Curb w/music (by Alastair Taylor)

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David Dockery : Subscribe to Alastair @ Alastair is one of my favourite Youtubers who essentially does the opposite of what I do - he adds music to drum solo performances. If you like what I do you'll definitely love his videos too!

Brandon Jeffers : This sounded like a glitchy ass elevator haha which is why it's so damn good

Whelan Drums : I was so damn happy to see you boyz teaming up. Fair play lads 👊

Jonalas : love your vids dude, always puts a smile on my face

Fartificial Insmelligence : Drum over the clip of spongebob where spongebob and squidward blow bubbles. It has you written all over it.

Álvaro Hermoso Yuste : some parts makes me think i'm listening to Zappa

Bryce Walburn : 0:43 is heavy!

zislec : Genius 👏😌

Metashrew : I love this part of youtube. The part where random people collaborate to make non-musical things sound like music.

alexanderespinoza : Sick

DizDeLusa : Wouldn't mind hearing the vid with only the music

Paul Stevens : Brilliant.

Morgan Freeman : Sounds a tad bit like Bill Wurtz

Jonah Lynx : 0:45 is amazing LOL

Lukease : This is it, this is the best so far

See Ota : I love you

Joey Dangerfield : So this is Zach Hill's new album

sub kilohertz oscillations : love it!

Baachus : siiiiiiick

Fajar Suryantoro : damn it David!!

Benjamin Cox : 0:14

Alex Brennan : do a vid with mononeon

Salman Abedin : This is getting way out of hand man! XD

H462 : Tremendous.

kris Cocjin : Still prefer the original with just david, but that's just my preference.

Karen Minasyan : Cool !

King Koi : Favorite part is 0:37-0:41

Julien Savoldi : Man you're the best

mr. master : What a perfect collab

legion : Bruh

Bop Bop Perono : LARRY WAS HERE

DR Hall : "UHHHH!"

Lonetholsskia : Do Eleanor Rigby on drums

StompL7 : Yes à collaboration between you two!

Yonatan Solomon : Bruh ur vids r underrated