What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners

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Miss Mayfair : Lmao "Pizza" I'm Italian and it does sound like that to me as well

William Bintzer : I love how it's impossible to do an Italian accent without the corresponding hand gestures...

6235river : Listening to the English one made me feel like I was having a stroke.

hannah williams : usa english sounds like the sims language lol

Zoe Goodall : Damn she might as well make her own language

Patrick Star : Sounds like the sims

KryptonicMatter : Man I really wish I could speak croissant.

Smilla Johansson : I'm from Sweden, you dont say a word, it's so fun! It's sounds exactly like Swedish

joon. : when you spoke in french it reminded me of myself sitting in class trying to understand my teacher explain in french

ThinkCleverAndSmart : I always thought my Pizza sounded weird

Uriah Siner : I would really like to learn the language of Pizza.

andy ; : solo entendí el ahUEVO CABRON

Tara Earley : That UK accent...

Alex Smith : Creepy how they all sound really accurate despite actually being complete gibberish

Jonathan Karlsson : I am from Sweden and when you are talking Swedish, it sounds like Swedish, but you don’t say a word!😂😂 That’s so weird.😂

ZShaun : They all sounded the exact same to me

Cecilia Grande : I thought this was legitimate until pizza

Johann Hemmer : Everyone here saying that they speak X language and it sounds very convincing... The correct would be "as someone who DOESN'T speak X, it sounds incredibly convincing".

WhyDontWe Lover : Your are so talented 😁😁😁

Imran Gani : That was not HINDI....😁 I think that's Tamil...

River Gibbs MJ : Wow. This must be very accurate. I don't understand Spanish, and it sounded EXACTLY like Spanish to me. So interesting!

Tinja Pahlman : I have three favorites of theese. Finnish, Swedish, and Pizza.

Yas 236 : 0:44 Are you sure that's not spanish?

Ohh : "What language do you speak?" ... pizza

ltecns : "a huevo cabron" LMAO

Bangtan_ Twice : I LOVE the French accent it’s so sexy and adorable

Leo O'Connor : The British and American accents were like English... But not English? Damn, I am shook.

Hatanga Thelma Abonyo : It all sound so real😣😣😣😣😣

Ella Luv : I covered up the area saying what language it is, just to see if I could guess. The accents were the biggest giveaway.

Ariexc10 : All this time i was amazed how you could speak so many different language....until i read the comments

Adame Dahby : من يتكلم عربية و لم يفهم شئ ما عدا ( bla bla bla ... انا الأدرس اللغة العربية في بيت ) لايك (:

Heba Farouk : Fun fact about Arabic..there are so many Arabic accents like all Arabic countries have totally different accents just like English but difference is it's like totally different word's not just sounds..the main Arabic is that was used long time ago but after different occupations to different countries it was changed a lot..I am Egyptian and some Arabic accents I can't understand..main Arabic is used in books studying and Qur'an

Emilia Angestam : I’m from Sweden and this was so great! I didn’t understand a word you said when you spoke Swedish but it sounded EXACTLY like Swedish!! Wtf!

PauCar SanLópez : A huevo cabron 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

keanna : : USA sounded like a sim

Claret Barajas : That spanish was really weird tho, I’m Mexican and I could only get ‘a huevo, cabrón’

Sushi main : Miksi siellä on niin paljon teetä? Värför finns det så mycket te där? Why is there so much tea there? I am swedish I live in finland and I speak English every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY😂

1-800-Hello-Sunshine? : A huevo Cabron ;)

Ellie Neko : As someone who has been studying Spanish for 5 years you got some words down and the accent was spot on it was just gibberish I love it

Salsa Dude : STOP IT YOU MORONS You are NOT supposed to UNDERSTAND what she is saying! This is how a language SOUNDS to someone who doesn't speak it!!!

Estonia Countryball : Yay she did estonian too. And it really sounded like it

foreverthea ii : You know when you're standing in line somewhere and there's people behind you speaking a foreign language and you feel so insecure like they're talking about you!?!?😂 I know I bring out some of these feelings out of other people!😂🇿🇦😘😂


zeddayzedd : Dudee, I am from England and I was confused

Sri Vedula : LOL as an Indian American I felt like I should’ve understood USA English and Hindi but both threw me off SO much, even if they did sound like the actual language. Impressive.

Alessandra Radu : Waw you are truly amazing and blessed. I know only how to speak french, english and my native language🙂. I tought i was cool for that🙂before this video🙃😢

Amira Sawan : Mä oon Palestiinalainen, eli puhun Arabiaa ja Suomi🇫🇮🇯🇴

مرام Mn : العربي شنو قالت لأن ما فهمت عليها ولا شي غير اححح😕😂💖

Alien : PIZZA is italian and i am italian😂

rennce : I'm Gibberish and I did not understand anything at all.