XD!

Skellitor301 : These Ed Edd n Eddy sound videos are the best XD

SkipChylark : I demand more!

MR_SKULL_HAMMER : i like the old thumbnail better

Kill All Reptiles : *CHICKENN*

America's Most Unwanted : "I was born to be wild"

The Toonatic : Every time I watch these ed edd n eddy audio spoofs I wait in anticipation as to when I will hear the glorious news that is fubuwa.

palams7861 : The yodel won me over. It’s so oddly appropriate

Matthew Lopez : This is literally one of the best ones!😍

Daniel Lopez : Tried not to laugh...lasted 28 seconds, eddys scream haha

jordan Webb : Came for the sumo sound effect

aguy654 : Too short, give us the scene where Hulk throws him around like a ragdoll.

Littlebigwatcha : *_P R E P A R E F O R T H E A L M I G H T Y T H R E E S H O E B E A T I N G_*

Nam Kha : Plank dies in Infinity War

cerealbowl95 : CHICKEN!

Lil Knuckles : Aprobado por los latinos

Famine & Order : “ What are you, some kind of troll or something? “