Making a Chainsaw Table Lamp

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colinfurze : A CHAINSAW POWERED TABLE LAMP!! I mean come on who wouldn't want one of these, I actually think you could see these as art pieces if not just for fun but no idea where you'd get another lamp like the one a made it from. I've made a video of me messing with it which will be out tomorrow (Friday) as got lent a car by Ford so I don't destroy my own tyres muhahaha. SUBSCRIBE PEOPLE its always like this.

AnTrAxX Slingshots : Loving the fact that you are coming "back to the roots", with those "silly little inventions" we all love!

Clean WHP : how many hours per gallon?

Jay Jay : Neighbour knocks the door... "Hey Colin, what's all that racket?" Colin: "Just reading a book before bed" Neighbour: "Okayyyy" *Walks away slightly confused*

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : a lamp powered by a chainsaw?? that's so pathetic *gets a beer from nuclear powered fridge*

chickenware65 : "It getting a little dark in here." "Let me just quickly rev up my lamp." ... "Do what?"

mute8s : So pointless, So useless, SO COOL!!! I'm 44 and I think my balls just dropped a little further.

ZooM TRauMA : Looks like an excellent prop to be used in a post apocalyptic game like fallout.

Malmsey : Colin can you do a video on making a very fast rc car, maybe going for the world reccord? You could do a nitro or electric one. I think it would be cool as the wr is about 150mph which is crazy, like if you wanna see it.

ky le : Demonetized due to hetero-normative content

Double Dare Fan : Please keep your hands out of your trousers!

the Hacksmith : Isn't having a plasma CNC table wonderful!? It makes making brackets soooooo much easier! And everything looks so damn fancy =) I should do a steampunk project at some point...

Anton Aguilera : Every "Free Energy" video be like...

Radd Man : Furze you should make some sort of motorized super soaker with a massive back pack water drum plus have different water firing settings. Make it look like the hidra flame throwers from captain america 1st avenger film

electronicsNmore : Hilarious the things you think of. A lot of those tools from your dad?

R Adams : Wait, let me check ... YES I'm a MAN

Theerolis : 2018 everbody discussing gender equality and how to not trigger someone. But there is Colin checking his balls to justify his 2 Stroke lamp. Niiice

smockydevil : Now... that's actually a fu**ing piece of art!

0rang3z : Build amazing as usual. Music choice awful as usual

Jordan Stewart : I see a new colinfurze video, I watch a new colinfurze video.

Peanut Turner : Colin, not like you weren't already but now that you've pronounced it 'CENtriFUgal force' rather than 'cenTRIFugal force' you're even more my hero 👍

ShaddyWoohooMan : At first I wondered why this was a thing. But then he explained that lamps aren't manly enough and you know what? He's completely right.

Carl Siemens : How easy (difficult) would it be to convert that engine to hit and miss? BTW, that's dieselpunk not steampunk.

CockatooDude : I'd say this is more dieselpunk than steampunk, especially considering you are using a gas engine and all.

Giampaolo Mannucci : Best intro ever :)

aserta : Shocking, i thought this was an old vijeo.

Jim Fortune : Should have kept the chain drive. More manly than belt drive.

Tibe Robeyns : Why is this not age restricted

WaterMelon : IM A MAN!

KwazyWabbit : Guess you won't fall asleep with the lights on lol

Glipz : Whats the manliest thing you can make ah i know "A 2 Stroke table lamp" the manliest thing known to man!

Starman : Is there a tool you don't have? XD

randomusernumber1 : i never knew how much i needed a lamp before i saw this video


Thousand subscribers With no videos : Why did u change title

Ailson Neto5 : Brasil👍

Justin Y. : A lamp to surpass metal gear

Robot Gore : I can’t understand a word you’re saying but neato

Mayo GamingZ : I had no idea what was going on throughout the video- until the end when he showcased it, oh wait he didnt showcase it nvm it ......

Imma__good_ _boy : Wasn’t this “making a 2 stroke table lamp” but you changed it because “chainsaw lamp” sounds cooler?

Saubro Boro : Wow !!!! a plumber can even do some engineering works😁😁😁😁😁

Kyle : Just shows anything can be made cool by colinfurze. Could it be because he is “A MAN”?

Scott Bott : SWEET!! You should ad a battery powered electric start. Then use some of the electricity generated to charge the battery that powers the starter. That would put it over the top

XxDangerboyxX Youtube : Now you made a gas powered lamp what else u got up your sleeve I would love to see u make a generator love the vids

Mr Brightside : A two stroke lamp. The only bedside lamp for a real man's bedroom. Not compatible with the gender-fluid twisters out there...

VirtueRiley : “Making a chainsaw table lamp” Me: ok

Yathu prem : use the exhaust as a fan !

Matheus Batista : Não sei se vai adiantar eu estar escrevendo isso porque eu falo português

the real PewDiPie : Yeah and the toxic gas just spread around my bedroom

Just_A_Treee : Thumbnail reminds me of How It’s Made