WHITE KID Sounds Like a Stereotypical Black Guy and Morgan Freeman!

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awesome277 : I'm black and you sound blacker than me

Don Chocolatey : When your ancestry report comes back and you find out you are 1% black.

JaxBlade : THIS is JUST ART xD

yuuma uchiha : Dude you sound blacker than me and I'm black lol

Melódico Michael : I'm black and this was hilarious

John Long : So accurate you can't even be offended

Batman Who Is Not Moody : Congratulations man you are now the white TYRONE

U : 0:52 Did he just hit puberty

sunshine rays : Wow didn't expect that at all lmao

Ganu Rocks : Don’t use that voice when u call for a cab ..

Koy : I'm black and he sounds blacker than me. In fact, I probably act more white than he does since almost everyone I know says I do.

E A : Man you should make tutorial how to talk like black guy

Madda fakka : He sounds like Lil Yachty

Babyfaced Baron : You nailed it

Good-Artist-Musician-Inventor-Novelist-Gamer LIFE : Reminds me of Tyrone from OwnagePrank

Contxmpt : he sound Like Kevin gates

dookie _ : make a tutorial on the sterotype black guy :D

Trent Mariners : You sound like Timmy Turner in Fairly Oddparents when he's on the radio! Double T in the morning!!

MomoSoulFul : if i listen to you with my eyes closed, i would think YOU a brova!

WarriorWoman : Brilliant! 😂 Any snowflake that's offended by this, needs to get life. It's funny as hell. BTW: How come 99% of black stand-up comedy involves the stand-up comedian doing their best "white man's accent" and gets laughs... Yet when a white comedian dares to do a "black man's accent and stereotypical behavior"; he's somehow being racist. Neega pweeze!

shuang fan : i love your voice

The NuttyNiNjA : Jesus you sound l like a Tyrone.

Hatanga Thelma Abonyo : I'm black too, this was 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Walu Gabriel : You are so talented

Jasmine Gooden : this made me feel uncomfortable lmao

shuang fan : what's ur facebook or snapchat?can u teach me how can i make southern accent

Terrence Richardson : I’m black and I can sound white real talk son

Sq21 s : Damn ! Ur good 😂

psynode : sound like lil yaghty

fjellyo32 : You know the language your surrounding uses, has nothing to do with how you look like :).

Cooper Da King : Bro you should be a voice actor

Honey Lehoux : You should be comedian or something xD

dfw_diosa : Why isn't this viral??🔥👀

Xavier Campo : Great!!! I would like to learn how to do voice acting.

Mystique : Wtf this is crazy 😂

Sarah Oneil : For someone who does such a good job on Sounding and imitating A stereotypical black man and Morgan Freeman he does an absolutely horrible Ellen .lol

Jan Aldrin Manalansan : I'm not gonna lie. I was not looking at my phone and heard you talked and I was so speechless.

Harmonytolitt Litt : I'm a full black girl I sound nothing like that

Dimitri von zhagk : stop apologizing

ruxakK : when you go from a tyler to a tyrone

Andrea Z. : Do a song with that voice!!😂


Cableguy818 : Now, close your eyes and listen to him First thing you’ll do is check your wallet and look for your car keys. Lmao

Cableguy818 : You can call on Tyrone

RadioGaGa : I'm black and this is racisr

Strange Kitchen Appliances : Joking about stereotypes is not racist and it never will be.

Alvonte Rogers : Bruh I was expecting to be offended but he spot on lol

Tosjzarre Forrest : That’s how my mfn uncle sound and I a have a more ratchet girl voice 😂😂😂

Read More : Maybe someone is watching this with the same voice

Lann Kk : I'm black and you sound way blakcer then me. but I go to an all white school