Walt Disneys Destino (Full)

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Jennylyn Roque : Marijuana and this video are not a good combination. I'm just saying....

FelobitterOfficial34R4P3R : I hate school

caveorwhatevs : While confusing, the animation (especially for the time) is absolutely gorgeous and this collaboration is one of the coolest I've seen. :D

Jana Höning Music : Best Disney Film right after Fantasia.

TheDamocles74 : never been one for the surrealist art style but this was so evocative and beautiful.

cristea bogdan : amazing love story I cant stop watching it.pure genius

Jakob Spencer : was the person who created this video was high or something

Jonatant Brallis : Where can I find the soundtrack song?

gizzardsnatcher : beautiful and amazing

bodalix18 : It is sad that we were robbed of this gem until recently. Could this have made a ripple when it was first realized if it were shown?

textcavation : This is wild. The combination of Disney and Dali reminds me of the weirdest stuff in Second Life and the films made there. \o/

My name Is Edgy Allie : considering how old it is, I LOVE IT :D :D :D

XelNigma : Dont do drugs kids.

DJC : porn

G. Getch : Purest form of art.

Khalid T : Ewaaaaaa iedereeen die dit kijkt en ckv maakt

suze toquinto : so beautiful!

Ricardo Fernandes : Pure ART.

Videos for people : I can see why this was cancelled, really. Salvador Dali is a loon. Him and Disney are both geniuses, but in their own ways. Why they wanted to collaborate is beyond me. Disney's thing is princesses and flowers. Salv's thing is melting clocks and ants crawling out of a hand. Like, if I was a kid back then, I wouldn't want to see this kids movie. maybe as an art film, sure. But this stuff ain't for kids. Salv is a weirdo with a weird mind and he just wasn't made for cartoons. Can you imagine this as a Disneyland ride? Melting clocks and eyeballs everywhere- phooey. Maybe this should have stayed buried. I mean, they cut about three minutes off how long it was originally going to be, so what's even the point. It's good- brilliant art. But Dali smoked a lot of something, and it shows here.

Jay Wegrez : What's the name of the first song?

the78thHesparian : Its like Hercules meets Fantasia

Jords Luke : The singing reminds me of my Nanna :( RIP Angel x

multicooldude131 : Im too high for this shit

StrictlyRubAduB : Interesting. Pyramids, Checkerboard Floors, Obelisk. Lots of illuminati symbols.

my30sblog : I would rather own this than actual bitcoin, art, not wars, love, not hate! #MeToo

Tuba Terlemez : Walt Disney AND salvador Dali drew this together

M. A. D. RomáN : Wow

Greg Berghash : bawlz

Brom : I remember going on a school excursion and seeing Dali's exhibition with my friends, this was playing and we thought it was awesome! I just came back to this same Youtube vid a few years later and re-liked it for ol' time's sakes. :') Btw, this song is gorgeous!!

Maria : Love this creative short! My brother showed me this video, but instead he played Babopbyaya by Janelle Monae as the music instead, and it made it even more trippy! It really fits!

Colin Bremner : i cant stand surrealism. This was alright though.

dinusupis : Siken skit!

EL BANDITO : Best online rendition I've seen. Nice work!

vitorbenin : I wonder what kind of song is that. Is there any singer or style that is similar to this song?

Antonio Pèrez-Mantilla : I don't remember this short being this long. On my Fantasia 2000 BluRay, i think that one was shorter.

Roberto Banaco : Incrível encontro de genialidades... Fomos à exposição do Dali em São Paulo e nos deparamos com esta obra...

Tasha Godspell : A bit...hahaha.

Seamus Glewwe : Odd.

history380 : Wat.

theloverkid : marvelous

Skynord : Fix description to "Destino"

2m : I think Dali would have approved. Although his fellow surrealists would have seen it as another example of "Avida Dollars" making a quick and easy buck. Personally im glad it finally got made, beautiful stuff.

Nina Danaë : wow!

Trinidad Rey : Amazing

Jesse Friend : I love you my dear

Alistair Rokstad : wat

DibujosRicART : brutaaal

CyberKnight : Amazing

Vicky Hallam : Looovee this. so beautiful soo Savador Dali style and it is no surprise to me that Mr. Walt Disney helped either! Beautiful!