Walt Disneys Destino (Full)

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Nunya Business : Beautiful, a story of two souls who never have a chance to love each other , because they’re bond by time and destiny

bodalix18 : It is sad that we were robbed of this gem until recently. Could this have made a ripple when it was first realized if it were shown?

lofi-raindrops : While confusing, the animation (especially for the time) is absolutely gorgeous and this collaboration is one of the coolest I've seen. :D

Jennylyn Roque : Marijuana and this video are not a good combination. I'm just saying....

TheDamocles74 : never been one for the surrealist art style but this was so evocative and beautiful.

GOKUfan 1997 : There's actually a documentary about the making of this short.

FelobitterOfficial34R4P3R : I hate school

Gamepuzzles by Kate Jones : Disney's deeper side, not the kiddie stuff that built his empire. Has there been a scholarly analysis of all the symbolism? The editing needs work, too choppy and incoherent, as though they tried to shorten it by splicing here and there. Like defacing a fine work of art. Maybe someday it could be reissued with needed improvements. In the meanwhile it is still a beautiful and captivating work.

Jana Höning Music : Best Disney Film right after Fantasia.

XTsReaper : Its so strange watching this... it kinda made me sad

G. Getch : Purest form of art.

Khalid T : Ewaaaaaa iedereeen die dit kijkt en ckv maakt

Red flamingos Fly : Listen...we learn this in art class and Salvador deni loves out of the ordinary drawings and he also likes optical illusions.

XelNigma : Dont do drugs kids.

Roberto Banaco : Incrível encontro de genialidades... Fomos à exposição do Dali em São Paulo e nos deparamos com esta obra...

gizzardsnatcher : beautiful and amazing

Raq sam az : *This is beautiful*

cristea bogdan : amazing love story I cant stop watching it.pure genius

the78thHesparian : Its like Hercules meets Fantasia

Jonatant Brallis : Where can I find the soundtrack song?

Davis Harper : Imagine if this played in a theater as a short right before an animated Disney movie starts. I wonder how kids would react if they saw this woman (who represents freedom) stripped from her dress all naked like that?

RAD Lab : Too many cgi

piratelady451 : Salvador Dali at his best

Floofi Floof : This is my entire life.

James Foster : I've been watching this for 5 years and every time I appreciate it a bit more

sea.drnkr : Wish they could've had a bit more inbetween frames, the spotty animation is tedious at worst

Micheline Bahini : Imagine if it was made with Dali himself and not just his sketches. For example the animator who collaborated with Dali on the film was still alive when it was made, and he said that the guys with the bicycle were supposed to be carrying stones and not bread, but he assumed that bread is better. Why would it be better. It was stones! And stone build monuments and statues and art and immortal creations, whereas bread is daily life. It's interesting mostly because the animator was a bread carrier whereas Dali is a stone carrier. There is sort of the problematic of the why the film was not made at the time with that statement. Just imagine everything else that could have been done had Dali carried on with that project. I do hate Disney for that stupid and I would guess jealous decision. It's a criminal!

Brom : I remember going on a school excursion and seeing Dali's exhibition with my friends, this was playing and we thought it was awesome! I just came back to this same Youtube vid a few years later and re-liked it for ol' time's sakes. :') Btw, this song is gorgeous!!

Gaat fout Kill : wat een vaag kut filmpje

Jakob Spencer : was the person who created this video was high or something

Yvette Eyzaguirre : I found it almost political with the feminine and the masculine like two separate planets like Venus and Mars and how she is like peace and beauty and he was like war and mindless work. Two of the most talented animators of the world!! Timeless!!!! Genius!!!

TD : Is this the original song that went with it?

DJ Gonzalez : Just like a dream

My name Is Edgy Allie : considering how old it is, I LOVE IT :D :D :D

Erika S : So ahead of it's time

Jords Luke : The singing reminds me of my Nanna :( RIP Angel x

Barbara Scutt : beautiful - interestingly the animation reminded me of anon flux

StrictlyRubAduB : Interesting. Pyramids, Checkerboard Floors, Obelisk. Lots of illuminati symbols.

Ivan Gilman : Aw that was........ um....... Well, it was beautifully animated to say the least.

ColonelCat : It looks like cgi. But yet it looks handrawn.

Ricardo Fernandes : Pure ART.

suze toquinto : so beautiful!

WaSteDfd S : Чё?

Friso Prakke : echt super mooi

Tyson Martin : May i please haev some coochie ma'am

Videos for people : I can see why this was cancelled, really. Salvador Dali is a loon. Him and Disney are both geniuses, but in their own ways. Why they wanted to collaborate is beyond me. Disney's thing is princesses and flowers. Salv's thing is melting clocks and ants crawling out of a hand. Like, if I was a kid back then, I wouldn't want to see this kids movie. maybe as an art film, sure. But this stuff ain't for kids. Salv is a weirdo with a weird mind and he just wasn't made for cartoons. Can you imagine this as a Disneyland ride? Melting clocks and eyeballs everywhere- phooey. Maybe this should have stayed buried. I mean, they cut about three minutes off how long it was originally going to be, so what's even the point. It's good- brilliant art. But Dali smoked a lot of something, and it shows here.

Tad Strange : I have very little understanding about what the hell is exactly supposed to be going on here and I love it.

Steve Martino : I can't believe Gala and the Tigers ain't in this, that's my favorite one

O miranha : Ninguém está aqui por causa da disciplina de português?

Lea Morena Lucero : Gahhhh this song on spotify, please!