Inside China's High-Tech Dystopia

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WawamuStats : This is kinda biased because using an AMEX credit card in China obviously won’t work... Even in Canada, some places only accept VISA and MasterCard. Tbh I feel more places accept WeChat than AMEX in Vancouver.

Luke Faulkner : Dystopia is a bit strong just because you couldn't figure out QR codes..

gigio2376 : Robots replacing workers, the government spying on everything you do on the internet... Wow, sounds REALLY dystopian, wouldn't want THAT happening in the west, right guys?

Cheybat : American surveillance and over reaching: we need it to prevent terrorism Chinese surveillance and over reaching: TECH DYSTOPIA

Chrono Tip : people justifying social credit in the comments lmfao

Funky Disciple : Getting fined by facial recognition and the money exiting your account without it being authorised by you is crazzzy.

Eliah Holiday : When George Orwell's 1984 is looked upon as a guidebook rather than a warning.

cutepinkbandanaman : Coffee shops not accepting American Express is not a sign of a dystopia. It's a sign of the coffee shop not being located within the borders of the United States of America. Those machines would have accepted Visa and MasterCard just fine. Also, replacing manual labour with machines is a sign of a dystopia? What country is not a dystopia then, North Korea? YouTube needs to stop recommending this trash journalism to me.

MrChandanc9 : It is clear from reading the comments that Chinese bots trust their govt completely and democracy is useless..

Comet 1211 : Damn Americans just salty af cause they are falling behind the rest of the world.

liam Mac Dougall : Asia is literally growing while we in west fight over political correctness, gender identity and taking in refugees.

Team3AM : Swap out the government with banks and corporations, you have the American dystopia in a nutshell

Jonathan RL : This is just silly. How does not being able to use a credit card with exorbitant merchant fees (AMEX) in a foreign country constitute dystopia? Yeah sorry if the Chinese dont wanna play ball with the horrendous American nightmare that is modern credit cards and payment systems.

Tarik360 : Comment section full of whataboutisms.

林Victor : As a Chinese, this video teach me a lot, let me summarize it: 1. Machines are replacing people, creating unemployment. For example, if a corn field used to need 100 man to harvest, now a harvester with 1 driver does this job, 99 people loose their job, really bad. 2. If you used payment through phone, big brother is watching you. But if you use a credit card, then your privacy is protected. 3. Using QR code everywhere should be seriously considered. This thing is wiping out humanity, no human waiters serve customer, the cold machines without soul server human. 4. Crossing a road with red light on is illegal, it is a restriction of freedom, bad. 5. Chinese should not form tech company which potentially taking market share from US company. What Chinese should do, is making clothes and toys.

ukyee : You forgot Snowden? Didn't you see traffic cams on the streets of the US? Isn't jaywalking also unlawful in the US? Don't you have credit score? Isn't industry 4.0 happening in every western country? Aren't Europeans suffering high unemployment rate right now? This video is a typical example of double-standard Sinophobia propaganda. I'm amazed that so many idiots still buy it. BTW sesame score is just a optional feature of Alipay app. (FYI it's predominantly owned by Japan's Softbank) If you don't like the feature, just don't use it. It's not part of China's public social security system whatsoever. Those western propaganda machines work so hard to trick people to believe the Chinese government enforce an app feature to everybody. lol

omri cohen : Sorry but that's just poor journalism... No research at all nor any statement. I expected higher level story who show's the real Shenzhen population problems

Logan Hinds : You know what’s more scary than the video? The comment section praising China, justifying social credit systems, and pointing fingers.

Valens : Americans are being spied on much worse than this. But in a hidden fashion. Lmao

NL3044 : Are these guys seriously pretending when you cross any border into a foreign country, the local government does not keep of your data and track you down as required? As if western governments does not track the activity of their citizens on mobile phones and laptops. Its also strange because people in China have a different perspective in their way of living, this is then described as 'dark' and 'scary'. Some people are willing to sacrifice some privacy for a much more efficient society. I would prefer that in the UK where I live, things here are so slow and inefficient compared to most developed or higher tier developing nations. The notion of 'freedom' no longer improve people's standard of living, it leads to inefficiencies because of individual interests. Capitalism runs the show here, and profits is always superior to ethics.

Bearcat Ben : Look at all the triggered CCP media mouthpieces in the comments

FrenZie : Beware! Chinese bots in comments section

Watdafakdude : 6:23 notice how the interviewer gives his cameraman that look "man you got that recorded?"

Hideyoshi Kinoshita : Yes, because shitholes like Detroit and south Chicago aren't dystopias

ruanfernando : Nah, the NSA is doing exactly the same, they just don't tell us.

LexRex : They wouldn't take my credit card to buy a water...…. dystopian.

Chris Callear : This guy, criticising the surveillance techniques when they’ve had them in the west for decades!

Cam Robertson : That 'Australian' guy drinking beer sounds like an American.

ChalkDaddy : the facial recognition thing being normalized is freaky, I j-walk like 10 times a day.

joel toh : WeChat isn't a Facebook equivalent. However Facebook seems to become more like WeChat with each update.

Cristian Pinto : As if the US is not doing the same with its citizens and other citizens of the world. This video is laughable.

RedBunnyFromMars : I feel like this was shallowly researched and poorly communicated. Wechat is so much more than facebook and there are rough "equivalent" platforms that exist, but they've bled into other functions and mutated so much that it's almost erroneous to just say "wechat is the chinese facebook", like no, I can't send my friend $100 via facebook messenger. Yes facial recognition and sesame credit is scary af, government surveillance borders on human rights abuse, but automation happens everywhere. TBH I can't believe the US still SWIPES their credit cards, I was shocked when my server took my card away and made me sign a receipt. The security on that is atrocious.

BTS fan trash NCT, EXO fan : I see the way China’s payment options are actually better than America’s. Instead of carrying different things with you, you can only bring your phone

northwest : this is why most young Chinese ppl now days are actually liking the government in China , cause these lying double standarded west media. china s been improving in every which way for the last 40 years , its a huge country with the most population in the world nothing cab be done over night. go manage you own business let other country be.

radry100 : Funny because the US government is monitoring the "freedom internet", so it's just one evil or the other..

Hanif Ong : i'm supposed to be scared but now i'm interested in visiting Shenzen... thanks, i guess?

seno aditya : Lol, you saying the China Gov do QR to spy their people..Now as if U.S gov didn't do that??? and which gov in the world with technology didn't do the same thing..Don't try to mislead people perception about a country or city..Damn Media these days...

Holohoax : Complaining because Israel can't spy or control China haha ! Confused because China is better than his )0o0o controlled Country

ShakespeareCafe : Cross that place off my list: I'm a jaywalker from way back when

Dhruv Kumar : I honestly didn't think anything they showed was dystopian. Robots are taking over low skilled jobs everywhere, and that's a good thing. In Shenzhen, if you jay walk, a camera system will give you a ticket while in the U.S., a cop will give you a ticket. And the internet may be highly censored, but literally anyone can just get a VPN and have access to the entire internet, so effectively, there is zero censoring. And why the hell were they shitting on paying with your phone? If it was credit cards, I'm sure the government would track that too, and in America, the NSA tracks a bunch of your data too. It's really a debate between whether all this stuff is actually bad or just making China a more efficient society.

fx H : us baned all the high tech into China, so China has to create their own, and even better for US. That' s truth.

KAWALJEET SINGH : Poor journalism... Why make conclusive remarks, instead of presenting data/facts and letting the viewers decide for themselves?

Highlighted reply : And of course Facebook, Google aren't doing this at home lmfao 😂

THE GAMING SOLDIER : I'm curious. Once all manufacturing, coding, health and legal advice, driving, etc., is automated, who will be able to afford all those wonderful, precisely-build toys ? I understand every company wants to reduce labor costs. Makes sense. I would want to if I were running one. But if the entire economy goes this way, who will be the actual consumers ?...

Abhay Achal : According to NSA, CIA and FBI, Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon never track the behaviors of their clients. CNN and FoxNews are neutral objective media. Westerners are never brainwashed. Do you believe these ?

MrAussieJules : you forgot forced labor camps for political dissidents, and torture and organ harvesting for falun gong and other religions.

g33003030 : China's is doing what western democracies are scratching their heads to make their citizens accept.

GrantAugustus1 : Dystopia yeah thats right if a lot of our Congress people do not get their act together.

zoiuduu : can hookers tatoo a qr code?

François Calvo : i love how the USA can't stop criticizing China for being more successful than them. Everything is seen as bad if its from china and beautiful if its from the US. the hypocrisy is killing you, Bloomberg propaganda...