Notorious B.I.G and Miley Cyrus - Party And Bullshit In The USA

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Lyrics: I was a terror since the public school era Bathroom passes, cuttin classes, squeezing asses Smoking blunts was a daily routine Since thirteen, a chubby nigga on the scene I used to have the tre` duce And the deuce deuce in my bubblegoose Now i got a mac in my knapsack Loungin' black, smoking sacks up in acts And sidekicks with my sidekicks rockin fly kicks Honeys want to chat But all we wanna know is "Where the party at?" And can i bring my gat? If not, I hope I don't get shot But i throw my vest on my chest 'Cause niggaz is a mess It don't take nothin' but frontin' For me to start somethin' Buggin' and barkin' at niggaz like i was duck huntin' Dumbing out, just me and my crew Cause all we wanna do is... And a Jay Z song was on And a Jay Z song was on (Chorus) So I put my hands up They're playin' my song The butterflies fly away Noddin' my head like 'Yeah' Movin' my hips like 'Yeah' I got my hands up They're playing my song I know I'm gonna be okay Yeah It's a Party in the USA Hugs from the honeys, Pounds from the roughnecks Seen my man Sei that I knew from the projects Said he had beef, asked me if I had my peice Sure do, two .22's in my shoes Holler if you need me love i'm in the house Roam and strollin' see what the honeys is about Moet popping, hoe hopping, ain't no stopping Big Poppa, I'm a BAD BOY Niggaz wanna front, who got your back? (BIGGIE!) Niggaz wanna flex, who got the gat? (BIGGIE!) It ain't hard to tell I'm the east coast overdoser Nigga you scared you're supposed to Nigga I toast ya, put fear in your heart Fuck up the party before it even start Pissy drunk, off the Henny and skunk Or some brand-nubian shit beatin' down punks! So I put my hands up They're playin' my song The butterflies fly away Noddin' my head like 'Yeah' Movin' my hips like 'Yeah' I got my hands up They're playing my song I know I'm gonna be okay Yeah It's a Party in the USA Bitches in the back looking righteous In a tight dress, i think i might just Hit her with a little Biggie 101, How to tote a gun And have fun with Jamaican rum Conversations, blunts in rotation My man Big Jacques got the glock in his waist and we're smoking, drinking, got the hooker thinking If money smell bad than this nigga Biggie stinking Is it my charm? I got the hookers eatin out my palm She grabbed my arm and said "Let's leave calm" I'm hittin' skins again Rolled up another blunt, bought a Heineken Niggaz start to loke out, a kid got choked out Blows was thrown and a fucking fight broke out [music] Can't we just all get along? So i can put hickies on her chest like Li'l Shawn Get her pissy drunk off of Don Perrignon And it's on, and I'm gone that's that. Party... And bullshit, and Party... And bullshit, and Party... And bullshit, and Party... And bullshit, and party and party I wrote these lyrics as i was listening to the song so forgive any mistakes.

Comments from Youtube

Ted Finnegan : Really gonna choose a picture of Miley wearing a UK flag shirt for a song mashing up party in the USA?

Arthur Tintagel : back when Miley Cyrus in a rap song was unimaginable 

Jake Spencer : I love this song more than any 39 year old white Canadian male should be allowed to.

Druid : Nice song... but if it's Party in the USA, why is she wearing a Union Jack?

Superstar Lawrence : I don't care what anybody say's this is Awesome lol

SKYF7LL : haha old 2009 vibes, this was my shit 5 years ago!

Joe - Gaming : when miley is singing biggie in the background sounds hilarious

AIRburst95 : This sounds incredibly natural...

Gwyndevere : Guys, this is a remix. Pls don't be unintelligent.

Red Acura : Hate miley but this is a sick mash up

First Last : This is what happens when you mix fried chicken and milkshakes Good job 👌🏾

Ray Smith : When did gay start meaning lame? Have you HEARD Elton John? Or Freddy Mercury?

TheCommunity : This is one of the best biggie mash-ups i have ever heard

Reneevee133 : this is my guilty pleasure. i love mashups

Ravenous Wolf : this mash-up wasn't made to disgrace biggie in any way! I hope every generation of music that comes in the future will do mash-ups with biggie. He was and always will be a legend.

Juan Sacchi : It's kinda sick how well these two songs work together.

Alexis Canario : "sure do 2 22s in my shoes"

John Ming : if u like this you'll love Biggie the Tank Engine

GravityTwelve : The verses work really well but the chorus wrecks it

HUgo Boss : Biggie Mashups always the best, cause Biggie sounds amazing over anything

CrimsonFury006 : Too bad that Miley Cyrus was 4 when Biggie Smalls was murdered :( I could imagine that this song would have kicked ass if both did perform it for real!

Geeelz- : Awesome mashup.

Andy Himself : This is the shit!! They played it at the club the other day and everyone loved it

Not A Meth Dealer : this is legit fire.

luzo0o0 : Would sound better with just the Party In The USA instrumental

Go Paolo : Sick song. Stop hating. If it wasn't Miley who sang this there'd be less haters

ujustgotpwned2008 : Could have called it Party in the Bullshit but okay. Great mashup though :)

Bloozbee : You're an unrecognized genius.

ibeleaf : you guys don't get it, the best part is that it's biggie and miley, it's funny. the look on peoples faces when you drive a big truck and have a huge beard....

JayJ : biggie would split her in two then smoke a big ol blunt in her honor

KnoxTN Yankee : Can't help but love Notorious BIG

ThoseMentalGuys : I forgot to add this to my music playlist lol

Room 111 Photography : This is really good. Awesome!

godxxofxxwar22 : Holy shitttttt! Such a nostalgic throw back to the high school days. Damn what I wouldn’t do to go back you feels me?! Lol 😥

Moses : 7/10 would bang this in my '76 Pinto on Crenshaw Blvd wearing blue.

pressrepeat2000 : Wow. Great mashup.

Sugar Chocolate Slim : This is the true gold that flows from the mountains. When a mashup is better than both of the originalz wholly god this the serious spandue shit up here right now.

James Levendoski : is how i discover most of my cool new music


Matt Potts : What the fuck is this doing in existance?!?!?!

ablestmage : No, it's free on BootieUSA, which is the original distributor =)

Tristen Riezinger : You do know it was a joke, right?

Miguel Duarte : Party and Bullshit still remains the classic shit and the best one, with no doubt

blake Stelter : Get u get this on itunes

5dirtyCubans : obvious troll is obvious, go home you're bad

Johnny Cumaoglu : i do not approve of the cigarette that is in Christopher Wallace's mouth. He is gonna die of cancer one day. It is a shame that the youth of America is resulting to the use of drugs because of some rappers. Thank god that miley cyrus is still apart of nickelodeon because if she wasnt she would probably be off doing drugs or something. ;D :) ;X #ih8droogz

MrBlindcat1 : Damn biggie can make anything good.

Alan Alfaro : I'm upset that someone made this

Paddy D : this will just about do me