Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1/10) Movie CLIP - Fighting the Sailors (1993) HD

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Johnny Cade : Aside from the jugle book,this is jason scot lee's best performance

Terrell Townsend : "She is one of my own." I like that comeback.

Lynn Ray Pardo : Hey, that's me singing the lead on the song playing during this scene, Hong Kong Cha Cha. I sang it in English and Chinese, coached by Xiao Fen Min, the Pi Pa musician. Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA - composed by Randy Edelman. 

jchien : You know what Bruce meant when he said "thank me later" he he.

sauce556 : that was the best pickup line ever. " thank me later" lol

Jibran Khan : Outstanding performance by Jason Scott Lee in the lead role. Even though he looks nothing like Bruce Lee, he still gets his mannerisms, voice and other aspects of the main character spot on. Well done to him. 

Ichu Pichu : Sad thing is, these british sailors exist in real life except nowadays we call them Expats/Tourists this is what we should be doing to all those disgusting Asiaphiles walking around in asian countries thinking they own the place while looking down on the locals.

Drebin Frank : i saw this movie back in 1993 in theaters with my brother. after the movie we went to the local arcade playing mortal kombat :D... Good old time

J Indivprio : of all Bruce Lee look alikes movies, Jason Lee showed the best for personality, mannerism, and respect as the legendary Bruce Lee  was before his death. in 1973. The real Bruce Lee name:                               李小龍   (Li Xiao Long)

Chiles Russell-Taylor : R.I.P, Bruce Lee!

Lucifer Morningstar : This is way better then the birth of the Dragon

Vegeta Solo : Bruce's battle cry is my ringtone lol

Roy Batty : This may have been slightly exaggerated =)

brightbite : That jacket looked better on Bruce!

Taesokim Im : I thought this movie was so good never get tire of watching it.

AL Fonzo : I'm surprised there isn't an upgraded Bruce Lee Biopic yet

Thierry Cashew : This is what happeneds if you mix Enter The Dragon and A Clockwork Orange together.

ihatefacebook31184 : British sailor douchebags

MrVidification : The outtro music from 3:00 sounds like you've got these trailer clips uploaded on your Nintendo Wii

David Gutierrez Rojas : "Thank me later" I see what you did there.

Vegeta Solo : Jason Scott Lee had no previous martial arts training or experience, but was an accomplished dancer. He was selected for the lead because it was thought a dancer would more accurately depict the way that Bruce Lee moved. He was trained especially for this role, and had numerous stunt doubles

stewart97ful : Pretty obvious and predictable how his chest was shown.

Raine Nolin : She IS One-o-my Ownnn! It Actually Sounds Halarious.

ancientsculpture : Always a white boy getting beat, lol

Blacktime E-Press : JSL captured Bruce's movements & facial expressions perfectly!!!

DarthMuse : I love this movie I hate when say it's stupid why would his wife approve it if it was no good? Bruce Lee was funny and he did have personality in real life.

cami buran : Jason Lee couldn't act any better to play Bruce Lee's role

NR Aviacion : ''Thank me later'' jaja ese bruce se conocia toda la ondaaaaaaa XD

Alexandra Rivera : Good to see that the person who inspired me the most with fitness had his own movie and with an actor who somewhat looks like Bruce lee 👌🏻

tyrone kinard : Whos the artist of this song?

NeuralNetProcessor : I never noticed this, but what's with sailor boy standing right by the snack table just watching? Guess he already saw the movie

Funkyboodah : wow what a disrespect this movie is to who the real Bruce Lee was. But i did love this movie when i was a kid, but now when i watch it MAN every asian stereotype in the book

Kedar Mckenzie : Bruce Lee is a ninja

Yo Daguy : Legend has it that nine months to the day, that lady in the green dress had a littler dragon...

Jordan Mckenzie : Now that was some great karate right there.👍👍👍

ANTHONY WORKOUT : That dont work you cant beat bruce unless you got Poweeerrr

Al Black : If I were British, I'd be absolutely appalled by the behavior of these yobs in sailor's attire! How'd they like it if some Yanks or Jerries barged into their dance hall, got drunk and disrespected them?

Gabby S : Great actor Bruce lee 1:35 😂🤣🤣😂😂

Hector Castro : This movie sucked and depicted Bruce Lee as a big goof ball which is way off; this was a major disappointment in many ways and Jason needed a lot of help coming even close to portraying a legend. Real Bruce Lee fans were offended by this attempted "joke" of a movie.   

Sal S : He was in back to the future 2 & born in east la.

TboneNYC10 : "Thank me later" 👌

Jim Rowell : Love this movie, even though it is not perfect.....

dadobax feel the nunchaku : jason scott Lee is best of the 1993

Martiol Artice : Nice

carrastealth : "Do you know a place where sailors hang out?"

Grungus Jarvis : Ouch.

Sonic Praa : Not going to lie.... that bread or cake @ 0:51 looks good AF!!!

Jon K : So over the top? So if a movie is a biography, it must be boring and 100% realistic only?

Bryant Man : 抵撚死 叫D死鬼佬吔蕉啦 成碌廢柴一樣 一個賓妹都可以屌爆佢春袋

axe macasasa : I must see its full movie.