Interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem about how to deal with Failure

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John W : i watch this every week

Ben Iuro : i don't think there's a celebrity that i identify with more than him.

Chachi Yeti : This guy is real. Change comes slowly and unexpectedly. One day it's done and you don't even know why. All this bullshit epiphany stories all these famous people tell , like "At that moment I knew something in me changed and I realised...". Yeah, bullshit. This is real life and it sucks sometimes. This ain't a movie. We all feel like we expected something different from life, every single one of us.

Steve Powell : A rare interview where the Interviewee actually gets to speak for longer than the interviewer. Really inspiring stuff.

mastersoftoday : holy shit man James Murphy helped me out so much in life

Hattrick Swayze : I can change, I can change

Arouraborey Artie : God this video never fails to pull me out of a funk.

Dhruv Vishwakarma : I wasn't really doing anything.... so that's why I.... started a record company.

sgc2c2 : this is important

David Adams : Take heed while you're young enough, because he's speaking my, and many of our, story; however, I lived in that fear for much longer. Now I'm 47 and just beginning to find my edge.

RedPugie : Mental that someone who's made 4 massively critically acclaimed and some of the greatest songs of all time was just kinda, there for a while. What a guy.

The Halfish Experience : Never take this video down, it's the most encouraging and beautiful interview I've seen, I love it very much.

b : Very cool. Very human. Admitting to envy, lethargy and all around sense of despair that stifles almost anyone at some point in their life. I just got a tremendous amount of hope from this interview.

John Brown : dropping out of college doesn't make you a failure. be good to people and have some self respect and you will never be a failure. even if you work a mcdonalds it doesn't matter just do the best you can.

Ensirius : This resonates so much with me it's not even funny.

vagabond vigilante : Almost forgot to watch this today.

Robert McShane : He was also offered to write for Seinfeld when he was 22 so... seems like he had a bit more going for him than 'nothing'. No pun intended.

fakethat93 : This video has been one of the most important catalysts for change in my life.

Brady Edge : Anyone else hear him say "Infinite Jest" and get a shock? He read that?! I just finished the book a month ago and it blew me away

availdname : This always makes me feel better.

fart box : thank god i heard this shit, I'm 27 now and in the same far I've lived the same life

tamalito : james murphy biopic when?

Joel : this interview is carved into my brain

Hans Arteaga Romero : "I didn't take responsibility that much, i kinda of just wondered 'why my life wasn't better 'n stuff like that'. I was lazy, but "lazy" never felt right when I heard that, when I say that to myself I'm sayin': 'I wasn't lazy, I was really afraid, I was really afraid of failing'. All my life I've been precautious and y'know, 'I was supposed to be smart', 'I was supposed to be creative'... Hearing those things makes you scared, that you're gonna do something stupid, or do something uninteresting, and no one will see you as 'smart' or 'creative' anymore. I've never ever been given any credit for being hard-working or being, y'know...diligent. So all my credits were based in these attributes that I had no control of. So I kinda of just realized that I was being afraid of doing nothing or lookin' bad that I didn't do anything. That I just did nothing. And that I can claim some sort of safety in doing Nothing." fuck, thank you james. i think i'm going to create a poster and show it on the lcd show in a few months at colombia. this thing changed my life

Ross Rohan : Weird synchronicity at work. Have just discovered both David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest and LCD SS within a month of each other. Murphy is very engaging indeed in conversation, just like he is with his music, as I've begun to discover.

El Duderino : Thanks for uploading this. I couldn't express my utmost gratitude as I've stumbled onto this video at the right time in my life. Thank you!

rabbitfishtv : So right on. But I was in my late 40s when I started writing fiction seriously, after decades of fear of failure and not trusting my instincts. And only now, at 55 does it seem possible this career is going to work out. I’m writing the weird stories I need to write and they’re connecting with people. And I’m suddenly hardworking and effective, as James discovered.

Uvisir : I'm 27 and I just saw this the other day and it will alter the course of my life. Thank You

Emilia : Dear James, I am a failure as well, what do I do

David Southworth : As with mostly everyone here, I really needed this. He just articulated everything I've struggled with for the last 10 years in a more concise fashion than I ever would have.

Ayven Moon : James, I love you and you're bringing me up

Hery : It's not an interview, it's a monologue! It's great!

catalistic : Really dug this. Definitely what I needed to hear right now.

julieyoutu : Thank you so much for posting this.  So current and applies to anyone, anything and everything :)  Spot on.

Melody S : I really needed to hear this. Thank you so much.

Emily Olson : I can't even express how much this helped me. To know that it is ok to fail. That it is important to try again.i was always pretty dubious growing up of this notion.

VonBrauser : Thank you thezeronewz (OP) for posting this and thank you to James Murphy for a very inspiring talk

Aidan Condron : Wonderful, inspiring and honest. Such a gentleman. Saw him and band in action in Dublin last Friday, they're better than ever, one of the best concerts Iv'e attended

satyricon451 : This guy is so much like me in this interview that I want to hit my head with a cheap frying pan. He sounds like a good chap.

Eric West : reminds me of the governor on the walking dead

Randy Colby : Dude, good for you man. Losing My Edge is A Side for sure! Good call.

iiixi : Jesus, I have nothing to add; dude said it all.

benmeiertv : This guy speaks to me on a cosmic level.

juh sh : More people need to hear this

Garrett Crusan : Totally worth watching.

C A I O : i go back to this every six or so months

zxcvbnm 666 : holy shit that was an amazing interview . what honesty. much respect.

munchymunster : Wow. I just turned 26 and feeling exactly the same.

PJ Tello : I totally relate to this...except I'm 24

Ad Lobo : If you want to realize the truth, don't be for or against. The struggle between good and evil is the primal disease of the mind. It is a misguided culture, which leads pure souls astray. Thank goodness this man heard his self, and released the intuitive parts of his being. Beautiful music...