The Indoor Generation by VELUX

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BARNEY ELO - Filmmaking Business, Tipps und mehr : That is such a great clip 👍 awesome job

Andrey Lebrov : This is so powerful. Well done!

Patrick : impressive!

Lucas Ren : I watched the whole ad.

Keto In The UK : this AD made me stand up and go open the conservatory door that I hadn't open yet today. Effective!

M00Nabove : I think the second or third add of my life which I deliberately looked up and watched again. Well done Velux marketing (or agency you employ).

Honzecki : That's why we have openable windows...

Santiago Munez : This kid is a natural born narrator.

Xander Wassenaar : This is in my opinion maybe one of the best ads I have ever seen because it all checks out....everything

Sudrex : 0:40 anyone else notice the sex scene?

Austen Summers : This ad inspired me to live outside. I am now homeless. Thank you Velux!

Loz : Fucking incredible ad. So incredible I had to search it to watch it again. Excited to see where this goes and how we can change

Randy MT : wow, i don't know if its just me but all the creative people involved in this commercial did a really good job. They were able to keep me interested in the commercial the entire time. Very good plot. It was so well executed all around that it even got me to stop what I was doing and start writing about it and that's very hard to do (i rarely comment on anything or care enough to do so). side note: although the demographic for this commercial is mainly geared towards current/future property owners it clearly sparks general social interest, rekindles environmental awareness, and could possibly pull young kids into having a conversation about this with their loved ones.

Jesus I. Villalba Sainz de Aja : Great new campaign! Eager to find out more of what we can do to improve our indoor living!

Sabrina Noman : Probably the first youtube ad ive watched till the end.

Sai Govind : This is a well-scripted video. What I am about to say might sound funny, but this is true. If we follow the way of our ancestors, we will be alright. Technology should only be to enhance our lives not to deter it. Even a small routine of standing out in the sun early in the morning for 10 minutes will refresh and activates you!

Pall : 3 min to say : "Open your windows duuuuude !" Also thoses retardes "This ad is great, so educational !" Idiocracy is now.

Cose da Mondo : Very educational video, thanks. But, I hope Velux banned toxic foam/silicone from its products and fixing.

The 468gamerguy : I went outside after watching this. Then I caught a disease and an eagle killed my dad

Alex Snkwz : This Ad is extremly good! I agree that this is a true problem of today's society. I really do not like any work environment in closed rooms with no view to the outside world, fresh air or experience of nature and just looking into screens - this is causing me to feel really bad. I try to be outside as often as possible in summer.

Leslie C : This video message is gold ! <3

Aidan the God : Open a window u poof

Tejaswi : The ad brought me here!

GalaxyFlower G : This is so true :> but it’s so sad for the animals though because animals never wanted to be here in the in doors and this video makes me feel so sad for the animals..

Keller weskier : Niel degrasse Tyson: I dont care about the adult of this generation. we already screwed up. im worried about the coming generation thats going to reach adulthood. they are the future. we already sealed our own generation's future.

Jonathan Bastien : Best ad ever. I was hooked.

Saimi Soininen : This is the best and most touching ad I've ever seen.


Ross Kaske : extremely gay

Giulio Vismara : Not many ads that I stop watching and share on facebook.

Damien Sarroze : This ad can be resume by saying "Open your windows"... but it such a great and beautiful ad, one of the best I've ever seen in my lifetime !

nigeq : anyone know the name if the music?

Markos Patsavoudis : Thats why i love cycling and trekking. thanks to my friend who brought me in this great video.

René Hernández : This an excellent campaing, congrats. More publicity like this, please.

hotline Miami : Are you saying we should become cavemen again? Not having to leave your house for a comfortable life isnt a bad thing. And we do leave our houses, noones indoors all the time.

Wendyn70 : these arguments xD What about source? I want to see the scientific studies...

Poké Dudes : I am watching this outside😐

Autumn Blossem : 0:41

Lucia&Alxssa Channel : 0:42 ...

dj shake : Masterpiece add ! Great job!

DeadPixel Design : I've watched this four times now, it's definately up there with the best advert I've seen, a true masterpiece. The narration, music and filming are all perfect. Superb job!

Gillis : Holy moly, this is something else

Shonne : I opened my windows while gaming. Thanks, now I have 5 flies stuck in my room. Does this make me healthier?

2000 : Wow.. I thought it was a movie trailer.

YensR : 1:32 This seems to imply that depression or seasonal affective disorder are modern things. They are not. We understand them better now, but they have been documented for hundreds of years and very probably have existed for thousands.

Jan Postl : This is how commecial suppose to be. Very nice and great message too.

deadly1010P : Amazing video. Great job. Yes it was an ad in another video, but watcved the whole thing.

Majid Akram : Very impressive first ever ad i loved it

suicune690 : I had chronic headaches and faint spells for years as a kid at one of the houses we lived in, and it turned out it was from was a carbon monoxide leak from our furnace.

8Rincewind : This is a very good ad. Most YouTube ads just annoy me but this one immediately caught my attention, so that right off the bat is impressive. Then you continued by telling a compelling story in an engaging way. This was supported by the fact that there's a lot of truth in what is said. It may seem a little patronising and a bit hippy-ish, but everything they said about the "Indoor Generation" is true. It was a little weaker at the end as (rightly so) you were just listing facts, important facts that do back up your claims, but they remove some of the immersion. I did feel slightly annoyed that you paint yourselves as "saviours". Acting like you're doing this out of charity and the goodness of your own heart; when really, as a business, your key motivator is still sales and profit. And the fact that this mild deception continued on your site, with slightly more transparency was also irritating. In this video you make it sound like your Windows will cure all those terrible conditions you mentioned, like asthma and allergies. I know you didn't say this explicitly, but it was how the narrative framed your Windows. I understand why you did that, all companies do. But I'd find your brand more appealing if it were framed in a more realistic manner. E.g. "The are lots of ways to reduce risk of asthma, good Windows and ventilation are one of them." "Studies show that spending time in the open or under natural sunlight can reduce feelings of depression. Purchase our windows to let more natural light into your life and thus giving yourself the best chance and feeling more free and happy in your own home." However I hope you continue to do things like this, and perhaps take it a step further. I'm willing to pay more to a company that engages with important issues and tries to spread knowledge or support change. I'm not at a time in my life where I can buy windows. But if I ever am I, Velux will stick in my mind as a good option. If you wish to continue to reach people like this I would recommend sponsoring seminars and stuff like that. Maybe you could have one of your representatives do a TED talk; an actual talk rather than an ad disguised as a talk. If you show yourselves to be experts using that kind of platform then people will trust your brand more.