Africa doesn't need your help if you work in a mall | Arthur Simeon

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Unity : LOL preach man preach

Gustavo S. : Actually he’s not joking

G : Hoping he doesn't truly look down at people working at malls, nothing wrong with that. Retail workers work hard and there's nothing wrong with wanting to help people. But it is comedy so it's just a joke, nothing to take too seriously.

asseater007 : LMFAOOO he’s funny but what he’s saying is soo true

The Henryssons life : Exactly like here in Sweden, its people who have failed in life that brag about helping in Africa

Mobie Mapolisa : I am reading comments to see people who are still working at the mall

cholericqlare : “And I went out to help in Uganda.Ah! “ The sarcasm is in that playfully condescending way we explain nonsense as Ugandans is too much. 🤣🤣🤣

Christine Nalubega : And they always want to tell the whole world about how they helped out in AFRICA. Ask them what did you do there. Oh we gave out clothes

Joseph Buckingham : I love this. All the western tourists give the doctors and engineers who go to developing countries to genuinely help the population or transfer and teach skills and vocations a bad name by taking selfies and setting up tire swings. If you're going to travel to the developing world for a humanitarian reason do it for the good of their country - doing so for a vanity project on social media just disrespects their culture and nation.

kelven little : Lol all the people mad about the "failed in life" comment... Maybe it's *almost* as insulting as high school and college students assuming the entire continent of Africa is some mud hut wasteland where everyone is starving and drinking muddy parasite infested water? And that they could somehow help? Yes, you see the commercials asking for donations because some villages are like that. Some places in the States and Canada are just as bad. No clean water for decades. Extreme poverty. Low life expectancy. High infant mortality. Etc. Etc. Using comedy to make a point and it hits too close to home for some 😂😂

Krystina James : Lol as a Community Worker that still has a job at the mall... He's right lol. They don't need my help. 😂

StarShynInNow : He is a BEAUTIFUL, black man!

Mejja Jk : Dudes here be like"that's not a joke" yeah it's true,comedy comes from what goes on daily throughout our lives,presented on an audience like a proverb and a laughter at the same time😂

luname : Pff she could be a university student supporting herself through working at the mall

Nadia : All the mad ppl in the comments! LOOOL he's right

Martin Heath : Uganda = Oil = a rich and corrupt elite stealing the country's resources to buy palaces, London real estate, champagne and private jets while their people starve. Hilarious country

jimmyfly : It’s funny cuz it’s true.

Niqq Kerah : I disagree with this comedian on the "Failed in life" part. but however as an african its offensive sometimes that yall are so ignorant of whats actually happening. we here know everything about you guys but the perception of africa to y'all is a jungle or a poverty stricken place that is doomed with disease poverty, hunger and all that, but thats what your media is feeding you guys. Most countries here are alright apart from sections here and there. So the comment from that girl was kinda offensive to him because if you have a big house stocked with food, you'd find it offensive when someone tells you that they came to feed your family.

Lunyoro Sandra : Proud of u simeon

Yasmin Sayeed : Preach , Africa is a continent not a country many parts of it have better education and living than parts of the west tbh he’s speaking mad facts ✊🏾

DIANA GUEVARA : Savage AF. Respect.

Clarissa Gafoor : Not Nigerians! I KNOW those ladies are smarter than I am....and Asian ladies....and ladies from Uganda...etc!etc!!

Snore Lax : Some twat from lulu lemon can go to africa and build a well. Somehow the local africans can't manage it. This always bothered me.

cohen cyrus : Hehhehe simeon.. that's right though

Nelle : I don't agree at all, i think the joke was bad. MANY places in Africa need help with everything, money, plantation, farmwork, people giving vaccines or organising food and water hand-outs, people that build houses or even English teachers, Math teachers etc. it's not just engineers and doctorsthat are needed in places that suffer. I'm not saying you are going to help out by going to cape town..Africa has many gorgeous and modern cities. But let's not pretend that it's as good in Africa as in Canada. However people bragging about going to any country to do volunteer work, is kind of ridiculous to me, saying and spreading word is fine...but bragging is something else. But don't say that: 1. People who work in malls have failed in life 2. Or that they are the ones bragging about going to africa, that's not true..maybe people who have less prioritize a life of helping others than earning money. so yeah wrong on every level.

MarklarsonTube : 115 people are over 21 and work in a mall


Sam Jr : Entertain a problem after crippling a countries system and killing every good leader that doesn’t worship fake democracy the same sins y’all did to build your countries and once you are done you send your kids to sing kumbaya, this world man 😏

jessicaaudate : Ooohhhh that was funny! (Can I get a job there so I can take three weeks off, please?)

Victoria Whitlock : he right

Ange Waters : Lululemon requires all of their employees to do a weird Scientology based thing called landmark (Google it) Fucked up culture/religion money making MLM stuff. I had a friend 'Splain it to me and I genuinely thought she was asking for help. And then she marries in and has kids. They're home schooled and so is she. By her landmark, self-satisfied husband. Holy cow. Yikes.

Emin Kerim : 104 person working at the mall

favtmofyr allsesns : Super sensitive africans always thinking people need to tiptoe around them.

Conspiracy Faerie : Elitist twat. There's not enough demand for us all to be mediocre stand-up comedians.

Eliza : She took three weeks off of a mall job to travel abroad? Yeah, she's definitely a rich kid who just lost her mall job.

jacqueline Murphy : Everyone’s taking what he said so seriously, probably because they know it’s true. He pretty clearly said what his country needed (medicine, nurses, and engineers) and he never said that’s what every country in Africa needs. If a country needs help they should be the ones telling us what help to give rather than someone deciding that Africa “needs” them. How is a retail worker going to do anything to help with medicine or engineering? Plus the fact that many people do it to look good like the youtubers who give food to the homeless just for views. It’s great if someone wants to help but if you’re not qualified do it from home and donate. (Also, working a minimum wage job at a mall at 21+ is not successful at all and I don’t think anyone working a job like that would disagree. It’s meant to be a kids starter job and you must have next to no standards if you consider that successful. Might as well call homelessness successful because you aren’t dead)

youngmane : Wait, so being a 30-something no-name comedian is considered more successful than working in a mall? Is what you do and where you live indicative of whether you're doing well?

Vaalotu Iakopo : But the Lululemon worker earning more money than the rest of your Kampala office workers. If not, then why then why the whole UK and other western Countries over populated by the African........You can cracked the joke but we're going to have the last laugh

sbarnett37tiger Barnes : I'm 44 and I work in a mall as a cleaner. Yeah flabbergasting I know. But that's not the worst part, I have two degrees, one in science and one in electronic engineering. So anyone who is under 40 and still working in a mall doesn't need to feel so bad. If you want to see a screw up just look at me.

Ogba Icheku : Tell them: As if you can help someone you do not know.

Tournel Henry : If a White person made this joke about immigrants coming into Canada or US, he'll probably be in trouble by now

Soul man : That's wrong, it doesn't matter where you work help is help. Comedian should think twice before stand.

T. R. : The comedy guy (and those like him) is deeply ignorant and a snob. One of the main reasons why people in his home country are in such predicament and despair. Research showed that the poor give the most to poorer people, rich folks do very little to nothing in comparison, they don't care.

Lindo Mathenjwa : Im 25 and I work at the Mall...I guess I have failed in life so says the joke.

DudeRevolution : Isnt it like 20% of that country living under $2 a day?? I think they need all the help they can get....

Beatrice : GOLD

youpindra : What about the Mall Manager? our a store owner in a mall? lol..i know i know... this is a joke guys ...chill

q8rogue : if you are a spoild kid or a failer in life you should go to africa to appreciate your life and what you have , its not just for helping them out , its also to help you out


3wc : if you are a comedian over the age of 30 and i havnt heard of you....youve already failed in life!