Reporter Stunned when Elon Musk provides solution to China's energy needs

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Conner Sullivan : In Elon's mind, "easy" means doable. He is not concerned with how much work it will take, but merely the fact that it is "possible". This is why we need people like Elon leading the world. They see possibilities where most people would deem things "hard" as impossible. In reality, Elon is concerned more about what must be done rather than the hard work it will take. He knows that anything worth doing will always be difficult. Essentially: Elon is not a pussy. Elon is fighting to save the world while most are fighting for a paycheck.

Knirrax : Why don't we take all the solar pannels *AND PUSH THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE*

TheEndi : WAit So sOlAR PoWEr doESn'T hAVE tO bE on RoOfToPS?

Matias : “HeLp , WaTeR isN’t coMing ouT oF tHe SinK” Elon : “ WhY dOn’T yOu jUst oPen tHe sinK? “ Audience : *applause*

videoschmo : It would be simple, not easy.

jusfly69 : It's like he is talking to someone who didn't even finished second grade

Minh Tran : “WHY DONT WE JUST TAKE THE KRUSTY KRAB, AND MOVE IT OVER HERE?” - A philosopher and expert marine biologist, Patrick Star

Kelvin Rafael : Reporter: How to solve china's population Elom musk: depopulatr it. Ez Everyone: *clap clap clap*

SatisfySenses : - mY ToIlEt DoESn’t WOrK! Elon - ThEn OPEn tHe ToILeT. *Audience cheers*

Anal Chavez : they should teach common sense in schools so people can use their knowledge creatively.

TheMegaOnyx : What's next? Build windmills where its really windy? *Oh wait...* Remember kids, location location location...

Anders : If you cover an area with the size of Denmark. You can provide the whole world with solar energy. So he’s right...

Omar Hajjar : Elon Shapiro DESTROYS chingtard with FACTS and LOGIC

kadir u. : We should take hongkong and push it somewhere else!

psdstorm : Seems like the reporter hasn't done any research. My city has been doing this since 2010, There're thousads of giant solar panels right outside the city that powers big percentage of the city.

Sean Brennan : She was obviously told there's no stupid questions in school.

Connor Handforth : *When you have common sense and actually use it but others don't*

vicnedel02 : It's not that mind blowing: Pick a desert, make it into a solar farm. The problem is that, there are creatures that live in the desert who's ecosystem might be destroyed because of it. So you have to make your solar farm in a place where the ecosystem is already destroyed. The options are getting narrower.

Night Hunter : "Why don't you take the solar panels, and put it somewhere else?"

Yanwar Pro TV : The real Tony Stark in the world


Ahmad Albatayneh : Well her question made hong kong sound like a compact and isolated city Like why would they think to put solar panels all over a city in the first place? Solar panels receive and store power from sunlight, you can use as many as you like and how you like according to your needs. If China is to be powered by solar power, then so be it and you'd need to plant enough solar panels in the right places. ...Why did they need elon musk to answer that question for them like omg he saved them lmaao

Broken Tooth : We need more great men like him

VenoFuj : well no shit, seriously no one has ever thought this? You can do this to any country. The reason it hasn't been done is because it's so expensive and will have problems with land owners, cleaning, etc. as it would take many solar panels to be able to power all of China

Strutting_strat : This isn't a genius solution any scientist/engineer would suggest this. The question how feasible is it. Elon can dream up anything but powering all of China with solar would take battery backups and all sorts of ridiculous infrastructure.

darthrib 12 : Was anyone else waiting on the curve your meme song to come on

Christian Kerr : Why don’t we just use the pyramids that would’ve supplied free energy to the entire world ?

Connectid Tech Talks : Why does she have to say mmm after every sentence he says?

Raj Srivastav : The man wants to fix all our problems.....that's why he is a Legend ...

LucasHunt : Try to say MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM louder please

LAGGED GAMER : I love his idea he is so eco friendly I wish he gets more rich and startup solar power in poor countries by himself

Jason C. Rochon : Big countries are not packed. They have 80% of its population within 20 miles of the border: Russia, China, Canada — too cold to be inhabited, yet technology loves cold. Especially, quantum computing.

no thanks Big no : Cost is not an issue for china guys lmao

Steve J : Musk is wrong. There is not enough rare earth minerals (lithuim,cadmium etc) to build such mass infrastructure. Not even considered the fossil fuels required to mine minerals and build maintain this. Musk knows this - he is selling something. You donèt stay in the spotlight by giving bad news...

selfie kroos : His accent sways from British to Canadian at the drop of a dime.

Genghis Khunt : Reporter: How do you jump off the building without hurting yourself? Elongates Musketeer: Have you tried restarting your cellphone? *audience chopped*

Ryanside : To sum it up: Reporter: "We have a problem; we can't power Hong Kong with solar panels." Elon Musk: "Why don't we just move the solar panels to where there's sunlight?" *Audience cheers*

AK2WI : 😂anyone could’ve said that

Joseph Utley : Yeah just cover the entire country with solar panels. Cut all the trees down and boom. It’s better for the environment! Or just build a couple nuclear power plants and take a fraction of the land required for solar panels.

Happy John : "stunned" 2:35 PM 11/15/2018

Chief Ray : ''Mmh.'' ~ Elon Musk

a bit of country life : When common sense is so rare you're seen as a genius just for having it.

Intrafacial86 : Tall cities you say? Use excess solar power to pump water up to large tanks on top of said buildings. Give each building its own hydroelectric generator. During high demand and low solar power (overcast, nighttime), engage the hydroelectric power. We don’t necessarily need giant, expensive, toxic batteries everywhere. We just need a way to store potential energy. And hey, when fires break out, the stored water can be used for fire suppression. And then even when buildings get abandoned, they can still be used to store potential energy for the surrounding area.

Judson Da Games : Another way to power China could be with solar panels floating on water with turbines underneath, to maximize power production for the limited water space.

Jadden : *Elon musk smoked a blunt right after*

Lukeamania : All we need is 1.21 gigawatts!

Saberease Era : “Why don’t we just take the solar panels and push them somewhere else”

Prezzy Boss : he'll be knighted soon enough. im calling it now

eraZure : But did he take night into consideration?

Glidrz : It would take a while but considering the fact that it’s China we’re talking about, it’ll be a piece of cake ✔️