When it's not your time to die...

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Mandalorian 2001 : who came from Michael Condrey

tatohead : Sorry to break it to you, it's fake Write-up is available at Snopes.com

Bekki Bedow : It's a model plane. :) But still pretty sweet special effect!

Michael Blue elephant : BUT STILL FUNNY

Europanmaniac : FAKE!

dinoatcharterdotnet : Hi Michael Condrey.

Michael Blue elephant : LOOKS SO FAKE

Meisterhämmerli : this pilot has so luck

dtfan2010 : not fake

Franz : That's what i call a pilot! 👏👍

Mad Marc : Yeah buddy !!! Now that's a flow state if I ever saw one !! Your the man !!

Jean-Michel Suder : FAKE

Monty Kay : awesome pure skilll

chipmunk : I can't tell which is more fake, the video or the 64 like's it has :S