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Rabbit's Respawn : Thanks for watching guys. I got multiple videos in the works at the moment. I'll do my best to get them out soon :) - Rabbit

szepiz : i'm the kind of youtube user who only creates content (means i'm not watching vids too often), but your videos are awesome, srsly i think you became my fav youtuber in a few days :D i even advertised you a bit on fb, maybe some of my followers like what you're doing too :3

Primr : That... that was impressive.

IGN : This was the greatest thing ever, ever. ...Ever.

cementhrowerlikepro : You are a fuking boss man

The Rogue Wolf : The flying burning vehicle didn't score a headshot. 9/10.

NsN : Impressed even me.

Danny : Lmao I love how calm you were the whole time XD

myhomeboy : i know you planted that bomb so many times in a specific spot on the vehicle beforehand until you could figure out where it was going to land in later tries for this so called "on the fly" video. nonetheless great effort .. I GUESS.

ArthurAllblack : The guy sounds like Archer, so this video was like watching a clip from that show.

Frek Starshooter : Whoa, tha's cool man. Even IGN commented on your video. XD

Nobue Itou : All these peasants who don't even know this is Rabbit's second, underground channel. Go to ThatWeirdPartOfUtube for many more videos of him and his friend Al, you won't regret it.

Wot Mate? : 6/10 Too much Far Cry -IGN

Lapslaps : Did you get the idea from me or did you just happen to come up with it a week or so after I posted it? Either way well done :) Wait never mind just saw your other video. Glad I could inspire some more Far Cry 3 awesomeness!

Peter : Tbh, the only impressive thing was the car trick. Everything else was pretty ordinary.

Nelson Brown : Dude. Thats the best outpost liberation Ive ever seen.

.........ok : Sick m8

Naddox : Subscribed just because of this video, that was awesome.

mikiroony : Far Cry: Navy Seals edition :D

Erick Aranha : "No! That's impossible !" SKYWALKER, Luke awesome !

Beastly4K : that was hilarious when the car just landed there

Zereal : That was fucking flawless

bifif123 : what song is that at the end?

Yann2Bis : Ok.

SteelPlatinum : How... how do you do this? Teach me the ways master.

superduper : Never seen your channel before but after watching the vid I feel that I need to subscribe!

Vulcan : You my friend just gained a subscriber, not because it was an awesome video (but it was regardless) but because i thoroughly enjoyed the way you talked and just the vibe i got from you as a person, so off to go binge watch some more vids

MaskManGaming : I don't care how many tries that may have taken, all it takes is that one run to be impressive as hell. I tip my hat to you today, good sir. Keep being you.

DoubleClickCSGO : That was incredible.

Appu Sajeev : Dafuq did i see !!!! Teach me master :o

Ragefeast95 : That was pretty goddamn awesome. Gandalf approves.

Ayakaishi Ayasy : I can imagine the terror you bring on multiplayer..

Oliver Marlow : hory shet

waswat : Beautiful!

Hoffy C.H : haha holy shit this was so Epic :)

Zaggah Ziggler : I was immediately unimpressed until the C4 came into play, then I realized, clearly I havent been playing the game to it true potential.

Hjärsna : Aiekillu

daniel currier : How u make the car land on that guy lol

Rick Huntelerslag : That was the best fucking idea ever!!! hahahahahaha

Erik G. : I started to watch you a few days ago, but you became my favourite in those days :D You're just simply epic :)

EZ : Subtrangoed for more django

Lucas Bénéat : Good job my rabbit !

Jonatan Frisendahl : I swear I watch him for his voice

Uncle Sam : This game was a lot more fun than Far Cry 4.

All topic Discussion : that was sick, ive played far cry 2 and 3 and 4 will be out soon but your are a beast how you took that outpost

LordSither1 : da fuq... that was awesome... holy shit

KevinDolin : what's the name of the song that ends this video?

Timothy Lopena : in facebook... the views are like 4m+ but in youtube it's only 732k only? WHY?!

Khanh Mac : i call hacks

xHibachi24x : Holy shit. How many attempts does it take to pull stuff like this off? Ya make it look like a piece of cake even though I know it's not.