Notorious B.I.G and Miley Cyrus - Party And Bullshit In The USA

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KEVTYO : Biggie's Flow so good it can be put on anything.

Ted Finnegan : Really gonna choose a picture of Miley wearing a UK flag shirt for a song mashing up party in the USA?

Druid : Nice song... but if it's Party in the USA, why is she wearing a Union Jack?

AccessDenied : Hate miley but this is a sick mash up

SKYF7LL : haha old 2009 vibes, this was my shit 5 years ago!

Gwyndevere : Guys, this is a remix. Pls don't be unintelligent.

Superstar Lawrence : I don't care what anybody say's this is Awesome lol

GravityTwelve : The verses work really well but the chorus wrecks it

Go Paolo : Sick song. Stop hating. If it wasn't Miley who sang this there'd be less haters

Joe - Gaming : when miley is singing biggie in the background sounds hilarious

AIRburst95 : This sounds incredibly natural...

TheCommunity : This is one of the best biggie mash-ups i have ever heard

Ravenous Wolf : this mash-up wasn't made to disgrace biggie in any way! I hope every generation of music that comes in the future will do mash-ups with biggie. He was and always will be a legend.

First Last : This is what happens when you mix fried chicken and milkshakes Good job 👌🏾

Spliffnut : biggie would split her in two then smoke a big ol blunt in her honor

Reneevee133 : this is my guilty pleasure. i love mashups

John Ming : if u like this you'll love Biggie the Tank Engine

will : So beautiful I crie

Juan Sacchi : It's kinda sick how well these two songs work together.

luzo0o0 : Would sound better with just the Party In The USA instrumental

Reczii : who is still listening to this in 2016

Timmy Turtles : Biggie smalls would not be proud of this

ibeleaf : you guys don't get it, the best part is that it's biggie and miley, it's funny. the look on peoples faces when you drive a big truck and have a huge beard....

Andy Himself : This is the shit!! They played it at the club the other day and everyone loved it

James Levendoski : is how i discover most of my cool new music

Chris Haave : Still come back and listen often. Such a good mix.

Sugar Chocolate Slim : This is the true gold that flows from the mountains. When a mashup is better than both of the originalz wholly god this the serious spandue shit up here right now.

ujustgotpwned2008 : Could have called it Party in the Bullshit but okay. Great mashup though :)

godxxofxxwar22 : Holy shitttttt! Such a nostalgic throw back to the high school days. Damn what I wouldn’t do to go back you feels me?! Lol 😥

SpringfieldArmory M14 : this is legit fire.

KnoxTN Yankee : Can't help but love Notorious BIG

CharlieFastHorseHD : So conflicted with this song.

pressrepeat2000 : Wow. Great mashup.

Andre Perelez : This was my SHIT in like 8th grade 😂

Alexis Canario : "sure do 2 22s in my shoes"

Koolie : this is a disgrace

Brews Lee : Biggie would approve

Tiro Rota : brought biggie back to life just to kill him again with mileys chorus...too soon?

Fendi-Bull : I wonder if Biggie accept for Miley to do lapdance for him.

Kaleb Archie : 2018 lol

Paul Mercado : Biggie Cyrus!!

Bloozbee : The beat is killer especially when put to a legend like Biggie.

Big Kelp : this is baaaaaaaaad

Mr. Modè : If it was only him over her instrumental it'd be better Not together ✋🏽😷

Bloozbee : Shit’s dope I keep coming back.

Geeelz- : Awesome mashup.

Bloozbee : You're an unrecognized genius.


The Joker46 : If biggie was still alive he would beat the shit out Miley this is a mockery to the man who is deceased

Robert Cruz : I love this version yah