Reporter Stunned when Elon Musk provides solution to China's energy needs

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Conner Sullivan : In Elon's mind, "easy" means doable. He is not concerned with how much work it will take, but merely the fact that it is "possible". This is why we need people like Elon leading the world. They see possibilities where most people would deem things "hard" as impossible. In reality, Elon is concerned more about what must be done rather than the hard work it will take. He knows that anything worth doing will always be difficult. Essentially: Elon is not a pussy. Elon is fighting to save the world while most are fighting for a paycheck.

Kashimaro Clickclick : *Audience claps* Elon's thoughts: I am surrounded by idiots...

L N : Me:So i am from Germany and we always lost World Wars.... Elon: Win a World War *Audience Cheers*

Minh Tran : “WHY DONT WE JUST TAKE THE KRUSTY KRAB, AND MOVE IT OVER HERE?” - A philosopher and expert marine biologist, Patrick Star

Omar Hajjar : Elon Shapiro DESTROYS chingtard with FACTS and LOGIC

Final Hour HD : - My CaR wOnT sTaRt Elon: *InStErT kEy ThAn TwIsT* *AuDiEnCe ApPlAuD* -Elon wins nobel prize-

Sean Brennan : She was obviously told there's no stupid questions in school.

Scott K : All the trolls in the comments are apparently too stupid to realize that nobody was "stunned" by Elon's idea to move solar panels outside the city. What stunned them is Elon's assertion that solar energy alone could power a nation of over 1 billion people. For those of us that don't know all that much about solar power (most people), that's actually pretty surprising.

Yoav Rachman : Reporter: But how we get food when not everyone have room for animal in yard? Elon: grow food over there Audience: wowoweewa is a nice!!!

videoschmo : It would be simple, not easy.

Aditya : Me: How to avoid over population? Elon Musk: We have a Thanos. Audience: 👏👏👏

FBI : *”Elon Musk announces ‘China 2’!”*

What a F*cking Ni- : *When you have common sense and actually use it but others don't*

Blu Day : thats how mafia works normal power - level 1 crook elon power - leve 500 mafia boss

Anal Chavez : they should teach common sense in schools so people can use their knowledge creatively.

kadir u. : We should take hongkong and push it somewhere else!

Ricardo Padilla : Rest of the world: I don't believe we can [fill in whatever issue at hand]. Elon: Um, well, you see, um, I can do it. I love this guy. If only he didn't have so many governmental bureaucratic obstacles.

TheMegaOnyx : What's next? Build windmills where its really windy? *Oh wait...* Remember kids, location location location...

Pukito Kiho : He is planing to live and die on Mars. Solar is piece of cake.

Night Hunter : "Why don't you take the solar panels, and put it somewhere else?"

Terminator Baby : Elon for president

Raj Srivastav : The man wants to fix all our problems.....that's why he is a Legend ...

Bill n Rach care less what you think Hole-in-wall : I'll say it again. This man could very well be the most , if not THEE most important person alive on this planet right now, and should be treated as such and highly protected.Hell, might end up being the most important dude to ever live. To be against this man is to be against humanity itself.

psdstorm : Seems like the reporter hasn't done any research. My city has been doing this since 2010, There're thousads of giant solar panels right outside the city that powers big percentage of the city.

Multorum Unum : I am not trying to be arrogant, but even I could have come up with this idea

EricSmyth14 : It's possible. Do it. Are you sure? Yes. Are you sure? Yes. Audience claps

hodoprime : He basically explained how power grids work.

JOSEPH ASWATH : So according to him.. Most of the population is being concentrated on the coast. Inland has very low population. So just fricking put the panels over there and voila.

Ryanside : To sum it up: Reporter: "We have a problem; we can't power Hong Kong with solar panels." Elon Musk: "Why don't we just move the solar panels to where there's sunlight?" *Audience cheers*

Henri Birkholz : the reporter is stunned by the fact elon musk calls it easy to provide the whole country of china with solar energy, not by the solution.

Mr1Guy : This is how Elon’s head works. “Rooftop solar energy won’t work? Put it on the ground then” love it

no thanks Big no : Cost is not an issue for china guys lmao

Christian Kerr : Why don’t we just use the pyramids that would’ve supplied free energy to the entire world ?

Yanwar Pro TV : The real Tony Stark in the world

Connectid Tech Talks : Why does she have to say mmm after every sentence he says?

Peter Lyu : Hey, he knows more about China than most Americans

Aadish Gautam : Me: How to get likes ? Elon: Post this joke. *Audience cheers* Got likes.

Still Loading : The Egyptians made a ton of huge pyramids with manual labor, why can't we use machines to make an ever lasting power source.

Knirrax : Why don't we take all the solar pannels *AND PUSH THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE*

bloo jkl45 : There ARE solutions to our problems, it’s just people don’t want to go through the trouble of fighting for them! Thank god for this man!!

warriorxtman2 : Don't take on a genius in their own field when you're not in the industry at all

selfie kroos : His accent sways from British to Canadian at the drop of a dime.

summit : imagine ur whole country being on solar and then u have a week of cloudy days

Don'tTakeMeSeriouslyIGotWeebShitAsMyProfile : WAit So sOlAR PoWEr doESn'T hAVE tO bE on RoOfToPS?

Lukeamania : All we need is 1.21 gigawatts!

justin hyland : China may be the worlds most densly populated country, but when you consider that you can fit the population of the entire world into just Texas, each person in their own [probably small] house... Things like powering china with solar seem plausible.

Sham Lal : he is genius 😅

Joshua Russ : I knew that much about solar and economy when I was 16.

a bit of country life : When common sense is so rare you're seen as a genius just for having it.