What happened to Judge Morty animation and channel progress news

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tiarawhy : Judge Morty seems to have been returned and set public, hopefully this means they are okay with it staying up then!

Alaura : Beautiful channel, beautiful artwork, beautiful animation. Turner is missing out on hiring such a talented person.

Strelok Audio Design : I was so happy to have worked on that, to see it pulled really infuriates me, I hope we can get it back up mah man.

cuckoo head : seriously? of all the videos on youtube, all the rick and morty episodes still floating around, they've decided to copyright your videos? like, for real?? unbelievable..

Ald4r : Will stay subbed.

LifeWulf : TBH I think I originally subbed to you because of the pony stuff. Yeah, _that_ pony stuff. I wanted to see where you'd go from there, and you've yet to disappoint. A new original series is beyond my previous expectations. Looking forward to it!

samiscool51 : get everyone on twitter to tweet to Justin Roiland about this as i'm sure that he will do something about this he loves fan work and this getting removed would break his heart

Most Ghost : Thanks YouTube you're doing a great job taking care of your content creators. Everyone is just so happy. Especially the animators! Yuns understand how much work time and heart comes into the process, and give them proper respect, money and exposure for their talent. We're also very proud of you for always siding with the creators, instead of large companies! Even though the've got a lot of butter. But most importantly we praise y'all for having excellent communication with this sites creators. You guy really do care so so much!

Krunk Cobain : This is kangaroo court!

Yaop117 : Tiarawhy subscribers came in two phases. There’s the old subs who have been here since the Pony animation days, and there’s all the new Rick and Morty subs who honestly must be very confused when they look at some of the older videos on this channel...

KeroseneAndFire : Came for the ponies, staying for the animations!

Pikapetey Animations : Sucks man

Angel Bunny : Sucks to see great fan works crapped on by legal departments =/ I am more looking forward to the other _other_ stuff you have going on!

Cj Newman : Rick and Morty isn't why I subbed to you, it's MLP

Yatzi Yamamoto : I noticed it wasnt Adult Swim that took down the animations either,darn these big corporate companies keeping people from doing talented work such as yours and the VA of your animations. Keep on doing what you do Tiara! Except for R&M sadly

birdboi85 : Much love from the OG small horse days of tiarawhy!

AnimatronicPony : It's the button mash debacle all over again.

Nextgener : Screw You Youtube! I'm Sick And Tired About Hearing About BS Like This On A Daily Basis! *sigh*, anyway, I subscribed to you a long time ago because your a great animator (of maaaany thing's). I can't Wait to see your orginal series. Knock it out of the park, and show turner what they're missing out on.

Neo Machine : ...Fantastic work, YouTube. I can hardly imagine why people mocked you during the outage.

sam : thats absolute bs, i subscribed during the time you were working on it and uve put so much effort into it to be blocked even though you did not steal anything. im sorry youtube is like this, i wish you luck on your next projects and that they wont get claimed. ill stay tuned for your next videos!

Dude Horse : Ponies are the only good content on the internet anyway.

иван греков : I think you shouldn't give up just yet on rm animations, I mean they featured a ton of youtube animators in promo material.. sick animation, that australian dude got a full 10 min clip etc. write emails, spam tweet peeps involved. you got banned by a machine, not peeps. there are a lot of cool people there who dedicated their lives in one way or another to animation, if you haven't found a sympathetic soul, you haven't tried hard enough yet. meanwhile, of course i'll stay subbed, good luck with your own show! ps come up with a proper sticker for vids so that we can differentiate you in feed whydoncha

The Rick Reviewer : Besides your new show, is it possible you might work on some more MLP animation?

One Gaming : I'll stay because I like animators doing what they love animating

General Mittler : Good luck man. I wish the best for the future!

pilot /// : Aw hell yeah I can't wait to see what you come out with. The Rick and Morty animation brought me here, but your dedication and passion for your work is what's keeping me here.

White Devil Rants : Seems to me that Turner doesn't know what Fair use is! If I were you I would continue to appeal it so that way you can continue your amazing work. Your content 100% falls under fair use and obviously they want to ignore that.

E G G : Holy shit I thought you edited their voice not actually drew the shot out of them. You are now employed by Cartoon Network.

Tao Kaka : A shame really. But that new animation with the Rabbit looks good!

Zazuban : Youtube is eventually going to die at this rate; they can't stay relevant when they treat their creators like trash.

Gabriel Shaw : F

windregon : that sucks those are your work. you put so much time into that

Dangerous Second account : I've been subbed for a while now but disappointed that you haven't uploaded in a long time. I get that most animation channels take a long time to upload but this has been kinda crazy. Anyway, thanks for the update! Looking forward to the future of your channel

Yassir Rossel : *Do more mlp porn games!!!!*

Mittsies : Rick and Morty stopped being funny when Season 3 rolled around anyways. It's good time to move onto something else, tbh.

WigWoo1 & Skip & Jay : I guess you could do a GoFundMe to make more R&M and just upload it to newgrounds or dailymotion or something

Tormental : Steals from Back to the Future. Claims others can't make fan works. Nice.

HYPER HAZARD : Earliest. r.i.p. btw

Universe Wrath : I know this is off topic and it's been years since you did this but. Do you still do rule 34?

dogishappy0 : If only Turner realized that the only reason i ever even watched their show and told others about it is because of your animations...

Xtreme : How rabbit show doing?

Manic Mongoose : So we're not going back to porn then?

PuppyLuvU2 : Maybe try to contact Dan Harmon (thats his name right? :o ) the guy who makes Rick and Morty actually and see if he can do anything about it :P seems like a kinda fun guy if he ever saw the stuff he probably loved you made it ;D

Key Strix : I may not look it... but I am absolutely livid for you right now. At least it got a good while in the lime light, making people who didn't know how to read the credits think it was an official video.

Takumina Baka : How could they turn away ice cream(must of been lactose intolerant)

Some Random Guy : Too bad about your R&M content in any case good luck on your new series! I plan on staying subbed and I am excited to see where your channel will go in in the future

Whimmery : That sucks :( sorry they did that! Though very excited for your new show!

David Cappadoccia : Turner broadcasting is not learning. They refuse to kill off TTG, they block anything and everything, like a thin skinned millennial, and they pretty much don’t see these postings as free advertising.

LockerBuddy : Turner: Is that... a fAN ANIMATION?! Justin: Yeah, pretty rad r- Turner: COMPUTER, INITIATE NUKE Dan: The fu- R/Whoooooooosh (But besides that, I'm still staying)

Madhumangala dasa Narayanan : Yeah being this to Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's attention and i think you'd prolly find support there.