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szepiz : i'm the kind of youtube user who only creates content (means i'm not watching vids too often), but your videos are awesome, srsly i think you became my fav youtuber in a few days :D i even advertised you a bit on fb, maybe some of my followers like what you're doing too :3

Rabbit's Respawn : Thanks for watching guys. I got multiple videos in the works at the moment. I'll do my best to get them out soon :) - Rabbit

cementhrowerlikepro : You are a fuking boss man

Lapslaps : Did you get the idea from me or did you just happen to come up with it a week or so after I posted it? Either way well done :) Wait never mind just saw your other video. Glad I could inspire some more Far Cry 3 awesomeness!

Sachin Ramesh : Dude what in the oblivion was that ?!? gOOD Job

Marcellus Jamison : Woah

Dr. Rabbi : I'm pulling my hair out! What is that song!?

Bryce Hayes : Three years later and I'm still laughing about this

bigmouthprick 0 : "Never gets old" saying it as if it happened frequently.Awesome

이정원 : As korean, this guy is the MOST RIDICULOUS PRO I've ever seen.

SkyOut : "Never gets old"-You sick fuck!

Max fucking Payne : You sound like BulletBarry

Nikolaj der Burner : What the holy fuck???

MR. VCtool : the quad... Landed... STRAIGHT ON HIS HEAD!?

John Becket : the most beautiful thing I've ever seen so beautiful it hurt you earned a sub

Spoonta n : Holy crap. Szepis AND IGN commented. Holy crap.

We Slice and Dice : I hate myself

The PlatinumFox : Never gets old -rabbit

Gray Fox : You're pretty good

Mamac2006 : that c4 kill itself is worthy of a subscribe

Demonic Viper8 : This was the greatest outpost liberation I have seen until now.

CUBE DICE : the shark at 0:21 lol

Tejas Pandey : how did he manage to land the car on him !! damn

DJ Gizmo : How...

Drinner D : Rabbit.... I'm sorry for my ignorance, but I am just not understanding how you are able to plan these scenarios out like this!!!! Seriously, how did you go about C-4'ing the vehicle on to that guy like that???!!! What the @#%!! am I looking at?!

Manuel Barro : motha f...

akubicyan07 : Thanks a lot -business- #ChupaKids

CHEEP PRODUCTIONZ ! : Such badassery.

ZMan1471 : i dont even know how one calculates the trajectory needed to accomplish this nvm the amount of continuity you mustve figured out

Quentin Tarantino : you are fucking crazy

Some Guy : My best outpost liberation was in 4. I snuck in a side entrance, and I've already knifed two dudes. I'm creeping up towards a third but there's a dude detecting me so I think "okay, knife this guy then turn around and go loud" so I stab the dude, turn around and use the handgun takedown to shoot _every single enemy in the base._ There were like 6 or 7 other baddies and they were all behind me on a ridge, minus one charger who was on the same level as me. Instant reaction of "Holy shit"

IGN : This was the greatest thing ever, ever. ...Ever.

Ignore Reasons : tried in real life. The car exploded instead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

ArthurAllblack : The guy sounds like Archer, so this video was like watching a clip from that show.

Agnius Wt : but that trick with exploded car was unbelieveble... How to do this?

Tom Stuart : I went to capture the outpost using a bow like you did..and ended up using a damn Ak 47 to fight off the reinforcements cus I triggered the alarm.

Now I'm done : Mean while shark in the background Shark:I wonder what their up too oh look a car is flying SEE GARY I TOLD YO DUMBASS CARS CAN FLY Gary the eel:shit

Twenty First : it's clear you commentate over the gameplay and it's incredibly cringe worthy

xHibachi24x : Holy shit. How many attempts does it take to pull stuff like this off? Ya make it look like a piece of cake even though I know it's not.

marcus : 0:12 Okay 0:19 Nice 0:34 What. "worked out pretty well" 10/10 would c4 again

Stormdog Killionaire : Would really like to know what setup you use to record non-PC platforms

Bomspresh Eze : far cry 3 is the best game ever

WK2mkl _ : WTF!!!!! its like...SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER xD

Zihabou : Nothing special... Until this fucking flying jeep ! Wtf man

Harsh Rajput : awesome work with the car

killzone12 : lol that was great

FalconerX : that was great dude! your video is even posted by the official far cry fb page!

Vulcan : You my friend just gained a subscriber, not because it was an awesome video (but it was regardless) but because i thoroughly enjoyed the way you talked and just the vibe i got from you as a person, so off to go binge watch some more vids

Avery Navas : God I love this. Amazing.

aditya kar : You are a beast