What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners

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Uriah Siner : I would really like to learn the language of Pizza.

Luna love naruto uzumaki : I'm pizzan and I still didn't understand a thing

GoPro Daily : You can see her reading off of something in every clip but the English one

hazynotes : guys she’s not actually speaking the languages, she’s just showing you what the language will sound like to those who don’t speak it 😂(as said in the title) idk why I keep seeing comments on her speaking it wrong hahah

Patrick Star : Sounds like the sims

andy ; : solo entendí el ahUEVO CABRON

Kumail S. : Japanese: *N A N I ! ! ! ? ? ?*

6235river : Listening to the English one made me feel like I was having a stroke.

John Vougias : Precisey!

Sri Vedula : LOL as an Indian American I felt like I should’ve understood USA English and Hindi but both threw me off SO much, even if they did sound like the actual language. Impressive.

Maria C : The last one was more South asian lol

Yas 236 : 0:44 Are you sure that's not spanish?

Smilla Johansson : I'm from Sweden, you dont say a word, it's so fun! It's sounds exactly like Swedish

KryptonicMatter : Man I really wish I could speak croissant.

Miss Mayfair : Lmao "Pizza" I'm Italian and it does sound like that to me as well

WhyDontWe Lover : Your are so talented 😁😁😁

Feuille Feuille : Bonsoir :) Jacques dort le bout le son ça boit de quatre d'un, que le broulon troison j'hausse limonarde che le poids du monde.

Tara Earley : That UK accent...

ThinkCleverAndSmart : I always thought my Pizza sounded weird

Go,SheDot,Go! : The american was funny. Lol

Maya Oukil : I know alot of these languages but when she talked my brain cells just suddenly all disappeared

Ruth Ames : In like trying to understand what she is saying even though I know she isn't saying actual words or sentences. My brain is so confused

Johann Hemmer : Everyone here saying that they speak X language and it sounds very convincing... The correct would be "as someone who DOESN'T speak X, it sounds incredibly convincing".

GeneralLegath : From what little I've heard of it, the "non-Russian slavic language" sounded very Polish.

Keanna 303 : USA sounded like a sim

sorsaria : The comment section makes me head desk so hard

guanglier : sorry i'm native French, i didn't understood the French you were saying... just the "bonjour", nothing more ! Hence, i'm used to listen to foreigners speaking in French...

Kayla Carmack : I had no idea what you said in US english and im from NC lol

Aeternuss : I'm french... What the f did you say about my mom

River Gibbs MJ : Wow. This must be very accurate. I don't understand Spanish, and it sounded EXACTLY like Spanish to me. So interesting!

Villor Villani : Basta prendere sempre in giro gli italiani

Cecilia Grande : I thought this was legitimate until pizza

Jag heter Andrew : @SAARA can you try to searn Scotish Gaelic?

Hatanga Thelma Abonyo : It all sound so real😣😣😣😣😣

Mashari H. : i'm arabian and we do actually sound like that when we speak arabic 😂😂 btw for some reason she said "اللغه العربيه في البيت" in the end which LITERALLY means "arabic language in da house" 😂😂😂 lmao dude

Mother J-Hope : I LOVE the French accent it’s so sexy and adorable

hi : Who else came from Ellen?

Christine Niu : american: "heLLO" *indignant stare* I SO RELATE

leela : felt tip pen??

ChristianIce : You are forgiven because you call it "pizza" instead of Italian. Next time I expect you speaking a perfect Italian, or else! :)

hobi’s sunshine : when you spoke in french it reminded me of myself sitting in class trying to understand my teacher explain in french

MegaChorro123 : Bruh all Asian languages sound the same to me 🤦🏽‍♂️

Matthew Woodman : I wanna describe everything as a "Marinating folloro" now

Maximus Orion : Português brasileiro... Please

ExpressoKen : English sounds like she's fluent in Sims

foreverthea ii : You know when you're standing in line somewhere and there's people behind you speaking a foreign language and you feel so insecure like they're talking about you!?!?😂 I know I bring out some of these feelings out of other people!😂🇿🇦😘😂

Tinja Pahlman : I have three favorites of theese. Finnish, Swedish, and Pizza.

Hannah Williams : usa english sounds like the sims language lol

HelloSunshine : A huevo Cabron ;)

Shreeya G. : 1:12 I finally found someone who could speak Sims language.