What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners

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Patrick Star : Sounds like the sims

6235river : Listening to the English one made me feel like I was having a stroke.

hannah williams : usa english sounds like the sims language lol

Aeternuss : I'm french... What the f did you say about my mom

Smilla Johansson : I'm from Sweden, you dont say a word, it's so fun! It's sounds exactly like Swedish

Uriah Siner : I would really like to learn the language of Pizza.

Zoe Goodall : Damn she might as well make her own language

KryptonicMatter : Man I really wish I could speak croissant.

ThinkCleverAndSmart : I always thought my Pizza sounded weird

Ruth Ames : In like trying to understand what she is saying even though I know she isn't saying actual words or sentences. My brain is so confused

ZShaun : They all sounded the exact same to me

hobi’s sunshine : when you spoke in french it reminded me of myself sitting in class trying to understand my teacher explain in french

Maya Oukil : I know alot of these languages but when she talked my brain cells just suddenly all disappeared

andy ; : solo entendí el ahUEVO CABRON

Tara Earley : That UK accent...

Miss Mayfair : Lmao "Pizza" I'm Italian and it does sound like that to me as well

Johann Hemmer : Everyone here saying that they speak X language and it sounds very convincing... The correct would be "as someone who DOESN'T speak X, it sounds incredibly convincing".

sorsaria : The comment section makes me head desk so hard

dat calculation tho : That. Was. Not. Hindi.

Imran Gani : That was not HINDI....😁 I think that's Tamil...

River Gibbs : Wow. This must be very accurate. I don't understand Spanish, and it sounded EXACTLY like Spanish to me. So interesting!

WhyDontWe Lover : Your are so talented 😁😁😁

Cecilia Grande : I thought this was legitimate until pizza

Yas 236 : 0:44 Are you sure that's not spanish?

مرام Mn : العربي شنو قالت لأن ما فهمت عليها ولا شي غير اححح😕😂💖

Ariexc10 : All this time i was amazed how you could speak so many different language....until i read the comments

GeneralLegath : From what little I've heard of it, the "non-Russian slavic language" sounded very Polish.

Tinja Pahlman : I have three favorites of theese. Finnish, Swedish, and Pizza.

Heba Farouk : Iam Arabic and i literally didn't understand a word from the Arabic one .we don't speak like that wth?😂😂😂💔

All_TV : I think she fell in her head or something when she made this video

keanna : : USA sounded like a sim

Hatanga Thelma Abonyo : It all sound so real😣😣😣😣😣

Heba Farouk : Fun fact about Arabic..there are so many Arabic accents like all Arabic countries have totally different accents just like English but difference is it's like totally different word's not just sounds..the main Arabic is that was used long time ago but after different occupations to different countries it was changed a lot..I am Egyptian and some Arabic accents I can't understand..main Arabic is used in books studying and Qur'an

hi : Who else came from Ellen?

Jimin_ angel54 : I LOVE the French accent it’s so sexy and adorable

Toshley : The number of people who think she's actually trying to speak the languages properly is astounding. The title says "what languages sounds like to foreigners". As in, this is what a language sounds like to someone who cannot speak that language. The entire point of the video is that you're not supposed to be able to understand her, and people are like "OMG she sucks I can't even understand her"

Alessandra Radu : Waw you are truly amazing and blessed. I know only how to speak french, english and my native language🙂. I tought i was cool for that🙂before this video🙃😢

Ella Luv : I covered up the area saying what language it is, just to see if I could guess. The accents were the biggest giveaway.

PauCar : A huevo cabron 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Matthew Fahy : Was the second last one Irish

Mashari H. : i'm arabian and we do actually sound like that when we speak arabic 😂😂 btw for some reason she said "اللغه العربيه في البيت" in the end which LITERALLY means "arabic language in da house" 😂😂😂 lmao dude

Eagles Fly High Take : Do Albanian please.. I have never come to understand what it sounds like to other.

Ohh : "What language do you speak?" ... pizza

1-800-Hello-Sunshine : A huevo Cabron ;)

Destiny Dominguez : all i hear is rashgamubd shie jue beuyd udyr sha???am so confused😂

Salsa Dude : STOP IT YOU MORONS You are NOT supposed to UNDERSTAND what she is saying! This is how a language SOUNDS to someone who doesn't speak it!!!

OneAliGamerSs : 0:06 مغربية!!

søsad : Dudee, I am from England and I was confused

Simone Marie Smith : Who's here from Ellen?

Körssi Kynsi : Mun kaveri on sun setä