Making a Chainsaw Table Lamp

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colinfurze : A CHAINSAW POWERED TABLE LAMP!! I mean come on who wouldn't want one of these, I actually think you could see these as art pieces if not just for fun but no idea where you'd get another lamp like the one a made it from. I've made a video of me messing with it which will be out tomorrow (Friday) as got lent a car by Ford so I don't destroy my own tyres muhahaha. SUBSCRIBE PEOPLE its always like this.

AnTrAxX Slingshots : Loving the fact that you are coming "back to the roots", with those "silly little inventions" we all love!

Micah Philson : 5:03 I love that little ring. *"FREE AT LAST! THEY'LL NEVER CATCH ME! **_FREEDOM!!!"_*

Micah Philson : I love lamp.

Jay Jay : Neighbour knocks the door... "Hey Colin, what's all that racket?" Colin: "Just reading a book before bed" Neighbour: "Okayyyy" *Walks away slightly confused*

Peanut Turner : Colin, not like you weren't already but now that you've pronounced it 'CENtriFUgal force' rather than 'cenTRIFugal force' you're even more my hero 👍

the Hacksmith : Isn't having a plasma CNC table wonderful!? It makes making brackets soooooo much easier! And everything looks so damn fancy =) I should do a steampunk project at some point...

Clean WHP : how many hours per gallon?

electronicsNmore : Hilarious the things you think of. A lot of those tools from your dad?

Anton Aguilera : Every "Free Energy" video be like...

Radd Man : Furze you should make some sort of motorized super soaker with a massive back pack water drum plus have different water firing settings. Make it look like the hidra flame throwers from captain america 1st avenger film

mute8s : So pointless, So useless, SO COOL!!! I'm 44 and I think my balls just dropped a little further.

ZooM TRauMA : Looks like an excellent prop to be used in a post apocalyptic game like fallout.

chickenware65 : "It getting a little dark in here." "Let me just quickly rev up my lamp." ... "Do what?"

Double Dare Fan : Please keep your hands out of your trousers!

Mayo GamingZ : I had no idea what was going on throughout the video- until the end when he showcased it, oh wait he didnt showcase it nvm it ......

Starman : Is there a tool you don't have? XD

smockydevil : Now... that's actually a fu**ing piece of art!

Malmsey : Colin can you do a video on making a very fast rc car, maybe going for the world reccord? You could do a nitro or electric one. I think it would be cool as the wr is about 150mph which is crazy, like if you wanna see it.

aserta : Shocking, i thought this was an old vijeo.

R Adams : Wait, let me check ... YES I'm a MAN

ky le : Demonetized due to hetero-normative content

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : a lamp powered by a chainsaw?? that's so pathetic *gets a beer from nuclear powered fridge*

1 million subscribers With out any videos : Why did u change title

Giampaolo Mannucci : Best intro ever :)

Jim Fortune : Should have kept the chain drive. More manly than belt drive.

Lucas : Ohh!! Excellent idea!!! LIKE it!! And like music too!!! CF! CF!! CF!!!

WaterMelon : IM A MAN!

Антон Гаврилов : бензолампа? ДААААА!!! 10/10!!!!!

CockatooDude : I'd say this is more dieselpunk than steampunk, especially considering you are using a gas engine and all.

Justin Y. : A lamp to surpass metal gear

CringeyKid : Whats the manliest thing you can make ah i know "A 2 Stroke table lamp" the manliest thing known to man!

Jordan Stewart : I see a new colinfurze video, I watch a new colinfurze video.

Robot Gore : I can’t understand a word you’re saying but neato

Buttwhole Face : Dude your insane

Kyle : Just shows anything can be made cool by colinfurze. Could it be because he is “A MAN”?

0rang3z : Build amazing as usual. Music choice awful as usual

KwazyWabbit : Guess you won't fall asleep with the lights on lol

harsh rajkamal : 0:00 colinfurze did you actually read Superman at Earth's End(the comic) to steal that "I AM A MAN", catchphrase or did you see Linkara-AtopTheFourthWall to copy his catchphrase or did it strike on your own....The world may never know!!!

Tibe Robeyns : Why is this not age restricted

Yathu prem : use the exhaust as a fan !

randomusernumber1 : i never knew how much i needed a lamp before i saw this video

Ailson Neto5 : Brasil👍

BarackBananabama : Colin, you need tools. Next time, I'll let you see Dr. Wu. He'll advise you where to buy tools so you can integrate T. rex, Velociraptor, Indominus, and Mosasaurus into your next project.

Patrick Star : When your neighbours can hear you but you need to be more *MANLY*

Do It With Dan : Watching the smaller projects are so much more exciting to me. I learn so much from watching you make metal plates and fittings. Its beautiful!

玥 玥 : WOW magic

Carl Siemens : How easy (difficult) would it be to convert that engine to hit and miss? BTW, that's dieselpunk not steampunk.

HMS Ark Royal : make a super charged Vacuum cleaner

Júlio V. Silva : I think that means no more paid promotion. You've earned my sub again. Don't mess it up.