What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners

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Patrick Star : Sounds like the sims

Mashari H. : i'm arabian and we do actually sound like that when we speak arabic 😂😂 btw for some reason she said "اللغه العربيه في البيت" in the end which LITERALLY means "arabic language in da house" 😂😂😂 lmao dude

Mystified 0 : "Uh, yeah, I mean triphermisender diperian life and like monanfair, fellow me like a pending frechtricate, belon a valley precisy, hello?" Your welcome.

Massage bwwhsyhsue : The UK English literally sounds so much like me😂

Go,SheDot,Go! : The american was funny. Lol

ireneee bg : A huevo cabron😂😂😂 bravo

Laurie : To everyone who is confused she isn't speaking words shes speaking how other people hear our language

Aarya Anup : As someone who learns arabic, the arabic one sounds exactly like what I hear (but more aggressively) from my arabic teacher

Bry4nn10 : The sims did it first

Ashley S : “A huevo cabrón👌🏼” Lmao yessss I live for that 😂😂😂

THEWILDONESAPPEAR : I'm From London, UK and I that English UK was so accurate with the accent way it was said. But so infuriating

bosco cosco : i get that she's speaking gibberish, but for someone who speaks estonian it's pretty on point

GoPro Daily : You can see her reading off of something in every clip but the English one

Becca García : "a huevo cabrón" 😂😂😂😂

T. Ayech : "I tay I keel it in my bones. Dumfings innit? It’s like a biraculously marblising felt a pen like a rordinary cresentence of a mariating follerow!" I know right!

Skeletal Clique : Shit i must be hella high.

Panic! At the Green Fallout Chemical Piløts : the Uk English accent was so spot on you had me believing you were actually speaking English. also you said actual words in spanish: mierda, lugar, comico...

Black Gryph0n : You. Are. Incredible! O_O

JP Draws : 1:10 "A huevo cabron" Ha wth

Kyle Alford : 'UK English' ok...

Grace Smith : Im English and couldn't understand literally any of the British one 😂 all I could understand was something about a pen 😂

Katy Perry lover : Not sure about other languages but the Hindi was wrong

chloe : the american english sounds like a sim omg

Andrea : a huevo cabron LMAO yes

swift phoenix : Ahhahahahahahahha the East Asian. It’s really true tho. Wat duh hel

Mia P : lmaooo your hindi sounded a lot more like tamil than hindi lol

Эльнора Аллендорф : The slavic one sounds like ukrainian lol

Amina R : Pizza; that's a language I could learn to speak.

jinoo samhae : My native language is USA English but when you were talking in USA English i couldn't understand anything (no hate(

Sowmya Ramaswamy : That wasn't hindi.

Dan Brown : top tier cringe

Clarity : What

K Dog Cannon : Same language XD

Shahad Alsenidi : "اللغة العربية في البيت" 😂😂😂

KINGDOM OF FOOTBALL : This not language Arabick

Cannelly Lova : That moment when you're french and you don't get what she says😑 she is not talking french she's just saying french words

Bayley Rowell : I like this. While she pretty much has the accents down, what she's ACTUALLY saying is complete gibberish, which lives up to the video's name. This is because when you listen to someone speaking another language (one that you can't understand), you can make out their accent, but their words just seem like unintelligable nonsense.

lmaoMaddy : USA English sounds like it came straight out of my sims mouth

Maitha Al Habsi : What kind of Arabic was that?!

Shandy Leng : What East Asian sounds liek that to u? Hahaha it sounds like someone scolding me

ll coolj : That was not hindi wtf

Weirdo Person : Lol she sounds like sims when she speaks American English 😂

soccer mom a : “ah yeah i mean ah trevor miss enderly perry lah like moan and fair fell on me like a penny in fen trick head, balon a value percisey HELLO?”

Mariechen Anapasta : It’s so funny when you understand multiple languages and you keep changing from not having a clue and laughing 😂

Maja Lind : Im Swedish and i literally thought the Swedish was real...

duckcluck123 : As someone who speaks english and french both english's and the french was incredibly convincing

Shreeya G. : 1:12 I finally found someone who could speak Sims language.

Occlusion : Did you say fuck in Swedish?

John Vougias : Precisey!

Dominique McCullough : Lolll i love it